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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Jerry Springer Sox Fans?
One local media wag has compared Sox Fans to the audience on the Jerry Springer Show. WSI's Guy Bacci recounts why Sox Fans behave the way they do, why the Sox front office behaves the way they do, and wishes the season could finally start!
Snake-bitten Kenny!
Contracts come back to haunt him, good-faith trades are botched, and the boss seems to have an agenda quite apart from the one GM Kenny Williams wants to pursue. WSI's Hal Vickery wonders if Sox Fans will ever reach pay-dirt led by a general manager obviously learning on the job?
Sox Payroll & the CBA
The off-season winds to the close and Sox Fans fret as the team makes virtually no moves. However as WSI's Jim Laffer notes the Sox seem to be positioning themselves neatly for a future event they always seem too interested in: the next collective bargaining negotiation with the players union!
Ozzie vs. Frank? Bring it on!
New Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has given many indications that a confrontation with Frank Thomas is coming. Meanwhile the deafening silence from Frank worries Sox Fans for what spring training might hold. WSI's Guy Bacci is an interested observer and isn't displeased with events so far!
Even More Sox Traditions!
Barring an eleventh hour deal, SoxFest is here but still no big deals. WSI's Hal Vickery offers a few more "new" traditions the Sox are building on that seem too well-known to the totally biased Sox Fans that can't help but keep supporting the team anyway.
New Sox Traditions?
SoxFest approaches but nothing much is happening to make Sox Fans excited about the upcoming season. WSI's Hal Vickery wonders if the Sox building new traditions or simply trotting out the same old ones.
Totally Biased Fantasy Baseball!
New from White Sox Interactive! Sox Fan Jason Cherpak puts a totally biased slant to the ins and out of fantasy baseball for his fellow totally biased Sox Fans! Who were the Fantasy winners and losers from the Nomar/Maggs deal that didn't happen? Find out here!
No Hustlers in HOF!
The sorry story of Charlie Hustle's latest appeal for hall of fame eligibility has begun another chapter. WSI's Hal Vickery notes the duplicity of motives that could only be excused in an era of moral relativism.
Hustlin' Apology, Say it Ain't so!
Is is it still an apology when it's timed to coincide with a book release and doesn't include the words "I'm sorry?" WSI's Guy Bacci notes that Pete Rose's public confession has only succeeded in eroding his public support and wonders about the dwindling number of fans who still defend him.
Budget Busts Sox!
Another week with no moves by the Sox but still plenty of holes to fill! Is the biggest hole Kenny Williams must fill smack in the middle of his payroll budget? WSI's Hal Vickery totals up the numbers and arrives at an unhappy sum.
Reinsdorf's Motives?
The words and actions of Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf leave too many Sox Fans scratching their heads. How to make sense of it all? WSI's Hal Vickery is a Sox season ticketholder and notes some facts that offer insight into the chairman's motives.
Kenny's Wise Move
There was lots of spin from all sides involved in the big trade that never happened sending Alex Rodriguez to Boston. So who earned a measure of respect and who didn't? WSI's Guy Bacci analyzes the quotes and events surrounding this near-trade and draws an interesting conclusion!
Christmas Coal for Sox Fans
Christmas is a time for giving, but all Sox Fans have come to expect from their team is another lump of coal! WSI's Jim Laffer is a bit frustrated at the thought of another dark cold Yule for Sox Fans.
The Deal that Wasn't
Magglio is still here and Nomar still isn't. GM Kenny Williams nearly pulls another trade that has WSI's Hal Vickery wondering if CHAOS isn't about to return!
Team Revenue Revisited
Are the Sox raking it in? Ticket revenue is going up with the newest price increases, but can that cover the cost of payroll? WSI's Bob Swagger runs a few numbers!
Frigid Hot Stove
Is it too much to hope for a bit of warmth for Sox Fans standing around the ol' hot stove? With the winter meetings here, WSI's Guy Bacci is still hopeful if not a bit concerned!
Free Agent Frustration!
Ballplayers are moving from team to team but so far the general trend has more of them leaving the South Side than entering! It has been a frustrating winter so far for Sox Fans and WSI's Matt Michel is no exception!
Being Proactive
When the Sox are busy doing nothing to move the peanut forward towards a championship, many Sox Fans indulge in activities that do little if any good. WSI's Hal Vickery has a simple suggestion for being part of the solution and not part of the problem!
Dirty Dealin'?
The charges are flying once again that the Sox are trying to sign ballplayers without their agents present. Roberto Alomar is the latest one to voice his disgust and WSI's Hal Vickery is hardly surprised.
Payroll Success?
The Sox aren't champions but they haven't been cellar dwellers either. When it comes to payroll, how much is enough? WSI's Jim Laffer runs some numbers and helps his fellow Sox Fans decide!

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