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Sox Blasts from the Past! 

By Mark Liptak

I recently came across a web site that I think Sox fans will really enjoy. I discovered it as I visited a site that is devoted to the ill fated Seattle Pilots franchise. (Shades of Tommy Davis and Gerry McNertney!) The site had two audio cuts of actual radio games from that team in 1969. At the bottom of the page was a link to a company that has over 1,600 MLB games complete, unedited and with the actual commericals on cassette tape.
Click Below to Hear the Greatest
Sox Blasts from the Past!

Let me Hear It!

Now you need to know that I don't work for this company, I also know it's the policy of White Sox Interactive not to endorse or promote certain commercial sites and that's not my intention. All I'm doing is letting you fans out there know that if you'd like to hear once again Billy Pierce pitching against the Yankees, Dick Allen swinging that mammoth 40 once bat of his or Harry Caray singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" when he still had his faculties, you can!

First off here's the basic information..... the website name is The name of the company is Danrick Enterprises, P.O. Box 1347, Clifton, New Jersey 07015-1347. The cost is $12.35 per tape (unless noted) plus $0.85 postage for each tape. An "&" sign means that game is $13.95.

 You'll be able to hear some selected highlights from time to time on White Sox Interactive thanks to the work of George Bova and his friends but in order to get a real sense of history you need to hear the entire game.

 Below is a listing of Sox games that I have found going through their web site catelogue. Space limitations prevent me from giving descriptions but if you're a true Sox fan, you should be able to figure out the post season games, the no hitters, games counting down to "magic numbers" and the brilliant individual performances, like Tom Seaver winning his 300th game.

 One final point, these games that I've listed are games that the Sox won and came from years in which they had a winning season. The website has many more games where the Sox lost or from years where they didn't win at least 82 games. If that's your pleasure, then I suggest you check the lists out for yourself.

  So here goes...ENJOY!

 Date                            Opponent                   Score    Starting Pitchers               Decision                            Radio Station

July 30, 1936              Phila. A's at Sox         7-4        Rhodes / Kennedy                    

Oct. 1, 1959                Dodgers at Sox          11-0       Craig / Wynn                     Craig (L) / Wynn (W)           Mutual Network

Oct. 6, 1959                Sox at Dodgers            1-0       Shaw / Koufax                  Shaw (W) / Koufax (L)

May 8, 1960                Sox at Yankees           8-3 (10) Pierce / Ditmar                 Staley (W) / Kipp (L)           NY Yankees Network

June 6, 1960               Sox at Yankees           3-2        Pierce / Ford                    Staley (W) / Ford (L)

July 25, 1965              Sox at Detroit            10-6       John / Lolich                    John (W) / Lolich (L)            WCFL

Sept. 2, 1967               Sox at Boston             4-1       Horlen / Lonborg              Horlen (W) / Lomborg (L)     WMAQ

Aug. 20, 1972             Boston at Sox              9-7       McGlothlin / Wood           Pattin (L) / Forster (W)          WTIC (Boston)

July 15, 1977              Boston at Sox              9-7       Stanley / Wood                 Stanley (L) / Wood (W)        WMAQ

July 25, 1977              Sox at Boston              8-7                                                LaGrow (W) / Campbell (L)  WMAQ

April 18, 1981             Boston at Sox              2-1        Tanana / Trout                Tanana (L) / Trout (W)         WMAQ

April 21, 1981              Baltimore at Sox        2-1                     / Burns                 Stewert (L) / Burns (W)         WMAQ

April 23, 1981             Baltimore at Sox        18-5       McGregor / Dotson           McGregor (L) / Dotson (W)    WMAQ

May 17, 1981              Sox at Texas               9-0        Baumgarten / Honeycutt  Baumgarten(W)/Honeycutt (L)  WMAQ

June 21, 1982             Minnesota at Sox        5-4        Williams / Burns               Felton (L) / Barojas (W)        WMAQ

June 2, 1983               K.C. at Sox                  6-3        Gura  / Dotson                  Gura (L) / Agosto (W)          WMAQ

Aug. 7, 1983                Sox at Baltimore        4-3        Hoyt / Flanagan               Hoyt (W) / Flanagan (L)        WMAQ

Aug. 17, 1983 &          Sox at Yankees           7-5 (13)  Hoyt / Shirley                  Barojas (W) / Murray (L)        WMAQ

Aug. 21, 1983              Texas at Sox              3-1         Butcher / Bannister          Butcher (L) / Bannister (W)     WMAQ

Sept. 5, 1983               Oakland at Sox          11-1       Conroy / Bannister           Conroy (L) / Bannister (W)     WMAQ

Sept. 9, 1983               Angels at Sox             11-0       John / Burns                    John (L) / Burns (W)              WMAQ

Sept. 10, 1983 &          Angels at Sox            7-6 (12)                                          Brown (L) / Barojas (W)         WMAQ

Sept. 11, 1983             Angels at Sox            5-4 (10)   Forsch / Hoyt                   Forsch (L) / Hoyt (W)             WMAQ

Sept. 15, 1983             Seattle at Sox           12-0         Moore / Hoyt                   Moore (L) / Hoyt (W)             WMAQ

Sept. 17, 1983             Seattle at Sox            4-3                     / Koosman           Caudill (L) / Lamp (W)          WMAQ

Oct. 5, 1983                  Sox at Baltimore       2-1          Hoyt / McGregor             Hoyt (W) / McGregor (L)        WMAQ

Aug. 4, 1985                Sox at Yankees           4-1          Seaver / Cowley             Seaver (W) / Cowley (L)       WABC (N.Y.)

July 1, 1990                  Yankees at Sox          4-0         Hawkins / Hibbard            Hawkins (L) / Jones (W)        WMAQ

Aug. 17, 1990               Sox at Texas              4-2         Perez / Hough                 Perez (W) / Hough (L)          WMAQ

Sept. 30, 1990 &           Seattle at Sox            2-1         DeLucia / McDowell        DeLucia (L) / McDowell (W) WMAQ

July 31, 1991                Texas at Sox             10-8                                                Gossage (L) / Pall (W)          WMAQ

Aug. 11, 1991                Sox at Baltimore        7-0         Alvarez / Johnson           Alvarez (W) / Johnson (L)     WMAQ

Sept. 1, 1993                 Sox at Yankees          5-3         McDowell /                      McDowell(W)/Assenmacher(L) WABC 

Sept. 24, 1993               Texas at Sox              5-4                                                Patterson (L) / Hernandez (W) WMAQ

Sept. 26, 1993               Texas at Sox              5-3         Rogers / Bere                 Rogers (L) / Bere (W)

Sept. 27, 1993               Seattle at Sox            4-2         Fleming / Alvarez           Fleming (L) / Alvarez (W)

Oct. 3, 1993                   Sox at Cleveland       4-0         Bere / Nagy                     Bere (W) / Nagy (L)               WKNR (Cleve)

Oct. 8, 1993                   Sox at Toronto           6-1         Alvarez / Hentgen           Alvarez (W) / Hentgen (L)

Oct. 9, 1993                   Sox at Toronto           7-4         Bere / Stottlemyre           Belcher (W) / Stottlemyre (L)

April 23, 2000 &             Detroit at Sox             9-4                     / Baldwin             Borkowski (L) / Baldwin (W)  


    As always your comments, question etc are always appreciated. Contact me at

Editor's Note:  Mark Liptak is an experienced sports journalist, holding several awards for both his electronic and print media work.  He has held numerous sports reporting positions for various TV and newspaper organizations, including Director of Sports for KNOE-TV (Monroe, Louisiana) and KPVI-TV (Pocatello, Idaho), and sports writer for the Idaho Falls Free Press, where his column "Lip Service" has appeared for for a number of years.  "Lip", his wife, and cats presently live in Chubbuck, Idaho, where they collectively comprise 100 percent of the Pocatello River Valley's long-time Sox Fan population.  

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