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WSI News - WSI Spotlight

Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

What a Run.

by George Bova

What a run. Never forget it. The fact it ended too quickly diminishes the significance of it not at all. In fact it actually makes the uniqueness of it all the more significant. Chicago has its first world champion baseball team in 88 years, and now it is gone.

I bet you think you'll live long enough to see another one, right? That's what Chicagoans were saying back in 1918, too.

The Bears went 22 years without a champion before 1985. The Bulls took 24 years to win their first world title. The Blackhawks are presently working through a 45 year drought. None of these can compare to the White Sox. 88 years is a longer time than a newborn baby can expect to live.

If you're a Sox Fan and you're reading this, Congratulations. You beat the odds!

Now that our championship club is gone, those around us want us to feel down. They are quick to assess what went wrong. They dismiss what went right in 2005 for causing the "collapse" (their word, not mine) in 2006. It has seriously been suggested by sportswriters and other mediots in this town that this year's pitching staff was worn out from pitching too many complete games in the 2005 playoffs. Gosh, if the Sox didn't win either the 2005 or 2006 title, would these same Monday morning quarterbacks tell us the Sox were wrong for not riding the Big Four of the starting rotation harder when they had the chance? You, me and every other Sox Fan knows damned well they would...

You can only take the opportunities as they present themselves. The 2005 White Sox did exactly what was needed to win the 2005 world championship. This past winter the White Sox front office did exactly what was needed to repeat as champions again in 2006. On paper the 2006 ballclub looked even stronger than the 2005 team that won 99 games! Plenty of these same mediots who now take shots at the team were the same ones noting this fact just last spring! So much for their credibility, eh?

Chicago is no longer a city for baseball mediocrity. That's the living and breathing legacy of the 2005 White Sox. It hasn't died. It's more alive than ever before! Sox Fans proudly wear the badge that we alone support the cause of WINNING baseball in Chicago. Nothing has changed since last October... or any other Chicago October for the last 88 years. Sox Fans support WINNERS. We're the only baseball fans in town who make this distinction. Be proud of it! After waiting 88 years, we all have the championship hardware to back it up.

It was just last October I wrote about what The Brave New World of Sox Fandom would look like. I never claimed to know what it all meant, nor did I dare venture a guess where it would all lead to. I simply noted we had all year to figure it out. The year has passed and I've learned a lot.

I've learned that we Sox Fans are only a minority in this town when we're supporting a losing ballclub. The casual baseball fans of this city came to Sox Park in record numbers this year. The stupidity of wasting their time elsewhere was finally revealed to all of them during last October's victory parade down Lasalle Street. Every single one of them must be welcomed with open arms. These people support WINNERS. What further credentials must they show but to come to Sox Park and support the Sox? Next year we want 3 million of them...

I've learned that the "true blue" Cubs fans are sick of losing and a tiny minority amongst the crowds of idiots filling the Urinal. Maybe they were born Cubs fans, or maybe they grew up in the shadow of their piss-soaked edifice to losing, or maybe their mothers dropped them on their heads when they were babies. This tiny minority of true believers support the Cubs through thick and thin... and of course all of them are idiots to do so. The honest ones in their number will even admit they're idiots.

I've learned the majority of "fans" attending baseball games in Chicago aren't fans of baseball at all. They're tourists looking for a good time, not unlike similar legions disembarking at the Las Vegas airport or walking New Orleans' French Quarter at Mardi Gras. Like the poor, the baseball tourists will always be with us in Chicago... or until the upper deck of the Urinal finally collapses onto the lower deck. Those nets the Cubune put up are no solution. These tourists are irrelevant to us Sox Fans, and merely a crutch for Cubs fans to talk brave and pretend they matter. They're experts at fooling themselves, aren't they?

I've learned that the real obsession of the stereotypical Sox Fan is finding dark clouds to darken their own state of mind... even if it means turning on their own. They prove over and over again that they wouldn't know a good time if it landed on their face and wiggled. I'm kind of sad to have learned it, too.

I've learned that Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen, and every single ballplayer who took the field or stepped to the plate wearing South Side pinstripes in 2005 deserves the undying respect and gratitude of EVERY FAN in the City of Chicago... but especially those who earn their paychecks writing and talking about them. I've learned that the mediots in this town never fail to prove what tiny appendages swing inside their shorts... and I'm being generous to suggest there is any "swing" at all. They don't understand the team, the city, or the sport. No wonder the Tribune and the Score employs so many of them.

We Sox Fans will never forget this 2005 team. We'll never disparage the memories they alone brought us. At least not those of us who can appreciate how long 88 years truly is.

Chicago is proud of the White Sox. Only the insufferable fools of this city aren't.

George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive. You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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