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WSI News - WSI Spotlight

A World Series for Chicago

by George Bova

Not many people think much about baseball on Thanksgiving, especially in Chicago. In spite of having two major league teams, it's a city that rarely enjoys baseball in October and hasn't accomplished anything noteworthy in 46 years playing the game on the major league level on both sides of town. It's a fact that the national media now loves to repeat that Chicagoans have endured a combined 185 seasons of futility trying to win a baseball world championship, but that's misleading.

The fact is only one of Chicago's teams has really made it it's business to try and win. The other team has indoctrinated its fans into believing everything besides winning is what is important about baseball. The people who believe this, of course, are idiots. Ivy, scoreboards, rooftops, beer, blondes, and sunshine... they're passionate about everything except winning baseball.

In Chicago Sox Fans alone have never called their team "lovable losers." Sox Fans alone never shrugged their shoulders and quipped "I just love those Sox" after another defeat either. Sox Fans alone never pretended a curse was to blame for their lot in life to grouse after each loss. We knew it was bad players, bad management, and sometimes just plain bad luck that caused our grief. Babe Ruth, billygoats, and most of all Steve Bartman had nothing to do with it. Sox Fans are passionate about baseball because Sox Fans are passionate about winning. And that's what makes 2005 such a special time to be a Sox Fan, just like Thanksgiving Day was back in 1998. The winning passion of Sox Fans never fades!

It was another typical Thanksgiving evening back in 1998 filled with turkey and football except that the very first pages of White Sox Interactive were coded and launched, too. All five pages of it. Nearly seven years later it is now staffed by over twenty passionate Sox Fan volunteers and hosts a message board community of over 6,000 registered users from around the country, and around the world too, who crowd in shoulder-to-shoulder to share their baseball passion by the hundreds both day and night. And it was all born on the high holiday of American football.

Could anything like this ever be conceived by fans of the Lovable Losers? Don't make us Sox Fans laugh.

I started writing this column back in 1997, a space that is older than the White Sox Interactive website itself. Back then it was known as 80 Years and Waiting. I would change the title every September, always adding an extra year because the next chance for ultimate victory most definitely laid a full year away. You see when you're a Sox Fan the goal isn't to merely win the championship, it's to persevere and win the championship, too. Generations of Sox Fans have lived and died chasing this dream, for like us they never found solace proclaiming losing lovable or pretending anything besides winning was important. We Sox Fans of today carry their hopes inside us. And now we cast our entire lot with the brave group of ballplayers that constitute Chicago's first league champions in over two generations. No fan base in America appreciates more what these heroes must overcome. After all, we're the ones who've attended the funerals of our loved ones. 88 years is a very long time indeed... it stretches man's endurance to the limit.

Thus there is truth in what humorist Jean Shepherd once said. Sox Fans truly are the bravest in the world, for only we have known and lived with death every day of our lives -- and it holds no terror for us now. Win or lose, we'll march on and see it through precisely because nothing else matters. It's all about winning and it always has been, for all of us supporting these White Sox.

Nothing would make me happier than to shed this silly column title and give it a name fitting what generations of Sox Fans, both dead and alive, ever only wanted: To be a winner. We may be only a week away from changing this column's title in a manner the Ancients themselves understood too well.

It was the Ancient Greeks who told the sad tale of Sisyphus, condemned to toil forever in complete futility rolling a huge stone up a steep mountain -- only to watch it roll back down every time. Sox Fans are kindred spirits to Sisyphus for nobody -- certainly not in Chicago or Boston -- has ever toiled longer or harder in complete anonymity futilely rolling that stone up the hill. But 2005 might just be different.

When we Sox Fans win it all, we'll toss that stone onto its side at the mountain's summit. And upon it we'll build the world's finest monument, not to ourselves but to all the hopes and dreams of the dead Sox Fans we still carry inside us. We'll dedicate it to them. And we'll dedicate it to Chicagoans who finally woke up to realize baseball is played to win. You're welcome to join we Sox Fans in the only quest worthy of your time and passion. And we'll dedicate it to Sisyphus, too, the world's very first Sox Fan.

Let's Go Go Go Go White Sox, Chicago is proud of you! And so are some Ancient Greeks, too.

Let's Go Go Go White Sox! Chicago's Proud of You!

Let's Go Go Go White Sox
By Captain Stubby And The Buccaneers (1959)

White Sox
White Sox
Go Go White Sox

Let's Go Go Go White Sox
We're With You All The Way

You're Always In There Fighting And You Do Your Best
We're Glad To Have You Out Here In The Middle West

We're Gonna Root Root Root Root White Sox
And Cheer You On To Victory

When We're In The Stands We'll Make Those Rafters Ring
All Through The Season You Will Here Us Sing

Let's Go Go Go White Sox
Chicago's Proud Of You

(Musical Interlude)

White Sox
White Sox
Go Go White Sox

Root Root Root For The White Sox
We'll Cheer You On To Victory

When We're In The Stands We'll Make Those Rafters Ring
All Through The Season You Will Here Us Sing

Let's Go Go Go White Sox

Chicago's Proud Of You

White Sox
White Sox
Go Go White Sox

Let's Go Go Go White Sox
Chicago Is Proud Of You

George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive. You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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