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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
More Q's for '05!
A new pitcher for the rotation, a new speedster for the top of the line up, but have the critical questions been answered by GM Kenny Williams? WSI's Hal Vickery looks forward to a new season with more questions than answers than ever before!
Line up of Fear?
The Sox look to fill holes in the starting rotation but the line up is decimated and the arrival of the new starting pitcher acquired with the savings has yet to appear! WSI's Hal Vickery wonders how long a summer this might be if Kenny Williams doesn't deliver?
Maggs Postmortem
Who is to blame now that Magglio Ordonez is gone? WSI's Hal Vickery knows too well what Sox Fans are saying and offers this Solomon-like compromise to both sides!
Frank & Maggs... one last time.
The news swirls around Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez, the two key hitters in the White Sox line up these last six years! WSI's Guy Bacci takes one last look at these two great Sox hitters, together one last time.
Diminished Skills & the '00 MVP
Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi admit to using steroids and everyone knows this is only the tip of the iceberg to this scandal! WSI's George Bova can't wait for justice to be meted out to those who threaten the sport of baseball in a fashion eerily reminiscent of the 1919 Black Sox, acquitted of committing a crime but banned from the game anyway. It's time to make things right for Frank Thomas!
Hal's Back!
The most prolific writer in WSI history returns with this update and some sage advice regarding steroid use and those who would find them acceptable. WSI's Hal Vickery is back!
Mouthy GM?
Winter is here and Sox Fans can only stand back and scratch their heads over the latest pontifications from GM Kenny Williams and his boss in the corner suite at 35th & Shields! Omar Vizquel slips through our fingers or is Kenny just blowing smoke? WSI's Guy Bacci is an enquiring Sox Fan and wants to know more!
CRAZY for the Sox!
How to build the Sox into a championship team has Sox Fans debating like never before! WSI's George Bova notes how different and yet how similar these two opposing camps truly are, the Rational Crazies and the Irrational Sensibles, Sox Fans either way!
Good Enough, Sox Fans?
The 2005 Sox look to improve on the 2004 team's 83 wins. As a new roster is put together this winter, what exactly is "good enough" for Sox Fans? WSI's George Bova notes what a slippery slope we Sox Fans face answering this question!
Curse of Ineptitude
Are Sox Fans catching a break from the national media because Boston's "curse" has presumably been broken? WSI's George Bova notes the national and local media might give Sox Fans a bit of attention but it is only because they understand so little about Sox Fans.
Still Living in the Shadows
With Boston's Bambino curse allegedly a thing of the past, can Sox Fans expect a bit more pressure on Sox management to field a champion? WSI's Guy Bacci keeps hoping something positive will come of this but the shadows still linger just the same!
Sorry, No Curses Here!
The national media searches desperately for a "curse" to talk about for our Sox. WSI's Hal Vickery says keep moving, nothing to see here! Leave the silliness for the idiots on the other side of town.
Red Sox Fan Mail!
Eat crow for dismissing the Red Sox too early? NEVER!!! WSI's Hal Vickery got plenty of love letters this past week from Red Sox fans. Now it's time to answer them!
Too Bitter to Watch?
The 2004 playoffs have been quite extraordinary but the Sox aren't participating. WSI's Guy Bacci is an interested observer even if our GM isn't!
Curse the Ineptitude!
Watching Boston's Red Sox fans make ever sillier fools of themselves, WSI's Hal Vickery notes a few cold hard facts as only a Sox Fan from the South Side ever could. You want to win a championship? Stop blaming the Bambino already!
Speaking of Playoffs!
The playoffs have started and once again the White Sox are not participating! WSI's Hal Vickery joins his fellow Sox Fans to ruminate about how other fans get to spend their Octobers.
Sox Mess!
The on-field action is over and Sox Fans huddle around the hot stove to wait anxiously to find out what Kenny Williams has got cookin'! Will he instead simply set the whole house on fire? WSI's Guy Bacci isn't so sure!
Blame Game!
The 2004 Sox season is over and the finger-pointing has begun! The lineup's fault? The pitching staff's fault? The manager's fault? The GM? The owner? WSI's Hal Vickery joins his fellow Sox Fans in this now-annual event. It's October on the South Side!
No Ownership Imagination!
What is the cause of yet another season of Sox futility? Sox Fans can point to dozens of valid reasons, but as WSI's Hal Vickery notes they nearly all lead right back to the shortcomings of the man sitting in the ownership box!
Sinking Sox!
Quick! The 2004 Sox are sinking fast, so WSI's Hal Vickery goes searching for a few valuables and keepsakes to salvage about this sorry bunch before this lousy season finally slips away. Eureka! Solid outfield defense? Say it ain't so!

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