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Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

January Championships

by George Bova

Greetings, Sox Fans! Right now you probably think the 2006 season was a major disappointment, and you would certainly be right to feel that way, too. The 2005 Sox marched their way to the city's first baseball world championship in the lives of over four generations of Chicagoans, while the '06 Sox simply didn't deliver. Sox Fans always measure success strictly in the win column and the 2006 season was anything but successful after the championship glory of 2005.

What you might not know, unless you received the double-secret memo from the city's assorted sports mediots, is that the 2007 Sox are a disappointment, too. It's January and the championship is lost. Why even bother playing 162 games... to hear them tell it this January, the Sox are already done.

Like most championships lost, the collapse was most evident at the very beginning of the season. On January 1 the Sox were scattered across several dozen golf courses and other warm and pleasant locations, and the indifference of this bunch was quite evident after blowing a huge lead to Detroit and falling below .500. Too much watching college bowl games was the evident cause.

Things went from bad to worse that first week of the season, as the Sox kept driving their balls down the fairway (if not their watercraft down the causeway) and Detroit and Minnesota built larger and larger leads. The front office dithered and no roster help was forthcoming to help the beleaguered Sox suffering with too little sunscreen and just generally poor fishing conditions.

By January 10 the legions of Sox Fans were being told of ungodly consequences for the team's failures. One local baseball columnist (working for the newspaper division of the Sox' intra-city rival) repeated over and over and over again how Sox players currently under contract are certainly gone -- never mind how Paul Konerko was in a similar spot the January before the Sox won the whole damned thing but did get signed and now is the cornerstone for the franchise.

Has Phil Rogers ever heard of brinksmanship as a negotiation strategy? Didn't think so...

The Sox season was all over by January 14. Not only had the Sox lost the January championship, but Sox Fans were especially bitter at who had taken home all the winter glory: those Lovable Losers and the usual 3 millions idiots who believed beyond all belief -- perhaps because Phil Rogers told them to? -- that the rotation is set with the addition of career mediocrities Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis. January 14 was the most glorious celebration in the Nation of Cub-Dumb since a Chicago sportsblab radio newsman declared the Flubs the JULY champions of baseball after they acquired Nomar Garciaparra.

Oh, if only any of this silliness were true, the Chicago sports mediots would finally have a story worthy of the complete nonsense they've written of late. There are no January championships. And there is no Santa Claus either.

Sox Fans, never underestimate the level of stupidity that these professional sportswriters are capable of revealing about themselves over and over again. Never underestimate their ability to spin on a dime and reverse what they once said to be true, forgetting what they wrote last year, last month, or even last week contradicting their latest pontifications. (That's the Sun-Times feature sports columnist's specialty, thus his nickname, the Windsock.)

The 2006 White Sox were all but crowned world champions last winter for upgrading at DH (though the local media spent more time covering the cat fight between Kenny Williams and departed DH Frank Thomas), and upgrading the American League's best starting rotation (tell that to Minnesota and Detroit).

Baseball championships aren't won in January (or July) and no amount of sniveling whines (about the Sox) or ejaculatory spasms (about the Lovable Losers) offered by the local scribes about what the future supposedly holds can change this fact. And anyone who believes otherwise need only remember how warm and fuzzy these same numbskulls would have all us believe the Sox were just 12 months ago.

Baseball is played to win. Losing isn't lovable. And the 2007 Sox have a ticket with their destiny starting next April. These are all facts.

Stick around is my advice to my fellow Sox Fans. If Phil Rogers thinks the Cubs are set and the Sox are finished, I'm liking our chances more and more.

George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive. You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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