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WSI News Index - Senor Sock
On the Road with Senor Sock!
When you're "Hollywood Swingin'" and boring National League ball just won't cut it, where better than Anaheim to see Sox stars and Sock stars, too! Celebrity Sox Fan Senor Sock is the Toast of Argentina and your totally biased Sox Fan on the spot in southern California with this report from the road!
April Report Card
Nobody knows hosiery quite as well as a sock ever could so who better than WSI's Senor Sock to evaluate our Sox with the first month of the season now complete? The Toast of Argentina is back and wants to know who wrote this creampuff schedule and can the Sox handle the harder slogging still ahead?
Deja Vu All Over Again!
Certain ballplayers will make the Sox team while others must fight for a spot on the roster. Senor Sock has been a Sox Fan nearly as long as he's been a white sock so forgive him if he notes when history seems to be repeating itself with who the Sox fit on the roster and who gets sent off to the minors!
Our Sox are reunited with starter Bartolo Colon... but are they feeling good? Yes, Peaches and Herb were happy together but WSI's Senor Sock has been a Sox Fan almost as long as he's been a white sock so he's not so sure about this Colon acquisition! Is this the second-coming of Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee? Nobody would know better than the Toast of Argentina!
Free Agents: The Good, The Bad and the Gimpy!
How is the Sox history of free agent signings to be compared to the likes of Jessica Alba or Kim Basinger? Who more than WSI's Senor Sock can provide the answer! The Toast of Argentina offers some insights into both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat for Sox Fans during free agent season!
Boys of Summer 2005
It has only been three seasons since our Sox did all of Sox Fandom proud, winning the city's first baseball world championship in 88 years! But as WSI's Senor Sock notes, many members of that team have scattered and the future of still more remains in doubt. The Toast of Argentina is a lover of women and a Hollywood celebrity, too, but at heart he is just a sentimental fool for our Sox. Any white sock certainly can relate!
Senor Sock's 11 Good Things about the '07 Sox
While others are losing their heads and filled with panic, count on a soothing voice of reason from Senor Sock! The Toast of Argentina is disappointed, too, but offers insights into the Sox that only a sock could offer!
Ex-Cub Factor
Television celebrity, love interest to Hollywood's most beautiful starlets, Sox Fan, and sock! Senor Sock is back at WSI to offer Sox Fans insights only a sock could offer! Which teams aren't long for this October? The Toast of Argentina knows!
20 Game Losers?
The Sox have announced Todd Ritchie will no longer start for the team, blowing his chances at 20 losses. Hollywood celebrity and Sox Fan Senor Sock takes time out from romancing movie starlets to note Ritchie doesn't deserve the honor!
Win the Pennant!
The Toast of Argentina (and life-long Sox Fan) returns with advice for winning the pennant in 2002! Who is the latest Hollywood starlet linked to Senor Sock? Don't miss it!
Sox Wish List (from a Sock!)
What are Sox Fans wishing for this holiday season? Hollywood's #1 Sox Fan, Senor Sock, offers his views in another White Sox Interactive EXCLUSIVE! Happy Holidays to all Sox Fans!

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