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WSI News - WSI Spotlight

Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

Requiem for a Champ

by George Bova

You would think a starving man would relish the taste of his first meal. Not if his name is Dan McGrath.

You would think a drowning man would grasp his first fist-full of dry land with new-found love. Not if his name is Phil Rogers.

You would think a baseball championship would be celebrated in a city that hasn't savored one in 88 years. Not if the city is Chicago... or at least the city inhabited by the likes of Paul Sullivan, Dave van Dyck, Mark Gonzales, Teddy Greenstein, and Ed Sherman.

Mark Buehrle re-signs with the Sox less than three weeks ago. Now fresh from wiping the pie from their face after being revealed as complete journalistic clowns for misleading their readers for months that Buehrle -- and plenty others from the '05 Sox -- were all as good as gone, these are the headlines dreamed up by the incompetent boobs working as editors for the Chicago Tribune sports department. From the July 25 paper:

Guillen's '05 MVP traded

Who is this Tadahito Iguchi the Tribune speaks of? Certainly he is nothing but a shadow of the ballplayer who thrilled us in his American rookie season back in 2005. It's really quite amusing that such a front-page headline doesn't even include Iguchi's own name. Dan McGrath's gang who can't write right spent most of three seasons ignoring the exploits of a true champion like Iguchi while spinning fairy tales for the weakest minds in their target audience. Anyone else remember their countless headlines for last year's "savior" Corey Patterson?

Take pity on Tribune sports editor Dan McGrath. Or do like me and just laugh at him. He painted himself into a corner by ignoring Iguchi's exploits when he had the chance. Now that the opportunity presents itself to create some truly attention-drawing (i.e. sensationalistic) headlines, his readers are instead left to wonder what Ozzie Guillen has to do with picking an MVP. What a dope...

Dye, Garland shine for possible suitors

This is what happens when Mark Buehrle re-signs with the Sox. The Tribune simply finds the next-best negative angle -- no matter how stupid they look trying to create a sense of panic for their readers. Garland is under contract through next year. Dye is just about through as a ballplayer, and almost certainly won't be brought back next season regardless of what he does or doesn't happen at the trade deadline. Is it too much to ask Dave van Dyck to mention either of these facts?

Should McGrath send van Dyck a copy of Baseball Beat Writing for Dummies? Absolutely! But first Dan needs to find a copy of Sports Editing for Dummies.

The 2005 world champion White Sox are gone. All those ballplayers are two years older. It's a great trivia game to discuss how many things went wrong in 2006 and 2007 to turn a very similar roster of ballplayers into also-rans. And it's a great trivia game, too, to discuss how many things went right in 2005 to make them the most noteworthy baseball team from Chicago since Woodrow Wilson was saving New Mexico, Arizona and Texas for America by declaring war on the Kaiser.

It's a truly great story to talk about the 2005 White Sox in comparison to practically anything in Chicago -- sporting news or otherwise. It's a great story precisely because it hasn't happened here in 89 years! Do the nabobs of negativity at the Tribune need this pointed out for them?

And they wonder why their readership continues to shrink? Why advertisers flee them? Why their publication becomes increasingly irrelevant in a new world dominated by cyber media and neighborhood papers taking time out from reporting the local police blotter to update everyone in town about the latest exploits of the little league team.

Dan McGrath's gang who can't write right makes themselves irrelevant for ignoring this obvious point: Nobody wants to read nonsense... especially trumped up sensationalistic nonsense. We readers now have options and we're not picking the Tribune.

Here's what we're looking for.

  • Write about the next Chicago baseball champion team.
  • Write about the keys to building a championship roster for Chicago.
  • Write about the exploits of chasing glory for Chicago's next baseball champion.
  • Most of all, fill the time waiting for all of this to happen speaking intelligently about Chicago's last baseball champion. Twenty-two years later and new angles to the "1985 Bears" storylines are still being discovered...

And if Dan's crew thinks what they're serving up now meets any of these criteria noted above, they clearly deserve what they have coming.


George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive. You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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