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Kansas City Blues

Sox Psalms!
by Patrick Ferrini

Day in the Life

Patrick Ferrini

A Day In The Life... of a Sox Fan

The alarm starts buzzing around 6:30. Man, you don't want to go to work today, but its not that bad Ė you have tickets to the Sox game tonight. You've been waiting all week for this game.

You head off to work. The game is in only eleven hours and fifty-four minutes, you need to check who is starting for Kansas City and see how he matches up against the Sox. Good news, Buehrle is pitching today; you will have a good chance at seeing a Sox winner and it may only take you an hour and forty-five minutes.

It gets around time to pick up the guys and the lady for the game, so you pack up the barbeque set and head out. You arrive an hour and a half early and begin the roast. Brats, burgers, and beer... a Meal of Kings. Steam's "NaNaHeyHey" can be heard in the distance alongside the sound of one hundred plus cars playing the pre-game radio broadcast in unison. The sounds and smell of baseball; life is good.

The serenity is broken as you get into an argument with the girlfriend about the relevance of OBP as a baseball stat. She wins for three reasons: one, she's your girlfriend. Two, she's winning your fantasy Yahoo! league and thereby making her the authority at least for this week (the b**** picked up Khalil Greene and Brian Roberts, who would have thought?). And three, she's your girlfriend.

You make it to your seats in time to see the intro on the scoreboard. The chills run down your spine as Thunderstruck plays with the video tribute featuring the greatest moments in Sox history playing.

The game flies by until the 6th when Mike Sweeney hits a home run to your seats. You don't worry, the score is still 3-2 Sox. So you decide to hand the ball to the small kid sitting in front of you with the oversized Thomas jersey dragging on the ground and hat hanging over his eyes. You just made a lifelong Sox fan out of him.

The Sox open up a 5-2 lead going into the 8th off a Iguchi double knocking in Crede and Podsednik when a fight breaks out nearby. It seems some jerk has drank too much and is starting another fight. You stand and watch; its entertaining but he's still a jerk. Oh, go figure, he's wearing a Sosa jersey. The jerk is in the wrong park evidently.

The game ends on a great 3-2 heater high from Politte getting Angel Berroa to strikeout swinging. Great game, big win, and we're now six and half games above the Twins in early September. Things are looking very good this year, Ozzie is will be the next Ditka in Chicago if he call pull something like this off.

Time to head to Ricobene's for that great breaded-steak sandwich and then home with a W. You may still have work tomorrow but at least you caught a White Sox winner.

A Day in the Life of... a Cubs Fan

You roll off the park bench about... wait, what time is it? Your watch says 11:45... must be an early start for you today. As you wipe the dry vomit from your mouth it occurs to you that you have tickets to Wrigley tonight. Excellent, but whose playing again? Thatís right, the Bears and St Louis. Wait, I mean, Cubs. The Cubbies are playing the Rams.

You stumble back to your apartment across Wrigleyville. Maybe you should look for a job before the game today... nah, the trust fund won't run dry until you're at least 35; you have plenty of time to get a job. After all, you didn't move here from Iowa to get a job.

Like all true Cubs fans, after about two o'clock its time to take your 5-Series and head to the bars to get ready for the game at seven. You head to the Cubbie Bear with your "girlfriend." You love the fruity taste of Bacardi O, don't you? Beer? The bartender asked you for a beer? Forget beer, you've always been afraid that beer will go straight to your hips.

Well, its about 7:30 and its time to head to the game. Luckily you remembered to purchase your $70-a-piece bleacher tickets from the "Official Ticket Broker of the Chicago Cubs." Oh, they changed the Rams to the Cardinals, huh. Isn't there a Cardinal team in Phoenix though? Never mind, youíre a REAL fan today because you're sitting in the bleachers! Don't you feel special?

You miss the next four innings because you're waiting in line at the bathroom. Too many Bacardi Os evidently. Its not a big deal; Wood got hurt before you even made it to the game. But when he comes back in 6-8 weeks you're sure to make up that 14 game deficit. Go Cubbies, right? It must be true because, after-all, aren't those "We Got Wood" shirts so clever? You all still get a hearty laugh from that old joke, it never seems to get old.

At least you make it back to your seat for the 7th inning stretch. Whose the "celebrity" today? Oh, its that guy that really isn't that funny from that movie about the Red Sox. Now that is tradition you have on the North Side.

Albert Pujols hits a homer to your seats in the 8th inning. What luck! You've only caught an inning and a half and you get a home run hit to you when you're there. You get the ball after tearing it away from a child next to you. The camera is probably on you so you better call home on your cell phone to tell your family. Of course you know its always hard to hear when everyone in the bleacher section around you are on their cell phones too but who cares, thatís what going to a baseball game is about isn't it?

But you almost forgot the fundamental rule of a Cub fan. Mustering all of your strength, you whip it back onto the field clearing the fence by about a half a foot. You had to, right!? Thatís what "Rookie of the Year" taught you and thatís where you learned everything you know about baseball.

After the home run, you decide to leave since its now 12-0. Don't worry though, its only September and when Wood, Prior, Garciaparra, Walker, Borowski, and Zambrano (with that wicked tennis elbow from the computer) all get back to 100% you'll make a run at those Blues! Err, Cardinals.

At least you have Derek Lee who is hitting extremely well... hang on, wasn't there a Derek Lee from the NLCS in 2003 that drove in the tying run that killed us? Nah, you Cubs fans wouldn't be THAT dumb to fall in love with someone who should be one of the greatest Cub villains in the past half-century; it was Bartman's fault after all.

At least the Cubs sold out Wrigley tonight, the Tribune company is sure to have to spend the money to put a decent team on the field next year... wait... .

Pat Ferrini has been a White Sox fan since his father hung a Winning Ugly poster in his cradle has continued to follow every game possible since then. After his obsession with the White Sox, his passion is watching the Cubs lose and collapse and credits Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS as one of the greatest moments in modern history. He lives in Northwest Indiana and attends DePauw University.

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