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WSI News Index - Mark Liptak
Brooks Boyer Speaks!
Brooks Boyer is the Sox vice-president and chief marketing officer. He gets much of the credit for finally connecting in a big way the Sox marketing effort with the passionate (if not obstinate) legions of winning-obsessed fans that take their Sox baseball seriously. Now he speaks directly to WSI's totally biased Sox Fans about a range of topics important to us in this EXCLUSIVE interview. As if by fate, WSI's Mark Liptak gets insights into Brooks' state of mind about the state of the Sox radio booth just BEFORE the announcement of Steve Stone's move into the booth earlier this spring. Enquiring Sox Fans want to read all about it!
Tom Paciorek speaks!
He was a key player in the pivotal Winning Ugly era of Sox baseball, both capable of delivering key hits in the 1983 ALCS and unafraid to speak his mind off the field, too. Later he became the popular and witty color man inside the Sox TV booth. Nine years on and Tom Paciorek remains a popular figure on the South Side. Now Tom Paciorek speaks to totally biased Sox Fans and WSI's Mark Liptak in another EXCLUSIVE interview from White Sox Interactive!
Goose to the Hall!
Rich Gossage was a rising baseball star on the South Side through the mid-70s. He went on to glory pitching in New York and other places besides Chicago where championship glory wasn't just a deferred dream. Now he has entered the hall of fame. Read what WSI's Mark Liptak remembers about Goose on the South Side, and a few others like Roland Hemond and Wilbur Wood, too!
Ed Sherman speaks!
Yes Sox Fans, another ones comes over to the Dark Side! This time it's the Chicago Tribune's Ed Sherman who speaks to WSI's Mark Liptak in a frank discussion about the problems caused by the Tribune's conflict of interest owning the Cubs while covering the Sox, his days as a beat writer covering Jim Fregosi's hapless Sox in the late-80's, and what portion of White Sox Interactive was keeping him up nights during the 2005 World Series -- and it wasn't the message board! Another EXCLUSIVE interview from White Sox Interactive!
What If Sox?
As nearly every Sox Fan counts up all the "what ifs" of the 2007 season, perhaps more than a few are stricken with the strange sense that they been here before! WSI's Mark Liptak takes a look back at some missed opportunities from the Sox past. It's deja vu all over again!!!
Jim Kaat Speaks!
Staff ace of the mid-70s Sox, two-time 20 game winner on the South Side, Jim Kaat was yet another leading member of the tough as nails Sox pitching staffs that traced their roots all the way back to the Go-Go era of the 1950s. Now totally biased Sox Fans at WSI can catch up with this Sox Great from the memorable red pinstripes era of Sox baseball, another EXCLUSIVE interview by Mark Liptak for White Sox Interactive! Who loves you, Sox Fans?
Lorn Brown speaks!
He shared Sox broadcast duties with South Side icons like Harry Caray and trailblazers like Mary Shane. He worked for both Bill Veeck and Eddie Einhorn and Jerry Reinsdorf. And it was by fate that he was behind the microphone the night the City of Chicago shook off the losers' stigma of 20 years without any championships as Julio Cruz crossed homeplate to clinch the 1983 Western Division title for the White Sox. He is Lorn Brown and he has plenty of memories to share with WSI's totally biased Sox Fans. Another exclusive interview by Mark Liptak!
Bart Johnson speaks!
Bullpen fireballer, rotation stalwart... Seattle Supersonics walk-on, WFL Chicago Fire public relations prospect... but always a White Sox! Bart Johnson was a mainstay of Sox teams through the 1970s and brings a unique perspective on missed homeplates, bat-wielding batsmen, and of course the Kansas City Royals. South Sider through and through, now totally biased Sox Fans can catch up with Bart as he recounts memorable times with WSI's Mark Liptak. Another WSI Exclusive!
Johnny Sain Remembered
Others around baseball might remember Johnny Sain as one of the tandem of great pitchers from the old Boston Braves, but not on the South Side. To Sox Fans Johnny Sain will always be the maverick pitching coach who join the ballclub at a critical moment and helped rebuild the struggling franchise towards a brighter future. WSI's Mark Liptak collects remembrances of pitching coach Johnny Sain from the players who knew him best.
Greg Pryor Speaks!
He played on the South Side in the pivotal years between 1979 and 1982, a period that started with the ballclub near financial collapse and ready to leave town, but gained new ownership, and turned the corner towards respectability. Greg Pryor is one of only a handful of Sox ballplayers who can speak authoritatively about all the changes that ultimately led to championship paydirt 25 years later. Now Sox Fans can catch up with Greg Pryor... another EXCLUSIVE interview from White Sox Interactive and Mark Liptak!
Holy Cow! Harry Documentary
When Harry Caray was younger and sharper, he made a reputation for himself across Chicago as the ultimate baseball play-by-play man inside the White Sox broadcast booth at Old Comiskey Park. Now PBS television will document his entire career. WSI's Mark Liptak has watched an advance screening and reflects on what this broadcast legend has meant to Chicago's South Side.
Richard Roeper speaks!
Winning baseball is that matters to Sox Fans, no matter what else might crowd in for their time and attention. Richard Roeper, movie critic, Chicago columnist, TV and radio personality and full-time Sox Fan is no exception! Now he has written a book and spends time speaking to totally biased Sox Fans at White Sox Interactive, of which he himself is one! Another EXCLUSIVE interview from WSI by Mark Liptak!
Hemond and Talent!
What separates how the Sox scout talent versus most other major league teams? Sox front office legend Roland Hemond knows the answer and now WSI's totally biased Sox Fans are in on the secret, too. Mark Liptak reports from Great Falls, Montana!
Milo Hamilton speaks!
Working both North Side and South Side broadcasts across three different decades, sharing the microphone with many the game's greatest broadcast icons, some of them great to work with and others less so. That's Milo Hamilton! It was Milo in the booth with Bob Elson for four seasons in the Go-Go era when mighty Sox teams struggled to get over the hump with the Yankees. Now Milo shares his memories of this golden era from the Sox past and a place and time considered amongst the greatest in franchise history. Another EXCLUSIVE interview from White Sox Interactive and Mark Liptak!
All for the Better!
How much has changed at Sox Park in the last fourteen years? Nobody knows it better than WSI's Mark Liptak! Life-long Sox Fan, Mark returns to his former hometown of Chicago and now offers some unique perspective on what it means to be a Sox Fan to come back to the world champion South Side of the city! Yes, it's all for the better!
Bob Shaw speaks!
October 6, 1959. For over 46 years it was the last date a Sox pitcher had ever won a World Series game, Game 5 of the 1959 World Series. The Sox winning pitcher that day was Bob Shaw. Now WSI's totally biased Sox Fans can learn what it meant to be on that team and bring glory to Chicago's South Side straight from the mouth of this Sox great from the past, another EXCLUSIVE interview from White Sox Interactive and Mark Liptak!
Chuck Tanner speaks!
He was Sox manager in the key seasons of 1971 through 1975, a period that easily could have ended with the Sox leaving Chicago. But it was through his managerial acumen that Chuck Tanner turned what could have been the most difficult of Sox eras into what became one of its most successful and colorful. Another exclusive interview from WSI by Mark Liptak!
Roland Hemond speaks!
His service inside the Sox front office spans four decades. He was the general manager to pick up the pieces in the wake of the 106-loss 1970 season and turn the Sox back into contenders in just two short years. Working for Bill Veeck he built the 1977 South Side Hitmen. He built the 1983 Winning Ugly Sox, too. And it was Roland Hemond who Fox Sports captured with their national cameras celebrating as the 2005 team won the world championship. WSI's Mark Liptak brings Sox Fans this exclusive interview with the Sox front office legend without peer, Roland Hemond.
Al Lopez Remembered
Perhaps the greatest manager in White Sox history, the memories of Al Lopez years on the South Side are amongst the very brightest of those from the Go-Go era, the golden age of the franchise. WSI's Mark Liptak recounts his legacy as told to him by many of the Sox greats who played for El Senor.
Unasked questions at ESPN?
Does ESPN suffer from an east coast bias? Though he clearly resides in his own glass house, the Cubune's Ed Sherman bravely casts the first stone! WSI's Mark Liptak has a few more questions left unanswered.

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