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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Update: Stark still wrong
If the definition of stupidity is repeating the same mistake over and over again, Jason Stark is definitely riding the short bus to ESPN studios! WSI's Guy Bacci is hardly surprised but still amused as this first-class clown makes himself look like a dope yet again talking about the Sox.
Save by Iguchi!
How does a secondbasemen earn a major league save? Anyone who didn't see Tadahito Iguchi save the game versus Toronto with his glove missed the glovework gem of the young season. WSI's Hal Vickery is one more amazed Sox Fan!
The Law of Sox Fandom
One "Vickery Law" concerns horses and horses' hindquarters. The other Vickery Law concerns being a Sox Fan. Having watched the first week of the 2006 season, WSI's Hal Vickery is invoking H. Vickery's Law -- the one not about horses' hindquarters!
A Warm Championship Glow!
It's not too hard to understand what separates this opening day from all the others: the warm glow of championship memories Sox Fans were starved to enjoy. WSI's Hal Vickery knows what Yogi Berra might say about this, even if nobody could understand what he meant... not even Yogi.
Fond Memories, New Challenges!
Sox Fans have fallen in love with their champions and the honeymoon has been a dream. WSI's Guy Bacci knows a whole new set of challenges await the team and its fans in 2006, and now the hard work begins!
Big Deal Sox!
It seems hard to believe but five months have passed since our White Sox were crowned champions of Major League Baseball. Now the games will count once again and WSI's Hal Vickery understands just how special this season truly is!
World's Greatest Newspaper?
Perhaps borne of ignorance, a great number of Chicago's mediots swallow whole the half-truths and flat-out lies regarding our Sox and that other team. WSI's Matt Malec finds the situation quite pathetic and sometimes laughable -- mostly because of the pretensions of the self-described World's Greatest Newspaper for being chief perpetrator of the nonsense.
This Old Sox Fan
When a Sox Fans get to be as old as WSI's Hal Vickery, it's no surprise to become sentimental reflecting back on all the years of futility -- especially that now we're World Champions, baby! Take a trip down memory lane, both long-ago and recent, with the most prolific writer in WSI history!
Baseball's Barry Scandal
Local drivel suggests a convicted cheat should be given the homerun title because suspicions about his juicing doesn't constitute proof. This is the mess Major League Baseball has created for itself -- and it is far from over. WSI's Hal Vickery suspects baseball's powers that be wish the problem would just go away. Don't they always?
Back Talk from Ex-Sox
Last month ex-Sox Frank Thomas couldn't keep his mouth shut, and Kenny Williams wigged out. Now Carl Everett is the latest ex-Sox to start chirping. WSI's Guy Bacci notes being a Sox has never been this popular before!
A Championship Spring
A terrific Sox winter now gives way to a terrific Sox spring! Controversies or not, no Sox Fan can mistake the difference between what we're accustomed to and what we're living through now. WSI's George Bova says enjoy every minute of it!
Frank's Pride, Big Hurt!
The media fallout from the Frank and Kenny soap opera appears to be ending, but amongst all the countless goofball theories and platitudes offered by sportsblab mediots this past week, here's one none of them ever thought to articulate. WSI's Hal Vickery is hardly surprised to be the only one sharing it.
Get Over It!
Just one week after Ozzie Guillen needed to retract a regrettable public comment, it appears the Sox GM who made him apologize might need to make a retraction of his own. WSI's Hal Vickery has a bit of advice: Get over it!
Crossfire! Kenny vs. Frank
Frank Thomas can't keep his mouth shut so naturally Sox GM Kenny Williams must answer in kind. Any Sox Fan who thought the circus had finally left town when these two parted company last winter has been proven wrong! WSI's Guy Bacci recounts the latest episode in this ongoing soap opera.
Ozzie's Apology
In criticizing Alex Rodriguez, Ozzie Guillen finally crossed the line the Sox no longer could look beyond. WSI's Hal Vickery recounts events and offers a bit of insight into what it all means for Ozzie, the Sox, and Sox Fans, too.
Ozzie: Honest or Immature?
The outspoken Sox manager has never minced his words on any subject. Now it's time to decide whether Ozzie's upfront attitude is a positive attribute or a negative one. WSI's Guy Bacci assesses the matter from several angles!
No news is bad news!
Ozzie Guillen won't be joining the team for their historic visit to the White House to honor the 2005 world champion Sox. WSI's Hal Vickery offers some perspective on the matter that millionaires with 50,000 watts behind their shrill voice simply don't want to understand -- not that drawing attention to themselves isn't their primary motive for whining about any of this.
Slow news day in Chicago? What better time to take a swipe at the Sox! WSI's Guy Bacci can't help that the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks have all fallen flat on their face. Is it too much to ask for Chicago's sports media to find something better to do than bash the Sox and Sox Fans?
Wanting it all!
The Sox win a world championship and no longer is merely making the playoffs much of a thrill regardless of whatever Chicago team makes the playoffs! WSI's Hal Vickery is just one more spoiled Sox Fan who wants it all!
A Night in Minneapolis
While Chicago's Sox Fans attend a true championship party, the same old stuff Ron Gardenhire always spreads around the barnyard was smelling up an otherwise elegant and noble evening in Minne-no-place. WSI's George Bova advises Sox Fans to get ready!

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