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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Chicago Winter
The Sox season is over and Chicago is again without a championship ballclub, but WSI's George Bova is all too happy to be a contrarian Chicago sports fan given what the losers in the local sports media are serving up these days. It's a cold winter sharing the city with these numbskulls!
Ex-Cub Factor
Television celebrity, love interest to Hollywood's most beautiful starlets, Sox Fan, and sock! Senor Sock is back at WSI to offer Sox Fans insights only a sock could offer! Which teams aren't long for this October? The Toast of Argentina knows!
Rooting Interest this October
Who to root for? There are still plenty of ex-Sox playing on teams still alive this October. Magglio or Frank? One of them will be playing in the Fall Classic this month, but WSI's Hal Vickery has little trouble deciding which one deserves his support!
Red-headed Stepchild
The Sox championship quest for 2006 has officially ended but the woulda, coulda, shouldas started long ago! Everyone knows what's right and wrong with the Sox and what is the "proper" way to deal with their past success and current failure... and several of them are writing WSI's Hal Vickery!
What a Run.
Back in 1918 everyone in Chicago thought they would live to see the next Chicago championship ballclub. 88 years later and we've reached a similar point in Chicago today. WSI's George Bova notes that those who can't appreciate the significance of the 2005 team's accomplishments, or those who spent the past year miserable about the Sox, only reveal themselves as fools. Chicago is proud of the Sox and the living, breathing legacy they've given us!
Dimming Lights
The last bit of life now leaves the championship Sox baseball team. Oh, for all the what-ifs that never quite happened in 2006! WSI's Guy Bacci scratches his head like most other Sox Fans and wonders why it had to come to this? And like many other Sox Fans, he wonders what comes next!
Yeah, it hurts.
It didn't take long for the Chicago media to forget how many losing ballclubs the city supported the past 100 years and begin treating the first champion club in four generations like a dirty rag. WSI's Hal Vickery can only join his fellow Sox Fans in disgust at the same ignorant media that claimed the Sox "choked" last September now reaches for even more outrageous statements proving once and for all their ignorance of the team, the city, and the sport!
Gut wrenching... but fun!
Chicago's baseball fans who love winning (and won't tolerate losing) are having an especially difficult time this September... but none of us would trade it for the alternative! WSI's Hal Vickery notes the frustration borne of our love of winning baseball should never be confused with whatever idiotic thought process makes fools believe losing can be lovable.
Strange Sounds
The pennant stretch drive is filled with odd noises, many of them dropping straight out of the mouth of the Sox manager. Right now WSI's Guy Bacci is anxious like most other Sox Fans, but perhaps the anxiety is just a bit higher thanks to Ozzie?
Repeated Mistakes!
What is the definition of stupidity? There has been plenty of insanity surrounding the Sox franchise the last century or so, but WSI's Hal Vickery has about reached the end of his rope with one sorry line up experiment that finally needs to be declared a failure and never Never NEVER repeated again!
Holy Cow! Harry Documentary
When Harry Caray was younger and sharper, he made a reputation for himself across Chicago as the ultimate baseball play-by-play man inside the White Sox broadcast booth at Old Comiskey Park. Now PBS television will document his entire career. WSI's Mark Liptak has watched an advance screening and reflects on what this broadcast legend has meant to Chicago's South Side.
Rant Sox!
The Sox fall to third-place in the division and trail for the wild-card, too! It's tough being a Sox Fan and it's tough competing in baseball's toughest division, too. WSI's Hal Vickery knows the key now is to simply win, win, and win some more, but first a little ranting is in order!
Media Panic!
What sells newspapers, increases listening audiences, and more generally pays the salaries of media personalities searching for ANYTHING to justify the space and airtime their boss gives them? As WSI's Guy Bacci notes, it might never be too early for some Sox Fans to panic, but it's certainly never too early for some in the Chicago media to start bashing Sox Fans either.
Collared Kitties!
A sweep by the Sox has Jim Leyland, Ivan Rodriguez, and the entire Tigers clubhouse unhinged and making excuses. Yes, it's good to be king and it's good to defending champions, too! WSI's Hal Vickery has friendly advice for our rivals from Detroit: Don't look back, someone might be gaining on you!
Panic Mode
Whether their team is winning or losing, it's never the wrong time for Sox Fans to panic! A string of recent series victories has at least a few calmed down, but as WSI's Hal Vickery says, disaster is always lurking around the corner for any crazed Sox Fan!
Respect -- The Hard Way
While nervously watching the 2006 season unfold, Sox Fans have found something perhaps they never realized they were missing: respect for our Sox! WSI's Guy Bacci notes Chicago spends August talking more about curveballs than talking two-a-day scrimmages!
Just say No to Vazquez's Curve!
If the the 2006 White Sox are to replicate what the 2005 Sox achieved, now is the time for them to start performing like a championship team! WSI's Hal Vickery is one more Sox Fan who has seen enough of the season to know what needs to be fixed now!
End of Civilization?
Perhaps it's the nature of the internet message board medium that posters simply must panic over nearly any recent event, like a one-game Sox losing streak for example. WSI's Hal Vickery is amused at Ozzie's bunting stunts and merely endures assorted other silliness surrounding the '06 Sox.
DVD Cure for Sox Woes
What comfort can a DVD bring for fretful Sox Fans worrying over their second-place team in July? WSI's Guy Bacci has found the cure! Nothing the 2006 Sox do can ever change the championship outcome of those great 2005 DVD's! And as for this October... it's still over two months away!
Sox All Stars... and Detroit
An all star game worthy of deciding home-field advantage for the World Series ought to be MLB's goal and perhaps the 2006 edition has come closest to becoming an enjoyable spectacle. As Guy Bacci notes, Sox Fans will get some insights into who might benefit from the A.L.'s home-field advantage as Detroit is this week's destination!

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