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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
The Sox season has been a major disappointment, MLB can't run an all-star game, and bass fishing may be the only merciful relief for Sox Fans! WSI's Dave Schmitt has low expectations for the future--except bass fishing.
Dr. Chaos & General Disarray!
What nickname fits our Sox manager for his nonsensical moves and the team's GM for his repeated displays of utter incompetence? WSI's Hal Vickery has the answer!
Fans strike back?
A boycott of major league baseball has been called for July 11. Though the Sox are out of town, WSI's Dan Helpingstine takes a closer look at the force behind the movement. Here's betting there are plenty of empty seats at Comerica Park for the Sox/Tigers game--as usual.
Comiskey another rip-off?
As the Sox sink from contention, the team's GM whines they can't afford the current payroll, and the entire sport teeters on yet another work stoppage, let's remember the promises made when public money went towards building the new ballparks like Reinsdorf's New Comiskey. WSI's Dan Helpingstine recounts the ugly details.
A true Sox Fan champion
Joanne Weir was more than simply a devoted Sox Fan. A leader in the Windy City Sox Fans, she turned her rooting interest into something more important--a way to help sick children. WSI's Hal Vickery writes this tribute at her passing.
Baffling Manuel
Can anyone make sense of recent moves by manager Jerry Manuel? WSI's Dave Schmitt used to be disgusted, but now he's just annoyed!
Eyes on the Prize?
How far can management reasonably assume a team will go with a limited payroll like the Sox? WSI's Mark Liptak wonders how serious our guys truly are!
Open Letter to Reinsdorf
Since nobody inside the Sox organization seems capable of opening their mouth, WSI's Hal Vickery sends this open letter on behalf of his fellow Sox Fans to the Sox chairman!
Stop the Vacillating!
As the Sox slump reaches two months in length, indecision by Jerry Manuel and the Sox front office has worsened. WSI's Dan Helpingstine wishes the Sox would get serious!
Who is to Blame?
The latest bit of lousy baseball by our Sox has WSI's Dave Schmitt wondering who best wears the goat horns. Plenty of candidates!
Brainless Sox Brass
The evidence these people have no clue what they're doing continues to mount! WSI's Hal Vickery recounts even more nonsensical moves by Kenny Williams and Jerry Manuel.
The Farce of Sox Management?
More evidence one hand of the Sox brain trust doesn't know what the other hand is doing. WSI's Hal Vickery recounts the sorry details.
Sox Delusions?
Is the key to happiness pretending your team is championship caliber? WSI's Dan Helpingstine shudders at the thought!
Step back from the ledge?
Another epic Sox losing streak has Sox Fans suicidal! WSI's Dave Schmitt advises caution--but even he didn't know about Carlos Lee!
Sox Crossroads?
Strange pitchers spell trouble for our Sox hitters. WSI's Mark Liptak points out, the inter-league games will be filled with hurlers we've never seen before. Is this a crossroads for the Sox?
Kenny must go!
Has the "Lenny" administration outstayed its welcome? WSI's Hal Vickery says, "Please leave quietly."
Durham's rut, and more!
His hard drive is fixed! Now Hal Vickery is one Sox Fan with plenty of opinions to share!
Big Frank, the big #5
Our long-time #3 hitter appears to be settling into the #5 slot just fine. This and plenty more from WSI's Dave Schmitt!
Sox at the quarter mark!
Just over a one-fourth of the 2002 season has been completed. WSI's Mark Liptak reviews how the race is shaping up for the elusive South Side championship.
Strike Three
WSI's Dan Helpingstine recounts the sorry history of baseball's labor trouble and its ill effects on our Sox. Is the looming trouble of 2002 to be yet another example?

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