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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Sox Sounds Better!
The Sox are winning but still face tough challenges as the division race tightens! It's shaping up as a terrific summer and while the play on the field has been great, another unexpected bonus has made this season especially enjoyable for WSI's George Bova. Sox baseball hasn't sounded this good in a long time!
June Bugs
There is lots of noise around Chicago this month surrounding a certain first-place team. WSI's George Bova checks the calendar, surfs past the noise, notes how the dumbest of the dumb have exposed themselves, and keeps busy supporting our first-place White Sox. Good enough for now!
Unflappable Ozzie Flap!
The Sox are in first-place but nothing short of a flap over something manager Ozzie Guillen says could hope to get them the lead in the Chicago sports mediots' coverage! The club is definitely with Ozzie and that's all that counts as both WSI's George Bova and sage baseball mind Earl Weaver agree!
Cold Snap Over?
The Sox bats have heated up with the weather! Could the endless road games and unseasonably cold and wet home games have been the root cause of chilly Sox bats? Hal Vickery is the most prolific writer in WSI history and notes he'll be watching closely even if he isn't necessarily writing about it!
Wide Open!
It's a wide-open division and more than that, its a division title for the Chicago White Sox to lose! The Sox have months of baseball ahead of them to play but they've done everything needed (so far) to make a successful run to the post-season. WSI's George Bova notes it's always better to be lucky than good. So far the 2008 Sox have been both!
Moms & Sox Fans
Whatever you can say about your life as a Sox Fan, never forget who made you you... most of all your mom! WSI's Hal Vickery shares memories growing up a Sox Fan inside his mom's home. She never disowned him either!!!
Few Runs, No Wins!
Timely hitting has been absent, the runs aren't there and neither have the Sox victories! The slumping Sox are having troubles at the plate and as WSI's Hal Vickery notes, it is the vaunted middle of the order that is most culpable. Can Carlos Quentin bat clean up? How long before Ozzie tries it?
Bang for Your Buck?
Baseball has become a very big business, both in Chicago and every spring in Arizona, too. WSI's Pascal Marco notes how Sox Fans cope and can't help but notice what separates Chicago's winning fans from the other variety.
Good Enough for Now!
The division is wide-open and our Sox are in first-place! WSI's Hal Vickery isn't happy with everything he has seen this month, but he's seen plenty to make him happy so far. Chicago's proud of you!
Pitching Surprises!
The Sox show early promise, especially in the late innings! WSI's Hal Vickery returns and shares what many of his fellow Sox Fans are feeling, too. Who figured the pitching staff to surprise like this!
Where Credit is Due: '08 Sox
Mediocrity is served up in over-sized portions to Chicago sports fans, but one team's fan base perseveres like none other in what is too generously called America's Second City. Sox Fans go forward in 2008, stronger for the experience of where they've been and confident about the future, too... like any other champion. A call to arms from WSI's George Bova!
Sox Radio Redux
Was somebody listening when WSI's Hal Vickery complained about the quality of the first Sox radiocast of the 2008 season? We do more than our share of complaining at WSI but always for a good cause -- and what Sox Fan can argue that the upgrade of adding Steve Stone to the radio booth is a significant one? WSI's Hal Vickery is pleased with the change!
Thriller in Glendale?
In Tucson the Sox are back in town getting ready for opening day, but outside Phoenix the City of Glendale is getting ready to welcome the newest Chicago transplants! Glendale is thrilled to host the Sox and WSI's Pascal Marco has a local's perspective for freezing Sox Fans to warm themselves dreaming about!
Mid-Season Form: Sox radio style!
The first Sox games are back on the radio waves, but that doesn't mean anything has changed for the better since last summer. It's mid-season form reports WSI's Hal Vickery -- and that's not a good thing for Sox Fans!
Empty Sox Farm?
The Sox are back in camp, Joe Crede is swinging freely, and Ozzie's mouth is running flawlessly! WSI's Hal Vickery is as pleased as the next Sox Fan but wait! Trouble in the Sox farm system? Say it ain't so!
Broadcast News: Southside Style
Popular Hawk Harrelson is re-signed but WSI's Hal Vickery knows there is plenty more room for improvement in the Sox broadcast booth, including the one that got away. John Rooney? Guess again!
A Plea for Sox & Spring!
SoxFest is over, pitchers and catchers don't report for two weeks and the snow is getting deeper! Regardless of what has happened since last October WSI's Hal Vickery is sure all his fellow Sox Fans share this same sentiment: Let's play ball!
State of the Sox: 2008
SoxFest is over, pitchers and catchers report soon and the games begin to count in just ten weeks! It's time to begin an earnest evaluation of how the White Sox franchise is shaping up to compete in 2008. WSI's George Bova shares a uniquely biased viewpoint for totally biased Sox Fans!
Warming up for SoxFest!
It's damned cold and miserable outside but nothing quite helps turn the corner towards springtime and hope like SoxFest! WSI's Hal Vickery will be there with many other totally biased Sox Fans, too!
Goose to the Hall!
Rich Gossage was a rising baseball star on the South Side through the mid-70s. He went on to glory pitching in New York and other places besides Chicago where championship glory wasn't just a deferred dream. Now he has entered the hall of fame. Read what WSI's Mark Liptak remembers about Goose on the South Side, and a few others like Roland Hemond and Wilbur Wood, too!

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