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The game I wasn't able to go to

August 27 vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Back to the Grind,
or Just Grinded?

Today's Sox cut of meat:
Slow cooker beef
You think it all goes to hell but ends up tasting good at the end

Short Take:   Events, stung together like a chain, keep me at bay

Today's game was a makeup of the game rained out on May 26. Spirits were dampened that day and for me were dampened once again today. It all started yesterday...

Sunday, August 26
Our 7 month old daughter had a mild fever that morning and my wife decided it would be best if she didn't go to the game. My wife would stay at home and I would take our 23 month old son to the game. I've taken him to the game solo before so had no problems. We tailgated before the game and he had a blast. The weather was excellent, the shade was cool and the park was full. Alas, the Sox got their ass handed to them by Boston for the 4th game in a row. The Sox fan in me was down but the father in me was up. My phone died in the 8th and with the game all but over, we packed it in for the day.

I got home to discover my wife, daughter and second car missing. Uh oh. I quickly plugged my cell phone in and saw a new voice mail. The voicemail was skipped and I called her direct: She was at the hospital. Our daughter was pushing a 104 fever and Tylenol wasn't helping. Crap. So I would be solo tonight putting our son to bed. He went down fine and my wife called every hour with updates. The doctors were running some tests but weren't finding anything. 9:00 rolled around and I called it a night.

My wife didn't get home until 10:30. They didn't find any specific problem but here temp was down and she seemed okay. We were planning to go to the game tomorrow (at least I was) so we hit the sack.

Monday, August 27
The day dawned a clear one. It was 5:30 and I was taking a half day. Tickets in hand, I made my way to the train station. The morning was sure to be busy as I had quite a bit to accomplish before I left work but we had family and friends heading to the park today so I didn't mind. I got to work around 7:00 and was going to give my wife a ring around 8:00 to see if she would be joining me. The phone rang at 7:30 and thus begins our adventure.

7:33 AM
My wife calls me to tell me our son has fallen down a couple stairs and his wrist is "bent the wrong way". Hmm. She tells me she is too freaked out to deal with him and our fevered daughter and has called an ambulance. Looks like my work day is done. I power down the computer, make a couple calls to let people know I will be gone and bounce.

7:47 AM
I emerge from the Red Line tunnel near Cermak and call for an update. They are in the ambulance and on the way to Little Company of Mary. Our son is very calm and actually a bit excited about being in the ambulance.

8:13 AM
I arrive at home and call again to make sure there isn't anything my wife had forgotten. She didn't get a chance to eat so I make her a sandwich. I grab the car seats, thrown them in the ride and am off.

8:31 AM
I arrive at the hospital and make my way to the emergency room. Room 21 shall be the destination. I round the corner into the room and there's out little guy, propped up on a standard size bed. He is sitting there quietly and watching cartoons. Or daughter is in my wife's arms and looks miserable; she still has a fever. I take a look at his left arm and it is "bent" just above the wrist. One didn't need to be C. Everett Koop to realize it was busted. They had given him some codeine and were waiting to have x-rays. I got the shakedown that he had been walking down the stairs, slipped and tried to reach for the railing with his hand. He caught it but his momentum spun him around, he fell forward and tried to break the fall with his hand. All his weight went onto it and the angle must have been just right for it to snap.

8:53 AM
I head back with him to get x-rays. He got a little fussy when they positioned his arm for the shot but all told, he was doing amazingly well. My first thoughts of the game popped into my head. Would I make it? No way the rest of the family would. Most of the players were probably at the field by now.

9:16 AM
The doctor has us check out the images and sure enough, there is a break. His ulna was snapped about an inch above his wrist bones. It was a very clean break with minimal deflection. The doc said he would be fine. Some of the techs would be by to put on a temporary cast and then we should be on our way. Huh? We could be home within an hour? The game was looking more and more like a reality.

9:56 AM
The techs come by to put on the temporary cast. They said this was just to get him through the day and that we would need to schedule an appointment with the ortho tomorrow. They would put on a "real" cast at that time. So they go about their business and the little guy stays tough. Our daughter still has a fever though. As part of the follow up to her visit yesterday, she had to see the doctor that day. She calls from the hospital to make an appointment.

10:18 AM
The temporary cast is on and they have him in a sling. The child sling is too big and the infant sling is too small so they rig something up with a bandage. My wife returns to tell me that she got an appointment that day for our daughter...1:30 PM. Ugh, this could dampen my baseball plans. The Sox were probably taking the field for BP at this point.

10:42 AM
We are thinking we will be out of there soon when the ortho guy comes downstairs. He had a "break" in his schedule and would be able to put a real cast on now. The little guy was feeling calm and tired when the guy has to rip the temp cast off to put the real one on. Crap. We are actually asked to leave the room while they do it since he said little kids freak out if the parents are in the room. I called BS but whatever, it is just a broken arm and not open heart surgery. Hearing his cries while sitting outside the room sucked. There was a point of amusement though as the guy in the next room who was sleeping one off walked out of the room, shrugged and walked out the front door.

11:24 AM
The new cast is on and our son is still doing well. By now he is hungry though so the nurse grabs some Cheerios and juice (and some sandwiches for us). He was doing much better after some snacks and we were thinking we would finally get out of there when they say they want to take one more x-ray to make sure all is well. It would be "a few minutes". The gates to the ballpark are now open.

12:02 PM
We head over for yet another x-ray. Same fussiness as before. Good grief, will this day not end? After the x-ray, we sat a round for a little more while they got paper work finished up and waited for the doctor to take a look at the x-rays.

12:55 PM
Finally, we can get out of here! The office for our daughter's visit is actually in the same hospital so we begin the walk over there. Our son was walking just fine and didn't seem to mind the cast at all. We explained to it what it was and he got all excited. He started calling it "casty" and smiling whenever we pointed at it. By the time we get to the doctor's office, the game had begun. Looks like I'll be following this one from my phone.

1:28 PM
We get all checked in and my wife heads back into the office. I elected to stay out in the lobby with our son. There was no one else there and they had toys and stuff so I figured it would be a better environment for him. I get the first chance to check the game. 2-0, Devil Rays. A Young two run shot in the 2nd. Would today be like the weekend?

2:01 PM
I finally had to walk around the hall with our son. It got to be too boring for him in the office. Another chance to check the phone though. It was now 3-0, Devile Rays. Stupid Contreras. Stupid long day at the hospital.

2:32 PM
Thank God, we can get out of here. A nice six hours spent at the hospital. I would have rather been at work. We climb into the car, all of us exhausted and I flip the game on the radio. It is now 4-0 in the 7th. What a crappy day...until the bottom of the 7th. AJ hits the first pitch he sees of the inning into the seats. 4-1 ballgame. Dye answers back-to-back style and it is 4-2. Uribe answers back-to-back-to-back style and it is a 4-3 ballgame. The car ride is actually enjoyable. Richar doubles, Jackson is yanked and we pull into the garage.

2:52 PM
I turn the game on TV and prop our son up on the couch. He is smiling. Our daughter still has a fever but all tests were negative. They said to keep an eye on her and come back if it goes over 104 again. The bathrooms at our place our a disaster so I go on cleaning duty while my wife relaxes.

3:01 PM
Fields hits it out and the Sox take the lead, 5-4! Our son loves fireworks after homers so this would have been a great game to be at. Oh well, at least he got to see this one. I return to the bathroom and a couple minutes later, my wife is yelling for me. I rush downstairs and find my wife holding our daughter; there is blood all over her face. WTF?! It turns out she was laying on the ground and the cats were running around and one of them ran right over her face. Man, what else could go wrong today? She got a couple superficial scratches on her shoulder but got a deep one on her lip. Her mouth was full of blood, she was crying and my wife was freaking out. I calmed her down, grabbed the rubbing alcohol and cleaned her up. Our daughter didn't like that but what else could I do? Back to the bathroom.

3:31 PM
Bobby Jenks Josh Paul to fly out to end the game and that is a White Sox winner! A five game losing streak is snapped. It wasn't a pretty game but a win is a win. After cleaning the bathrooms I mowed the lawn, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher (again_ and finally sat down around 8:00. In bed by 9:30.

Tuesday, August 28
Our son is doing fine with his cast and our daughter's fever broke today. As near as we can figure, it was related to her starting to teeth. I missed this game twice but the Sox still rule.

Back to the Grind Update:
 What looked like a path to disaster to start ended up finishing okay.

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