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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Opening Day -- Sox Style!
The Sox are back and Opening Day is here again! WSI's Mark Liptak gives totally biased Sox Fans this look back at great Sox feats and defeats, famous Sox heroes and infamous goats, but always memorable moments from opening days played on Chicago's South Side!
The Fallout from Juicing!
An embarrassing display for baseball in front of a Congressional panel has Sox Fans disgusted. WSI's Jim Laffer tries to figure out who was the biggest disgrace to the game, but there are too many worthy villains to be sure!
Cooling it at Sox Park!
It's nearly here, another season of Sox baseball! WSI's Hal Vickery reveals his seasonal rituals as as Sox Fan, including plenty of warm clothing for cold Chicago nights in April!
Pitching Riches!
Spring training brings the Sox a bright young pitcher who can't help but miss the 25-man roster thanks to the off-season improvements to the Sox staff. WSI's Guy Bacci adds one more reason for totally biased Sox Fans to look forward to the new season!
Congress K's Juicing?
MLB and the players' union were called back to Capitol Hill and the results were both predictable and eye-opening, too! WSI's Hal Vickery wonders who did the most to damage their credibility, McGwire or Schilling, Sosa or Palmeiro, Fehr or Selig, Congress or MLB, or maybe it's the Chicago Tribune?
Media's Short Memory!
Why is it that the average Sox Fan has a longer and clearer memory than the sports mediots getting paid to spout nonsense over the air and all over the daily sports page? WSI's Hal Vickery recounts the latest goofy opinions heard this past week on sports blab radio!
Rambling Like Farmer!
WSI's Hal Vickery has been having problems with his email client, so you can understand why he might ramble a bit about the Sox. So what excuse can Ed Farmer make for his rambling? Enquiring Sox Fans want to know!
Sox Marketing Wars!
Starting with Bill Veeck's first stint as Sox owner and right through to the present day sniping from local sports columnists, the Sox have battled for the hearts and minds of Chicago's baseball fans. WSI guest contributor Richard Lindberg, author of The White Sox Encyclopedia, gives this historical overview of this long-running battle and why the stakes are so important for all totally biased Sox Fans!
Canseco, Sox and Shame
Jose Canseco's last stop in major league baseball was with the Sox in 2001 but the worst of the dirt he sheds in his new book lies elsewhere. WSI's Guy Bacci is relieved the Sox are (mostly) spared and wonders who has any credibility after the latest "he said, she said" counter charges.
Spring Thinking!
The Sox return to Tucson so naturally the sportswriters are busy dusting off the same tired stories, starting with the usual rip jobs on Frank Thomas. WSI's Hal Vickery has heard it all before and remains excited about the coming season.
Farewell, Dave Wills!
The long-time host of the Sox radio pre- and post-game show has a new job inside Tampa Bay's broadcast booth. A long-time friend to totally biased Sox Fans, WSI's Hal Vickery writes this farewell tribute!
Sports Boobs!
Maybe there were no "wardrobe malfunctions" at the Super Bowl, but boobs are forever being laid bare over at ESPN! Rob Neyer is the newest clueless one to draw a paycheck for being a dope notes WSI's Hal Vickery!
What's RIGHT with the Cell
The conventional wisdom around Chicago and throughout baseball is that Sox Park is all wrong. So WSI's Hal Vickery is pleased to report at least one unbiased observer is scratching his head over the silly assertions too many others take as a matter of fact. What's RIGHT with Sox Park!
"Point C" GM
A Sox GM once lost his job because chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said he wasn't the type to get the Sox to "point C," a baseball championship. It has been over 14 years and the Sox still haven't arrived at "point C" but what Sox Fan can doubt GM Kenny Williams isn't doing everything he can to finally reach that destination? WSI's Guy Bacci thinks the praise of Kenny is well deserved!
Brooks Gets It!
New Sox marketing V.P. Brooks Boyer corrects many of the same problems totally biased Sox Fans have complained about for years! SoxFest is a resounding success and WSI's Hal Vickery notes the many more changes for the better we Sox Fans can look forward to!
A Bleacher Feature
Besides being the most prolific writer in WSI history, Hal Vickery donates time and money to even more worthy causes. Here's one, Chicago Baseball Charities.
3 Cheers for Red Derrieres!
Hawk Harrelson says new Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski has a "carmine derriere." WSI's Hal Vickery says, "Great! We could use a few more of them on the South Side!" Might A.J. make the Sox' 2005 season into a Hunt for Red*** October?
SoxFest Love Fest?
Entering the winter with more holes in the roster than Swiss cheese, the Sox gather with Sox Fans at SoxFest with many of those roster holes filled! WSI's Guy Bacci wonders if this SoxFest might be more of a love-in than the past few?
Mariotti? He Gone!
Speculation runs on and on about signing free agent A.J. Pierzynski, the catcher Sox Fans love to hate! Meanwhile Jay Mariotti gets a well-deserved pink slip! Another fine week to be a Sox Fan reports WSI's Hal Vickery!
New Sox!
The Power Sox are dead! Long Live the New Sox! New but better, too? WSI's Guy Bacci sees a whole new team being built on the South Side. Will these splashy new acquisitions turn out better than many of the others Kenny Williams brought to the Sox?

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