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Thank you, White Sox

by Dave Schmitt

Eighty eight years.

Eighty eight years of futility, of anguish, and of disappointment have been wiped away by a highly unlikely group of individuals. Who would have guessed that this team, this collection of players cast-off by other teams, would end the pain that Sox fans have been feeling since 1917. The pundits in the national media, the self proclaimed “experts”, picked this team to be a third or fourth place team in their own division, no one expected them to accomplish this. It is very gratifying to sit back and watch each and every one of them pour extra ketchup on their plate full of crow. This World Series speaks volumes about the idiocy of propellerheads like Joe Sheehan and his collection of geeks at Baseball Prospectus, I thank them for giving Sox fans something to laugh about this entire off season. Sox fans know that the game is played on a field with a bat and a ball, not in an office with a slide rule and a calculator.

The White Sox showed the world that you need no superstars to win, that you need a group of players that will swallow their ego and play fundamental team baseball. Kenny Williams took a calculated gamble on a starting pitching staff, trading for Jose Contreas last season and acquiring Orlando Hernandez in the off season to go along with Mark Buehrle, Freddy Garcia, and the perpetually disappointing Jon Garland, that gamble paid off for him ten fold. The Sox pitching staff went out and was the dominant staff of the AL all season long, with an assist from prospect Brandon McCarthy, when your fifth starter is an 18 game winner good things can only follow. Combine dominant starting pitching with a team that plays solid defense, and is willing to shun their stats to sacrifice a runner when needed and you have a blueprint for a winning team, add players that do little things like steal bases and take the extra base when they can, and you have the recipe for a championship winning team.

Kenny Williams has every right to call out all his critics over the last five years and tell each and every one of them to kiss his ass. He won’t do that, because he has too much class to do that, but he should. He took the mess that Ron Schueler, the guy that was hired to get to point “C”, left him, and in five short years finally got to point “C”. There is a World Championship trophy in the trophy case at Comiskey Park, and it is there because of him. Kenny has been quoted, more than once, that the fans on the Southside of Chicago deserve a winner, and he gave them that winner. My hat is off to him, he weathered all the criticism, he made the decisions he thought were the right decisions, and ignored those that disagreed, and in the end, he was right all along.

I get to eat a little crow myself, I’ll do it without ketchup though. Ozzie Guillen did exactly what I asked him to do, he proved me wrong. He proved he could manage this team, and do it so well his team dominated every team they faced in the post season. He made the call to bring Orlando Hernandez in the game in Boston with the bases loaded and no one out, and it was the right choice, I have never witnessed a more dominant half inning of pitching than I did right there, and it sealed a sweep of the Red Sox. It was his decision to let his starters go deep into the game in the series with the Angels, and he was right again, the Sox pitching staff delivered four consecutive complete game wins, a feat almost unheard of in this day and age of pitch counts and protecting pitchers. It was that accomplishment that proved to the world that the Sox rotation was something to be reckoned with. I will give him credit for outmanaging Phil Garner in the World Series, but to be honest, I think a bucket of rusty hammers could outmanage “Scrapiron”. Ozzie, thank you for proving me wrong, I’ll eat my crow and like it, now got out and prove me wrong again, I missed the parade downtown, but I won’t miss the one next year.

Words cannot describe the feelings I have right now after watching the team I have followed for thirty years finally grasp the Brass Ring, a feat that I sometimes wondered if I would ever see. Thank you uncle Jerry for steering me on the right course early, you took me to see the Sox at Old Comiskey and bitched about Bill Veeck trading away all his decent players, it’s a shame you couldn’t be around when they finally accomplished the goal, I did the next best thing, I wore your hat from 1977 for the final game of the World Series.

Hey Sox Fans!

Who do YOU dedicate this Sox championship to?
Post your sentiments to this thread
and see them published in a book dedicated to Sox Fans for the holidays!

White Sox Interactive is cooperating with an independent publisher to make the posts in this thread available as a book to become a lasting and personal keepsake of what made the 2005 Sox world championship so special. You can have your dedication published by merely adding your sentiments to this thread to be published later this fall.

And here is the best part: 100 percent of the revenue generated by White Sox Interactive is being donated to charity. Furthermore the publisher has pledged a portion of his receipts to the same cause, Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities, in conjunction with Children's Memorial Foundation and the Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

WSI is staffed 100 percent by Sox Fan volunteers. Here is your chance to join us in dedicating this extraordinary Sox baseball season to those most important in your life -- along with hundreds of your fellow Sox Fans -- and see the results help the worthy cause of cancer research here in Chicago.

And yes, the book will be available for sale in time for the holidays. No Sox Fan's sock can truly be filled without this book containing your words of dedication inside.

God Bless our Chicago White Sox and Thank You for helping make this dedication an extra special one!

-- George Bova
on behalf of the the volunteer staff of Sox Fans at White Sox Interactive

Be sure to contact all of your Sox Fan friends and acquaintances and invite them to post their dedication too, while this thread is still open!

Dave Schmitt is a life-long resident of the Joliet area, with the exception of two years spent being the only Sox fan in the hell hole known as Baytown Texas, where the trucks are large and the alligators are hungry. Plumber by trade, hunter by choice, and fisherman 'cause you can’t hunt year round. Married With Children, and four dogs that are confirmed Sox fans. The kids have less sense. You can send email to Daver at

More features from Dave Schmitt here!

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