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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Media Chokes on Sox Success!
The mediots who can only measure Sox success in terms of Flubbie futility are scrambling to find another angle for their negative spin! WSI's Hal Vickery enjoys watching them squirm, trying to extend the National League wild card standings to ridiculous lengths, too!
'59 Sox: Thanks for the Memories!
The 1959 Sox provided more warm memories for Sox Fans than any other team the last 80+ years. Now WSI's Mark Liptak revisits a few of these great memories with added comments from some of the Sox heroes of that era tossed in for good measure! Dare Sox Fans today dream the championship dream for the '05 Sox?
Slump Busting!
The Sox face their first serious slump of the season, and fretful Sox Fans cling desperately to the comfort of a big fat lead in the standings! WSI's Hal Vickery recounts some of the more memorable quotes by manager Ozzie Guillen battling this bit of adversity.
Further Thoughts on Kenny
Promoted to the job nearly five years ago, when did the Sox GM finally turn the corner towards respectability? WSI's Hal Vickery admits to having been a strong critic, but like many other Sox Fans can point to a key turning point -- and it wasn't last winter, either.
The Scent of October!
Can it really be true? It's only mid-August and the 2005 Sox have already cleared away the biggest of their obstacles to the postseason! WSI's Guy Bacci notes that nothing has been won yet -- but the scent of the playoffs is definitely in the air!
SportsBlab Radio Blabber!
If the Sox are losing, then you can always count on SportsBlab radio to fill airtime with even more nonsense than usual! WSI's Hal Vickery wades through the endless gambling casino and gentlemen's club commercials to bring you this latest update!
The Needle and the Damage Done
The very week Frank Thomas's season ends, news surfaces that Rafael Palmiero -- the guy who wagged his finger at a congressional panel and denied using steroids -- was guilty of having done just that. WSI's Jim Laffer is one more Sox Fan sorry to see Frank go, concerned that he might never come back, and genuinely sorry that liars and cheats have largely stolen the legacy that rightfully belongs to him.
Good Grief! More Media Rips!
Somebody who works for ESPN rips on the Chicago White Sox. Can any Sox Fan really be that surprised? Same stuff, different day reports WSI's Guy Bacci!
Media Rips!
The Sox are winning, expanding their lead even on days they lose. But the media keeps finding new ways to rip on the team, the fans, and the ballpark. WSI's Hal Vickery is sad to report now it's Reuters making a mess of the facts surrounding South Side baseball!
Trade Deadline Cheat Sheet!
Need something fast? Looking two or three steps ahead like a good chess player? Interested in using the trade deadline to start a South Side dynasty? WSI's Patrick Ferrini recaps where the Sox stand contractually with each of the players on the current Sox roster, just for WSI's totally biased Sox Fans. Who loves ya, baby?
Why Sox Park is Rockin'!
It wasn't too long ago the Sox had completely alienated their own fan base. Now it's 2005 and a transformation is well under way! WSI's Hal Vickery charts the changes that have made it so for totally biased Sox Fans!
Starry-eyed Sox!
The Sox season reaches ever greater heights and WSI's Guy Bacci wonders how much more wonderful it can possibly get for totally biased Sox Fans!
More Do's & Don'ts!
In the wake of his Sox Park Primer, WSI's Hal Vickery gives fellow totally biased Sox Fans a chance to share their notes on ballpark etiquette with the newbies at Sox Park!
Sox Park Primer!
The Sox are hot and quite a few newbies are showing up at the park to see them? WSI's Hal Vickery is all too happy to help them enjoy their Sox Park visit, but remember not to throw back home run balls!
Some recent wins should knock the fretful taste out of any Sox Fan's mouth! WSI's Hal Vickery explains this and why he skipped attending the home series with the Lovable Losers. Who can blame 'em?
Maintain Cool!
The Sox surge and Sox Fans are rightfully gleeful but can we maintain a positive cool? WSI's Guy Bacci is begging for the World Series talk to be corked.
You might be a Sox Fan if...
A whimsical reflection on what most Sox Fans have in common by WSI's Patrick Ferrini!
Sox Hole Filling?
The Sox have the best record in baseball. Can they be improved? Everybody loves playing a baseball GM and WSI's Patrick Ferrini sorts out what moves might be made between now and the trading deadline.
Watch the Bias!
The silliness in Chicago's sports media reached epic proportions last weekend as kissing-sister "cursed" franchises made fools of Chicago's and Boston's intelligent baseball fans. WSI's Hal Vickery notes Chicago's Sox Fans have nothing to be embarrassed about and will be an interested observer of this coming weekend's coverage of the Sox/Dodgers series, the last baseball championship series ever for Chicago.
Day in the Life
How does Chicago's baseball fans follow their favorite team. WSI's Patrick Ferrini compares and contrasts, north and south.

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