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Kansas City Blues

Sox Psalms!
by Patrick Ferrini

Experts reveal Ignorance!

Patrick Ferrini

While we all have those downtimes when we happen to check for the scores around the league, not to mention if ANYONE has taken notice that our beloved White Sox are looking like they may sustain the start that the critics had written off as an aberration, on this particular occasion I stumbled across something of interest. has occasional "chats" where you can ask one of their so-called "experts" any particular question about any team in the league. This is normally a great opportunity to hear New Yorkers complain about how Arod has yet to hit 70 home runs and get you caught up on all things Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox (which is why I normally avoid these things).

This time my wandering eye came across something profound… an insight into the ignorance of the media. I submit to you, humble White Sox loyalist, the smoking gun:

Paul (Chicago): Rob, if the Yankees are off to the start the White Sox are, all we will hear is how they can't be stopped from going to the WS. If Billy Beane makes the same moves as Kenny Williams with these results, Billy's hailed a genius. All I hear is people like Kruk and Brantley ripping the White Sox, saying they won't win the division. What does it take for the Sox of the Midwest to get some national respect?

Rob Neyer: Oh, those poor, poor White Sox from the third-largest city in North America; oh, how my heart does weep for them. Look, the White Sox wear ugly uniforms in an ugly ballpark with an ugly name, and the truth is that it's just not easy to like them. Are they for real? Twenty-five wins on May 12 don't lie, and at the moment I'd give them roughly a 40 percent chance of reaching the postseason, because they have to compete with not only the Twins, but also maybe the Red Sox and/or Yankees and/or Orioles. Two of those teams will not reach the postseason, and I think the White Sox are one of the two least-talented teams in the group.

There are not enough expletives in the English-language to describe this. So we're simply the ignorant fans that cheer for the team with the ugly everything? The White Sox name is as old as the American League! How can it be any worst than the Red Sox that you so adore? Where is the respect for tradition? Should we cheer based on a team a "cool name" like the Diamondbacks or Devil Rays?!

Have you actually been to the Cell lately? Its immaculate! I hated the BallMall when it was first built but the money Reinsdorf and US Cellular have put into this building has made it one of the finest parks in baseball. Unlike the Urinal across town, this place is truly built for families to enjoy. You can thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Cell whether you have children or want to go to the Bullpen Sports Bar.

How is it hard to like this team? A team that plays the game the way it was meant to be. A team that cares about winning. A team with the energy, the grit, and the passion for the sport that makes any fan proud. The management and coaching, from Kenny down, is almost entirely former White Sox (with the exception of Coop) making it even more enjoyable to cheer for in our age where loyalty is spelled with a $.

So we only have a 40% chance of even making the playoffs? We have played sound ball from the beginning of the season… we have strong starting and relief pitching…. we're outstanding in one-run ballgames…. we are a very above-average defensive team…. and we have a strong clubhouse atmosphere. I'm not saying we're going to win, anything can happen, but if I were an analyst with the facts in front of me I'd say its hard to argue that the Sox shouldn't make the playoffs (barring any meltdowns that are unforeseeable and unpredictable to anyone, even Rob Neyer).

I guess I should expect no less… even in a time like this when we, the White Sox and White Sox fans alike, should be getting the most respect, we still are given nothing.

Paul from Chicago, you were right. And Rob Neyer proved it to you.

On the Flip Side

If you have the opportunity, check out the article by Chuck Culpepper of about the Sox (make sure you check for White Sox, this is a newspaper out of New York). It is a profound piece about the Sox and Sox fans from an outsider's point of view… and for once someone in the media seems to have gotten it right about being a Sox fan and our tradition.


And finally…. the next time an "expert" or Cubune writer or maybe just your alcoholic Cub neighbor tries to pull the "at least we're getting more fans than you… you're in first place an no one even shows up to the Cell"-card on you, take this little fact to heart – the Sox have drawn 1,000 more fans per game prior to the Orioles series (which will drive this up significantly higher, and no, its not all about Sammy). At the same time, the Cubs are drawing more than 1,000 LESS fans per game and it is beginning to freefall. While the averages are still not comparable (well, yet), remember that the Sox have played Kansas City, Cleveland and Detroit at home for 67% of those games (Seattle and Minnesota accounted for the other 33%). Not too bad considering you can expect the Sox to start to average crowds of 30,000+ between Labor Day and Memorial Day (and maybe beyond this year, knock on wood). Maybe John Kruk is just an idiot (maybe?! certainly) and White Sox fans ARE showing up to support their team.

Go Sox!

Pat Ferrini has been a White Sox fan since his father hung a Winning Ugly poster in his cradle has continued to follow every game possible since then. After his obsession with the White Sox, his passion is watching the Cubs lose and collapse and credits Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS as one of the greatest moments in modern history. He lives in Northwest Indiana and attends DePauw University.

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