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WSI News - WSI Spotlight

Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

Media Trolling

by George Bova

Incompetent? Ambitious? Glory-seeking? Sycophantic?

How to explain what is written and talked about today by the Chicago media's most well-known sportswriters and personalities? When the topic turns to the White Sox, you can be pretty sure the Chicago sports mediot getting paid for his (or her) opinion is about to show their ignorance. It seems the bigger their paycheck, the more they show their ass, too.


The answer has always been simply too obvious for two of the biggest dopes on the local sports scene. They're trolling us. They want us talking about them because it:

1.) Helps further their career,
2.) Makes them feel important, and
3.) Helps them compensate for having a laughably small pecker.

As an editorial policy, WSI never uses the names of these trolls because we know too well that their outrageous behavior is driven strictly by the need to promote themselves to the widest audience possible. Sorry if we have too much respect for WSI's readers to allow these two dopes to get the free publicity around here they crave from us -- and everyone else, too.

To be sure, both of these dopes have been trolling Sox Fans -- and the city's sports fans, more generally -- for quite a few years. Though he doesn't work very hard at it, one of them has the main sports feature columnist's space at the also-ran downtown tabloid. His real gig is making a buffoon of himself on a cable TV show where he gets to yell over the equally-stupid opinions of sports mediots from other cities. He has no opinion about any topic he isn't more than happy to contradict himself over -- just as long as he gets headlines for stating his latest outrageous position. His run-ins with various Sox personalities in the broadcast booth, the playing field, and the owners' box are legendary -- and no thinking Sox Fan can doubt for a minute this worm is enjoying every minute of it. We only wish the Sox were smart enough to ignore him. At least do what we do at WSI: ignore him except to point out how his newest opinions always contradict earlier opinions. We never use his name. He is simply the Windsock.

Sorry. No free publicity for you, Windsock, even though you spent this past week trying to rekindle your feud with Ozzie Guillen. Hawk Harrelson is a loose cannon. Maybe you ought to write something about him instead? We know you will...

The other troll is this guy on sportsblab radio that is nothing short of a complete embarrassment to his entire radio station. His current ratings are in the crapper, so it's no surprise he has become even more shrill in his on-air demeanor. In typical fashion, he asked A.J. Pierzynski a bunch of leading questions about sitting out the first game of the crosstown series to get some controversial quotes on his show. But next this ass really hit paydirt, taking a call from Ozzie Guillen who flattened him with some four-letter words we might use at WSI, but generally aren't uttered over the radio.

Mission accomplished for this ass. Now he gets the publicity he needs. Can his dismal ratings be helped? Perhaps, but he must know (as we at WSI know) that a far wider audience saw him get undressed by one of the national Fox TV commentators before the second game of the series. That's bad publicity. In fact getting bad publicity from Fox is truly the worst of the worst! The ass wasn't planning on that bit.

So what to make of what quite obviously is now the third big media troll who fully-revealed himself this past weekend? He is the main baseball feature columnist in the city and routinely gets his work syndicated for national distribution. He works where having a built-in conflict of interest has been a matter of public record for everyone with more brain power than ChicagoSports editor George Knue, who denies any bias at all.

More brains than George Knue? That's a lot of people.

This troll has spent the last seven months wringing his hands over the loss of such luminaries from the 2005 White Sox as Neal Cotts (0-1, 4.86 ERA), Brandon McCarthy (4-4, 5.82 ERA), Freddy Garcia (1-3, 4.86 ERA), Aaron Rowand (who yielded Jim Thome in-trade), and Orlando Hernandez (who yield Javier Vazquez). What's laughable is his lame attempts to describe the Sox' actions in this as "despicable" and the loss of a career 9 game winner as a "proven workhorse".

If you're going to be a first-class troll, it's better if your audience doesn't know your efforts are too amateurish to be anything more than silly hyperbole. My advice: work on it. See "Windsock" and "Ass" above.

Maybe the Sox could have brought back the entire 2005 Sox roster, but we Sox Fans know too well this same budding media troll would be the very first one to condemn the front office for not doing more. I mean, if Brandon McCarthy is to be trusted with starting every fifth day for a world championship contender, what does that say for this dope's credibility on the subject?

Two Sox losses to the Cubs had this guy throwing away the entire season. In typical hyperbolic overreach, he even declared the Cubs' rotation more upwardly mobile than the Sox' -- whatever the hell that means. If he meant the Cubs' rotation stands a greater chance of helping the club improve on last year's 96 losses, we tend to agree. 86 losses would be "upwardly mobile" enough for 10 games in the standings but still only good enough for last place.

As trolls go, this guy is mostly good for laughs.

It's a damned shame that we Sox Fans are stuck with this trio of dopes. the season isn't even a third over.

A damned shame indeed.

George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive. You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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