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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Stop the Presses!
It was another interesting week to be a Sox Fan reading the paper and listening to the radio. The media is up to the same old tricks, but Sox Fans are having most of the laughs so far. In another exclusive, WSI's Hal Vickery shares an obstructed view seat you'll never find in the pages of the Cubune!
Obstructed View Bias!
If the media topic is the Sox, then the conversation must always revolve around how terrible it is for the forlorn South Side and its miserable fans. WSI's Hal Vickery recounts the latest series of negatively biased events Sox Fans have become all too familiar with.
The Good News of Sox Fandom!
Another home opener is here and Sox Fandom is besieged by silly blasphemy on all sides. The only worthy cause is chasing the elusive baseball championship for Chicago! WSI editor George Bova calls Sox Fans to renew once more their commitment to achieving the ultimate baseball glory.
Don't Panic
The Sox season begins and the inevitable Sox Fan fretting has begun! WSI's Dave Schmitt had a dim view of the new Sox manager when he was hired last fall, but isn't willing to cast any stones just yet. Besides, he has fish to clean.
The Split Personality of Sox Fandom
The 2004 Sox offer Sox Fans even more reasons for both hope and fear. WSI's Guy Bacci notes the dichotomy of every Sox Fan's position. If this is a sickness, I don't want to be cured!
Finally -- The Games Count!
A new season of Sox baseball has finally arrived! WSI's Hal Vickery glances back one last time before jumping off on the 2004 season! Let the games (and soap opera) begin!
Enough Spring Training!
It's late-March and like other totally biased Sox Fans, WSI's Hal Vickery is getting antsy for the start of the new baseball season! But first he has a few thoughts to share -- like proof which fans in Chicago have more intelligence!
The Art of Winning?
The Sox work on a lot of different skills every spring in Tucson. One of them is the art of winning. This is a good thing as WSI's Guy Bacci notes, however some of the Sox need to work on more fundamental skills, like the "art of hitting" perhaps?
Bench Coach Baines?
Joe Nossek retires and the Sox name Harold Baines as new bench coach? WSI's Hal Vickery notes the odd couple Harold and Ozzie will make inside the Sox dugout, plus lots more, too!
Ozzie's Good Rant
The Sox played a lousy game and Ozzie Guillen immediately made his presence felt like nobody in the Sox manager's chair the past six seasons. WSI's Hal Vickery heard Ozzie's rant and likes the sound of it!
Frank, Juice, & Sox Fans
Spring is here, hope springs eternal, and Sox Fans are getting ready for the 2004 season! WSI's George Bova notes two extra reasons for fans of the Pale Hose to look forward to this year's campaign!
Finally a Sox Game!
The Sox are playing exhibition games in Tucson and it is welcome relief to Sox Fans like WSI's Hal Vickery! How much should we ascribe to the mostly positive performances by the pitching staff so far? Hey, this is the Sox we're talking about!
Our Only Hope?
Is Jerry Reinsdorf our only hope for saving the Sox franchise? This was the point to a letter recently written to and published by one of the Chicago newspapers. WSI's George Bova knows tha author, respects his allegiance to the Sox, but can hardly believe something this weak got published. Sox Fans, is the sky truly falling?
Escape from Cubbie Carnival!
Sometimes being a Sox Fan can be an almost surreal experience watching our Flubbie neighbors reach new levels of silliness. WSI's Guy Bacci notes that the Bartman ball media lovefest can only help our team because we Sox Fans can't possibly be the only ones rolling our eyes over this latest nonsense.
The Frank/Ozzie Non-story
The media vultures were circling Tucson for the beginning of Sox camp, but WSI's Hal Vickery is happy to report they all went hungry. The feeding frenzy they anticipated from an Ozzie/Frank confrontation never happened. Now let's play ball!
Same Boat as Last Year?
WSI's Guy Bacci has trouble every spring figuring out how good his Sox might be. How does he see the 2004 Sox shaping up? Ah yes, spring is here again!
Sox Baseball? Count me in!
A winter filled with lots of nothing can't keep WSI's Hal Vickery from sitting down with his 2004 schedule and buying more Sox tickets than ever! Is he excited about the team or the churros?
How to Improve Sox Attendance
Sox Fans are forever persecuted for being too indifferent to support their team. WSI's Patrick Dahl puts the torch to that notion with a few tongue-in-cheek ideas for making our team more popular than ever!
A Ray of Sunshine Anywhere?
What is the best part about looking forward to the 2004 Sox season? Big free agent signings? Lower beer prices? Competing against the Lilliputians of the A.L. Central? WSI's Guy Bacci is searching for a bit of blue sky!
Perception, Reality and the '04 Sox
Have the Sox spent this winter spinning their wheels or putting The Little White Machine in reverse? WSI's Hal Vickery recounts the latest episode in this ongoing South Side soap opera!

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