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Kansas City Blues

Sox Psalms!
by Patrick Ferrini

You may be a Sox Fan if...

Patrick Ferrini

If you're from Chicago, you might be a White Sox fan if... spell "clue" K-L-U. hate Hunter Wendlestedt turn off your cell phone before a baseball game.'ve worked a day in your life. think Jon Rooney should be in the Hall-of-Fame.

...losers aren't lovable.

...Nellie Fox is the greatest second baseman of all-time.

...a home run hit barely past Torii Hunter causes you to break a sweat.

...your team has the best record in baseball. think Wrigleyville should just be annexed by Iowa and Wisconsin. hate sportswriters. love Dan McNeil. prefer a park that doesn't smell like urinal and pose a lifethreatening risk everytime you buy a ticket. miss McCuddy's. need only one pre-game bar and it happens to be in the bullpen. prefer tailgating. hate the Twins, Tigers, Indians, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Reds, Giants, Blue Jays, A's, and Cubs. are skeptical about everything.

...Ozzieball/Smartball/Smallball is exactly what you've been screaming at the Sox to do for the last decade. refuse to buy the Tribune out of principle.

...Steve Bartman is a personal hero. still hope the Sox will bring back Robin Ventura. know who Brooks Boyer is.'ve signed a petition to have Mariotti banished from Chicago permanently. love Nancy Faust.

...Carlton has nothing to do with "Fresh Prince." Fisk should be remembered as a WHITE Sock. remember Falstaff.

..."Disco sucks" chants still bring chills down your spine.

...even a 10 game lead in the division makes you nervous. In fact, it makes you more so.

..."Hitmen" has nothing to do with the mob. can recite the entire lyrics from "Go Go White Sox." appreciate the work of "The Sodfather." know who the band Steam is. can remember a time when professional baseball players wore shorts and collars. don't give a crap about Ron Santo. miss Dave Wills. (NNNNEEEXXXTTTT BOOM!)

..."Winning Ugly" is not an insult. don't bother with the All-Star game (i.e. the Red Sox & Yankees v. National League game). love Ozzie's antics and hate when the media tries to play up every little quirk as the end of the Sox season. think Shoeless Joe has gotten a raw deal. Hey, no one ever found him guilty! still love Harold Baines. know and love Beltin' Bill Melton.

...the devil wears blue.

A Case for Joe Crede

You either love him or hate him. You either are enamored by his marvelous glove at third or you are counting the days until he is nothing more than a White Sox trivia question. Well White Sox faithful, hear is a case for Joe Crede remaining on the South Side for at least the rest of this season.

So he's batting .239 with ten home runs and thirty-one driven in. But he's only 27 and throws some nasty leather at the hot corner. And he's only making $400,000 and isn't exactly cutting into Uncle Jerry's wallet. While this all seems well and good – though many would argue its sub-mediocre – its what he WILL do for the rest of this season that’s in the White Sox favor.

Look at Joe's production, by month, this season:

April .304 2HR 9RBI

May .155 3HR 9RBI

June .269 5HR 13RBI

So we can make the case that Joe has had a slight up-tick in production this past month but is this something we can expect for him to maintain or improve upon? Well, no and then yes. Joe has historically had three bad months and five good months in a given season. He generally hits poorly in April (.231), May(.197), has a decent June(.286), and hits poorly again in July (.215).

Joe's best months of the year have always been June, August, and September. Furthermore his production before and after the All-Star break contrast greatly as you would expect because of this.

Last three years, average per season:

Pre All-Star Game .233 7HR 26RBI

Post All-Star Game .277 11HR 34RBI

So should the Pale Hose Faithful be as content as the Sox front office seemingly is? Well, we can assume that we have already put up with two out of three of Crede's poorer months and should be expecting better things out of Mr. Crede from here on out. At this point, its not a stretch by any means to project Crede to hit about .260, 25HR, and 70RBI. Not bad for a slick-fielding, economical, #8 hitter. If only it weren't for Scott Boras.

Random Anger from an Obsessive White Sox Fan

Why do we have to hear about attendance in every single article written about the Sox? Okay, the Cubs draw more drunken morons than we do. We get it for the 10 millionth time. I'll take the intelligent baseball fans the Sox draw any day. Its getting out of control the way the sports media feel obligated to remind us every single game that the Sox drew "a mere 25,000 fans for a Sox winner." Shut up and cover the game like you're paid to, which brings me to...

Dear Vince Vaughn, loved Dodgeball but that’s not getting you off the hook. When you claim to be a lifelong Cubs fan and actually sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the Urinal, don't come to the South Side and tout you're dual allegiance. Its insulting and everyone knows better...

Hey Jeff Brantley, the next time you decide to criticize the White Sox and continue to tell the baseball world that we're still not good make sure you get the players names right. Here's hint #1: our number two starter is NOT named Freddy Guzman. Hint #2: Who the heck is Chad Hermanson?...

Does it annoy anyone else when a pitcher tries a pick-off move on Paul Konerko or AJ Pierzynski?...

Go Sox!

Pat Ferrini has been a White Sox fan since his father hung a Winning Ugly poster in his cradle has continued to follow every game possible since then. After his obsession with the White Sox, his passion is watching the Cubs lose and collapse and credits Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS as one of the greatest moments in modern history. He lives in Northwest Indiana and attends DePauw University.

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