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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Nancy Faust is Back!
The good news is she is back, the bad news is she'll be working only part-time. Baseball's most unique and entertaining organist is playing on the South Side, and WSI's Hal Vickery is glad she isn't going anywhere!
Sox DreamFest!
Unlike any previous SoxFest, the 2006 edition promises to be the sort of dream festivity only a world championship could possibly deliver! Like other Sox Fans, WSI's Guy Bacci is psyched up land won't let a certain "cowturd" bring him down talking nonsense on sportsblab radio. Such a tired radio format, does anybody really listen to that stuff anymore?
Who's Obsessed?
The Lovable Losers are selling summer while Sox Fans are selling fall! Two questions for Cubs fans this winter: From WSI's Hal Vickery, "Who's obsessed?" And from his laughing fellow Sox Fans, "Who's your daddy?"
Spring Training Primer
Being the world champion fan that you are, are you planning a spring vacation to Arizona to see your world champion White Sox? WSI's special correspondent in Chandler, Mary Swistara, has all the tips you'll need to make your visit an undisputed world champion, too!
Buehrle and the World Baseball Classic
When are the Sox champions and when aren't they champions any longer? Is Mark Buehrle healthy enough to pitch in the World Baseball Classic and should anybody be interested in this new spring tournament cooked up by MLB? WSI's Hal Vickery has all the answers! (Well, sorta.)
Never the same Again!
Everything has changed for Sox Fans like WSI's Guy Bacci thanks to a world championship. Predictably, it's still the same delusional world of silliness for others! Yes, it's a Brave New World and we Sox Fans are loving every minute of it!
Repeat the Feat?
It's looking more and more like the Sox and GM Kenny Williams are serious about repeating as baseball champions! If this once in a lifetime period continues, will Sox Fans like WSI's Hal Vickery be able to handle the pressure? He's up for the challenge!
Sox Gift List
It's the season of giving and WSI's Hal Vickery has an extra-long list of gifts he would like to send to the 2006 White Sox. They've been especially good this year, don't you think, Sox Fans? Happy Holidays from WSI!
Sox Tix in '06
Nothing succeeds like success, and ticket sales for the 2006 White Sox are the living proof! WSI's Hal Vickery is one more Sox Fan lining up to buy tickets for next year but finding the popularity of the ballclub has definitely increased at the box office since winning the world championship. The Sox popular? Say it ain't so!
Holiday Giving
Where does WSI's Hal Vickery moonlight? The answer might surprise you! Okay it really wouldn't surprise you at all, but it is the season for giving and this other organization is worthy of the time and interest of Sox Fans, too.
Five Key Players in 2006
Flying under the radar was what the 2005 championship Sox were all about. Now WSI's John Dainis explains why five key ballplayers figure to be the key towards keeping the championship title on the South Side in 2006?
Defending the Title!
What a strange time it is to be a Sox Fan! For the first time in four generations, a group of baseball fans from Chicago are figuring out how to support a championship team looking to defend its title! WSI's Guy Bacci details some of the twists and turns on this road less traveled by Chicago's baseball fans.
Konerko back, Garland to arbitration?
The Sox accomplish their #1 off-season goal by re-signing free agent slugger Paul Konerko, but WSI's Hal Vickery is watching how contract negotiations progress between the team and pitcher Jon Garland. Can Kenny and Jon avoid arbitration?
Big Trade, Big Controversy?
Aaron Rowand has been traded and Jim Thome may become the everyday firstbasemen for the 2006 Sox depending on whether Kenny Williams can re-sign free agent Paul Konerko. As WSI's Hal Vickery notes, Sox Fans aren't used to building champion teams and reworking a championship roster is completely foreign to all of us! So is there a controversy or not?
Steroid Apology, Jason Giambi?
Baseball finally did the right thing to get steroids under control, but Sox Fans can't forget the injustice done to Frank Thomas in MVP voting back in 2000! WSI's Hal Vickery applauds the latest efforts by the owners and players to fix what caused the steroids scandal but still waits impatiently for the apology Jason Giambi never offered!
Clincher Euphoria!
The Sox are champions and even Hal Vickery's dogs came home! Now the most prolific writer in WSI history wants to tidy up a few loose ends left dangling in the wake of the Sox championship clincher. Time to sign Nancy Faust!
Championship greedy Sox Fans?
One championship in the bag, how many more should we go for? Chicagoans aren't used to supporting championship baseball teams and now WSI's Guy Bacci is wondering how many baseball championships will quench our thirst for even more!
Dealing with Success
The Sox have won it all and suddenly we Sox Fans are confronted with a whole new problem: dealing with success! WSI's Hal Vickery takes the theoretical discussions of the past and places them into the reality of 2005 and beyond for all totally biased Sox Fans.
Brave New World of Sox Fandom
Everything is different now that the White Sox are world champions, so what are Sox Fans to do? WSI's George Bova is just one more confused Sox Fan but we have all year to figure it out!
Thank you, White Sox
It's a championship not to be believed, but truth is often stranger than fiction! WSI's Dave Schmitt is one more Sox Fan truly impressed by what this team achieved and not too proud to eat his share of crow, too -- no ketchup.

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