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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Arizona Wrap-up!
Another season of memories, nicely toasted under the Arizona sun, have been stored away for Sox Fan Pascal Marco. The chilled air of Chicago's early spring is the next stop, and a new set of memorable feats is what all Sox Fans now look forward to!
We want a Dynasty!
Finally spring training has ended and the season of meaningless games has mercifully ended! WSI's Hal Vickery is revved up and there is speaks with an unequivocal voice about what he expects. Too much is never enough!
Winning -- it starts now!
The start of the 2007 Sox season is like no other point in Sox history in 89 years on the South Side! Sox Fans are united in the cause of recapturing the championship crown, but as WSI's George Bova notes, there is a sinister and insidious force to be watched for and avoided. Godspeed to these new Sox!
Arizona Tailgate!
Who is in the crowd attending Sox games under the Arizona sun? Friends, neighbors, and sometimes even old acquaintances fill the seats. And as WSI's Pascal Marco notes, tailgating in March can be quite lovely.
Shoeless, Weaver & Rose: No Groveling in Baseball!
Sox Fan Nelson Algren had no trouble spotting injustice and hypocrisy over 50 years ago, and Bill James is not a Sox Fan and still can't find it. WSI's George Bova wonders if all those hating Pete Rose today, Sox Fans and non-Sox Fans alike, would ever want the sort of hall of fame Bill James would give them?
Spring Forward to Baseball Already!
The clocks have already be set forward, though the weather is hardly cooperating, but WSI's Hal Vickery wants the games to begin! Only the pitching staff remains the biggest obstacle...
Stories from Peoria, AZ
Attending spring training games can be filled with surprises. One of the more pleasant surprises for WSI's Pascal Marco involves old friends and spring training games.
A Baseball Museum for Chicago
For well over 100 years Chicago has been the center of the baseball universe beyond the Alleghenies. For most of the not-so recent history, it's been a sorry history of lousy teams sprinkled with great stars, but new history has now been written! As WSI's Hal Vickery reports, the city's baseball history is about to come alive as never before if the dreams of Dr. David Fletcher ever come true. He's working on it now!
Good Enough Line up?
Speculative rumors about Sox roster moves never go out of season. The seemingly endless speculation over the possible return of Aaron Rowand has heated up again. While others might busy themselves over Rowand's return pretending to have insights to share, WSI's George Bova can't help but note the basic truth to what the 2007 White Sox really need... and it isn't necessarily pitching!
Spring Training World Series?
For some folks it's never too early to reach for dumb platitudes or stretch reality to its breaking point... but the Sox had to visit Mesa to play the Cubs anyway. WSI's Pascal Marco was there with this report.
Our Guy Ozzie
It's never dull being a Sox Fan and Ozzie Guillen helps make it so! Besides being the winningest championship manager in 89 years of Chicago baseball, WSI's George Bova wants to know what else makes this guy an unappreciated gem?
Media Comedy!
You can nearly always count on the local media to make life interesting -- if not filled with laughter -- when talking about our Chicago White Sox. WSI's Hal Vickery notes that just because the latest Ozzie controversy is nearly over, doesn't mean the media hasn't already got their sights set on the next one: spelled "A-J".
So the Sox still Believe?
Paul Konerko wondered aloud what it would take to make believers of the Sox doubters at the conclusion of the championship victory parade 16 months ago. Now WSI's Pascal Marco wonders aloud whether the Chicago White Sox are still believing they have what it takes to repeat, too! It's new Arizona Heat from White Sox Interactive!
Baseball -- Even without Spring!
If the Sox are in camp, then spring must be here, right? Well maybe the weather in Chicago isn't cooperating but WSI's Hal Vickery knows that it's the sound of bat on ball that signals the season is finally changing!
No Comment!
Mark Buehrle wears a Cardinals cap last fall, Kenny Williams explains why he never talked to reporters about his rejected contract offer to Buerhle last summer, and all WSI's Hal Vickery can say about any of this is wouldn't "No Comment" have worked a whole lot better?
Tribune Mediocrity
Bias has nothing to do with the sloppy reporting and sloppy editing that now permeates the Chicago Tribune's White Sox coverage. WSI's George Bova asks Sox Fans to review the Tribune's latest mess that serves only to confuse readers, and decide for themselves whether it's mediocrity or just plain incompetence behind the lousy job by Dan McGrath's staff.
Extra Headaches over Extra Innings!
Is Major League Baseball planning to make their Extra Innings package an exclusive programming choice for DirecTV subscribers? WSI's Guy Bacci lives out of state and says, "Say it ain't so!"
WSI-Fest at U.S. Cellular Field!
It's a totally biased festival like no other on the Sox calendar at U.S. Cellular Field! Put an utterly petty face with a completely unobjective user name at the EXCLUSIVE gathering of White Sox Interactive's most totally biased, utterly petty, and completely unobjective Sox Fans! WSI's Hal Vickery has the details!
SoxFest Report
The first-ever SoxFest at the Palmer House Hilton wasn't so bad after all! Sox Fans as a whole are a skeptical bunch but WSI's Hal Vickery was there from end to end for SoxFest and found the change in venue had a few areas for improvement, but not a bad way to heat up the ol' hot stove!
Now Pitching for the Sox!
There are lots of ways for Sox Fans to get sidetracked in their thinking over what will or won't make the 2007 White Sox champions. What to make of what our own gut tells us and what those with "expert" knowledge share with us? But as WSI's George Bova notes, trust your thinking to incompetent boobs and you'll get exactly what you deserve!

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