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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Payroll Follies
When the situation calls for fretting, Sox Fans are second to none! Sox payroll is likely to be significantly lower on opening day this spring than it was last year, but is this a bad thing? WSI's George Bova declares there are better things to spend Sox cash on than paying too much for aging and slow-footed ballplayers, but day-old churros can be found cheaper than everyday centerfielders!
Winter, Sox and Green Fields
Winter is hitting Sox Fans early and hard and the holidays are filled with snowdrifts and college football played on blue plastic fields. WSI's George Bova notes the days only get longer from here and the return of warmth, green fields and baseball to follow soon enough! Winning baseball has got nothing to do with loser shrines and least of all hockey!
When you start a website freely-admitting to the totally biased, utterly petty and completely unobjective viewpoint of a Sox Fan, you're a bit surprised to be celebrating ten years worth of effort! As it turns out another hundred Sox Fans have willingly helped out and thousands more have joined the fun, too. WSI founder and editor George Bova recounts the birth of your internet home devoted to the FANS of the Chicago White Sox. Happy Tenth Birthday, WSI!
Free Agents: The Good, The Bad and the Gimpy!
How is the Sox history of free agent signings to be compared to the likes of Jessica Alba or Kim Basinger? Who more than WSI's Senor Sock can provide the answer! The Toast of Argentina offers some insights into both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat for Sox Fans during free agent season!
Second No More!
A Sox Fan has ascended to become the next President of the United States of America. Rooting for what most of America regards as that "other" baseball team from Chicago is rapidly losing its stigma -- along with a lot of other "Second City" inferiorities. More Sox Fan presidents than North Side baseball championships?
White (House) Sox!
2008 has delivered some notable firsts for Sox Fans but the biggest one might not yet have happened! Sox Fans keep growing an ever-larger national presence even as our local one just keeps getting ridiculed, but as WSI's George Bova notes, nobody has more powerful friends in high places!
Boys of Summer 2005
It has only been three seasons since our Sox did all of Sox Fandom proud, winning the city's first baseball world championship in 88 years! But as WSI's Senor Sock notes, many members of that team have scattered and the future of still more remains in doubt. The Toast of Argentina is a lover of women and a Hollywood celebrity, too, but at heart he is just a sentimental fool for our Sox. Any white sock certainly can relate!
A Look Ahead
The 2008 Sox season is over so all that is left now is to consider what the next Sox roster ought to look like come opening day, 2009. WSI's Mark Liptak looks at what worked well and what needs a tune up these next six months. It's never too early to look ahead, Sox Fans!
Man Up, Sox!
There is nothing quite like October baseball and no Sox Fan needs a remedial lesson on when to grasp championship glory! Our Sox have been playing do-or-die baseball games for over week and as WSI's George Bova notes, nobody in Chicago appreciates more just how sweet and glorious each post-season victory truly is for you're entitled to nothing!
Enjoy Every Minute
Pitchers versus live arms. Fundamentally-sound hitters rather than round-trip mashers. Each at-bat to score runs rather than deliver the 5-run homer. WSI's Hal Vickery knows winning baseball, and what the Sox have today might not be all it could be, but never forget championship success is always to be savored. Sox Fans know it better than anyone!
Playoff Time!
Major League Baseball begins its 2008 playoff schedule next week, but for our Sox and Sox Fans, the playoffs begin right now! The previous 155 games have all been played for just one reason: To award the Sox a 2-game advantage in this final six-game sprint to the finish line... and if necessary our Sox get an extra shot at winning it, too! WSI's George Bova notes it's time to close the deal, Sox Fans! It's been six months in the making!
It's News to Me!
Carlos Quentin is injured but what about the news surrounding it? Something is very wrong when the news story becomes secondary to the news storyteller! It's bad enough relying on facts offered from self-important bigger-than-life media personalities, but as WSI's Mark Liptak notes, what about the need to simply get the facts straight, too?
The Power of the Truth!
A certain pathetic excuse for a human being has quit his job at the Sun-Times and predictably the reasons surround our White Sox. But as WSI's George Bova notes, not predictably the reasons also surround the comments of a certain Sox Fan running for President of the United States! Yes for some people the truth hurts, but as every Sox Fan knows it will set you free!
Playoff Teams
It's time to get clear-eyed about what is working and what isn't and precisely how different the Sox of today truly are from their not so recent past! WSI's George Bova notes it is a passion for winning that has always defined every Sox Fan, and there is no time like right now to bring this fact into sharp focus!
A Pennant Race!
Five and one-half months of baseball have been played and not one damned thing has been decided in the American League Central Division. The Sox are locked into a death struggle and isn't it magnificent! WINNING baseball is the unique providence of Sox Fans and as WSI's George Bova notes, this 2008 team is uniquely-positioned to remind everyone of what South Side baseball has always been about. Just win, baby!
Hope & Vickery
Jose Contreras is lost for the remainder of the season but it's only the biggest of many other injuries plaguing the Sox. Arms are juggled in and out of the bullpen and now reliever D.J. Carrasco is favored to start. WSI's Hal Vickery knows a lot about hope and shares a timely personal perspective.
Going For It!
Ken Griffey, Jr. joins a Sox team to fill a hole the Sox back in April could never have predicted they would need to fill. There is a different attitude that surrounds this ballclub, one that not even Sox teams of the 90's ever enjoyed. WSI's George Bova makes no postseason predictions, but appreciates what has already been demonstrated. The Old Sox are dead!
Home Field!
When the subject turns to key Sox games played inside the Fantastic Plastic Playground of the Minnesota Twins, weak-knee Sox Fans begin to quake! WSI's George Bova has a unique Sox Fan bias on this subject but it isn't what you might expect. Go Sox!
The Missing Praise For Baines
Harold Baines has been a favorite of Sox Fans far longer than the internet has been around, but nobody was getting any more recognition than Harold amongst Sox Fans from even the earliest days here at White Sox Interactive! WSI's George Bova notes how much has changed about the Sox since Baines wore the uniform. Given everything that once hampered his popularity, are the honors now given him even more than fully earned?
Sox Fans for All Seasons
The all-star break means over half the season has already been played but nearly half is still left to be played, too! As WSI's George Bova notes, there is simply too much ahead of this team for the past to count for much and simply too much has already happened to doubt their ability to tackle the future either. It takes a special sort of perseverance to be a Sox Fan at such a time, not unlike the perseverance to be a Sox Fan in the dead of winter. Only the strong Sox Fans will be there at the end!

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