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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
72 Sox Celebration Recap
1972 Sox celebration recap
72 Sox Where Are They Now
The 1972 White Sox thrilled the South Side, challenging for a championship just two years removed from 106 losses! Another WSI EXCLUSIVE!
Ears and Appendices
The 2011 Sox have plumbed new levels of mediocrity in record time and their lousy start has seemingly doomed the season already. What do ears and appendices have to do with this and how might this blighted patch of Sox history offer a ray of hope that has demanded attention for a much longer time than anyone presently suiting up with the major league roster? WSI's George Bova says, "Eureka!"
Sox & the A-word
A journey through recent Sox history with Dan Helpingstine. If this is the golden age of Sox baseball, why isn't more there? Could true success be more of a long-term goal, not built overnight?
Part 2: Sox and the Media
The second and final installment looking into the long strange trip between the Sox, Sox Fans, and the local media. A "bad neighborhood" filled with violent Sox Fans? Learn what started the myth and why it persists amongst those carrying their own agenda. WSI's Mark Liptak takes WSI's totally biased fans on an exhaustive review of key events and quotable quotes every Sox Fan should know.
Sox and the Media
Part I. What Sox media coverage came before 2005 and what has resulted in the time since our Sox won Chicago's first baseball championship in 8+ decades is a subject of great interest -- and sometimes anger -- for a very large number of Sox Fans. How do the fans, the players -- and yes, even members of the media -- recount the sordid history of our Sox and wider world observing their efforts, whether as disinterested parties or rabid partisans. WSI's Mark Liptak takes WSI's totally biased fans on an exhaustive review of key events and quotable quotes every Sox Fan should know.
A Second City Trophy
As lousy as the Sox season has already become, it promises to get worse now that the Sox have agreed to an ill-conceived trophy for "bragging rights" across the city's baseball fans. WSI's George Bova wonders what could possibly symbolize any better the futility, stupidity and incompetence of the Second City than creating such an award? No wonder it's sponsored by BP!
In Defense of Sox Hitting
A weak start the first week of the season has Sox Fans fretting unusually early! What conclusions can and can't be drawn after a 2-4 homestand for our 2010 Sox? WSI's George Bova notices a few trends that ought to reassure and cause some reflection, too.
Sox Quest
The 2010 season begins with the Sox and Sox Fans both understanding what must be achieved this summer: Wins and lots of them! As WSI's George Bova notes, in the sometimes bizarre world of baseball in the Second City, you wouldn't think such a quest would cause much controversy. Ah, but that's not the lot in life we Sox Fans were born into and destined to overcome!
On the Brink
At what point does a point of fact simply become a lame excuse? The 2009 White Sox may certainly have been on the brink the past six months, but a final record four games below .500 can't be easily explained away as anything more than wishful thinking about how much promise this team ever delivered on the field. WSI's Mark Liptak sums up a season that ends too soon.
A Good Decade
The conclusion of the 2009 Sox season brings to a close the first of the new century (close enough) and the first complete decade in WSI history, too. How do these ten seasons, 2000 through 2009, stack up in the big scheme of South Side baseball? As Mark Liptak notes, it was a very good decade!
When the 2009 Sox lose is there anything much to wonder other than how it will effect manager Ozzie Guillen? WSI's George Bova is one more Sox Fan bummed about a lousy season, but will Kenny Williams do about it?
The Tongue of Oz
A trip to Yankee Stadium to only see the Sox squeak out one measly hit is an utterly forgettable experience. What might not be so forgettable is how events played out for Jose Contreras to get another start after Ozzie's Tongue declared him out of the line up. What would ever cause Ozzie to leave the Sox managerial job? A certain part of Ozzie's anatomy holds the key!
Yankee Practicality for Our Sox?
The 2009 Sox struggle to even climb over .500 but is all hope lost? A bit of Yankee practicality would go a long way towards resolving what has transformed the futility of what was the old loser Sox into the new championship Sox. WSI's George Bova has unique reasons to hope for the best!
On the Road with Senor Sock!
When you're "Hollywood Swingin'" and boring National League ball just won't cut it, where better than Anaheim to see Sox stars and Sock stars, too! Celebrity Sox Fan Senor Sock is the Toast of Argentina and your totally biased Sox Fan on the spot in southern California with this report from the road!
April Report Card
Nobody knows hosiery quite as well as a sock ever could so who better than WSI's Senor Sock to evaluate our Sox with the first month of the season now complete? The Toast of Argentina is back and wants to know who wrote this creampuff schedule and can the Sox handle the harder slogging still ahead?
Deja Vu All Over Again!
Certain ballplayers will make the Sox team while others must fight for a spot on the roster. Senor Sock has been a Sox Fan nearly as long as he's been a white sock so forgive him if he notes when history seems to be repeating itself with who the Sox fit on the roster and who gets sent off to the minors!
A Sox Truth
Sox Fans are a breed apart, causing lots of confusion for the outside world trying to understand what makes us tick. With the changing landscape of baseball both in Chicago and beyond, could 2009 prove to be the year the Sox finally break out and become appreciated for what they are -- and what fans of the team are not? WSI's George Bova notes those standing in the way of progress do so at their own peril!
Our Sox are reunited with starter Bartolo Colon... but are they feeling good? Yes, Peaches and Herb were happy together but WSI's Senor Sock has been a Sox Fan almost as long as he's been a white sock so he's not so sure about this Colon acquisition! Is this the second-coming of Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee? Nobody would know better than the Toast of Argentina!
Warming Up?
While Sox news has been scarce this winter, it's also been amusing for Sox Fans to watch what else is going on! Selling newspapers is tougher than ever for a those who haven't already been cut from the payroll, but as WSI's George Bova notes trashing the Sox is always a sure-winner!

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