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Perfectly Mediocre
The 2002 Sox finish precisely at .500, swept in Minnesota to end the season. WSI's Mark Liptak recounts one of the most frustrating seasons in franchise history. But hey, we're still better than the Cubs!
Chicken Little Mariotti
The sky is falling! The sky is falling! WSI's Hal Vickery takes a closer look at what makes the Sun-Times' Jay Mariotti such a poor excuse for sports journalist.
If Only...
As another Sox season swirls down the drain, WSI's Hal Vickery adds up all the "what ifs" and "if onlys" that made this yet another losing effort for our Sox. 86 years, here we come!
Play the Kids!
A crop of kids make their mark for the Sox at the big league level, but October baseball remains unattainable for Sox Fans. Can WSI's Dave Schmitt find a silver lining? No more labor strike talk, of course!
Sox losing to A-ball?
The fall in Sox attendance nearly matches the rise in minor league attendance around Chicago. There are now four A-ball teams that call Chicago's suburbs home. Has the failure of Reinsdorf's Sox on the playing field and in the marketing department opened the door to these small-time promoters?
Sox at the Crossroads
The 2000 championship season drifts further into the past and the Sox approach 2003 needing to choose what direction to follow next. WSI's Dan Helpingstine wonders what the future holds for Sox Fans, and when this team will finally get over the hump, in the standings and the box office.
No Deal for Sox Fans
While the new labor deal has Twins fans celebrating a trip to the playoffs, Sox Fans can't find much of anything for us except more heartache. WSI's Mark Liptak recaps the sad totals.
Striking out!
The strike date is upon us and the newest chapter in over 30 years of baseball labor strife is about to be written. WSI's Hal Vickery puts the current situation in perspective. One more fan's opinion...
What went right?
Was the 2002 season a total disaster for Sox Fans? Okay, close. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades! WSI's Hal Vickery recounts a few things that went right, too.
What went wrong: Part Two!
The team most experts thought the favorite to win the A.L. Central flopped miserably. WSI's Hal Vickery proudly introduces this annual summary Sox Fans can practically set their watch to. So big, we had to split it into two parts!
What went wrong?
The team most experts thought the favorite to win the A.L. Central flopped miserably. WSI's Hal Vickery proudly introduces this annual summary Sox Fans can practically set their watch to. So big we had to split it into two pieces!
Fire Sale Foul up!
Is there any other team besides the Sox that could screw up dumping salary? We're still stuck with four guys fighting for playing time on the left side of the infield! Plus more MLB follies from Commissioner Bud recounted by WSI's Dave Schmitt!
20 Game Losers?
The Sox have announced Todd Ritchie will no longer start for the team, blowing his chances at 20 losses. Hollywood celebrity and Sox Fan Senor Sock takes time out from romancing movie starlets to note Ritchie doesn't deserve the honor!
Kenny running down his players?
Published reports suggest Sox GM Kenny Williams (aka Dr. Chaos) has been tearing down his own ballplayers while negotiating to trade them. WSI's Hal Vickery wonders aloud what some of these conversations must have sounded like!
White Flag Remembered
As Jerry Reinsdorf's minions disassemble the 2002 squad for another "rebuilding" project, here's the Sox news as it was reported exactly five years ago. There is a hole in my White Sox--and nobody has fixed it yet! WSI's Mark Liptak reminds Sox Fans of promises made and broken--as events this past week now fully reveal.
The dismantling of the Sox
The 2002 season is ditched, and Professor Chaos is calling the shots on the trades that dismantle the mess he built. WSI's Hal Vickery is very worried for the future!
The Season Ends
The 2002 season goes down the drain for Sox Fans, but there is good news! The Sox have found a scapegoat! WSI's Dave Schmitt wonders what more genius moves the Sox brass has in store for us.
Five Years after White Flag
It was July 31, 1997 that the Sox tossed in the towel with an eye towards building a champion team for the future. Five years later, WSI's Dan Helpingstine asks where is this franchise heading now?
Sox Relocation Conspiracy?
The level of Sox management's incompetence has reached epic levels in 2002. Now WSI's Hal Vickery wonders aloud if this isn't simply the first step along Chairman Reinsdorf's planned route towards relocating our beloved Sox? Se habla espanol, Sox Fans?
More Misadventures!
WSI's Hal Vickery speculates on who the Sox might acquire in the housecleaning GM Kenny Williams has threatened. Might it be Ted Williams' frozen corpse?

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