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Magglio, Just Shut up!

by SoxSince'70

If I didn't know any better,I would think I just witnessed Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan having one of their weekly arguments on "Desperate Housewives". You know the kind; "I saw him first". "No, I did." No, you're wrong, I did".
We've all seen the headlines by now, right??
"Maggs rips Ozzie", "Ozzie vs. Maggs", "Round 2".
Here's a novel concept, brought to you by ESPN radio idiots Mike and Mike:
It was a selfish gesture for "Gaggli-D'oh!" to rip his former manager, citing him as an "enemy" and reiterating that Ozzie's apology would not be accepted.
I wish I had enemies that would go to my boss and insist that I get a promotion, as Guillen did in 1997 when "Gaggs" was toiling in the minors. There are some who might say "Gaggs" would not have gotten a chance if Ozzie didn't tell former Sox GM Ron Schueler that he'd be missing the boat if he didn't promote Ordonez to the bigs during the 1997 September call ups.
But Gaggs picked the wrong guy to mess with by going after his former manager. All Sox fans knew when Ozzie Guillen was named field manager in December of 2003 what they were getting; an "old school" former player who would tell you what he thinks, whether you like it or not. To mess with Ozzie Guillen is the equivalent of crossing Al Pacino's "Scarface" alter ego, Tony Montegna. Ozzie isn't afraid to litter his language with obscenities, just like Tony. When Guillen went on the record asking "Who the (bleep) is Magglio Ordonez", Sox fans rolled on the floor in laughter. This is Ozzie Guillen, warts and all. Take him or leave him.
Sometimes, when he argues with an ump, I almost expect Ozzie to go right into "say hello to my little friend". Guillen did give me an excellent birthday present last June 12th.That night, he earned his first ejection (as a manager) while arguing the tight strike zone given to former Sox pitcher Esteban Loaiza. The "slugging" Sox beat the Braves 10-7 that night.
Guillen went on the record after Gaggs injured his knee last year by saying "he (Ordonez) should have taken the deal while it was on the table". By that,
Guillen was referring to a 5 year deal worth 60-72 million dollars. Some (or much, depending on who you talk to) of that money would be deferred. Ordonez scoffed. He would defer nothing. He wanted guaranteed cash. So, the Sox tried to trade him before the 2004 campaign. Might as well get some players of value for him. The trade backfired when PayWad (A-Rod) went to the Yankmees and No-Mah stayed with the Blow Sawx (until July, when he was dealt the ultimate death knell to a Pale Hose fan; he was dealt to the sCrUBS).
After his season ending knee injury, Ordonez went into action, firing his agent Tom Reich and replacing him with the equivalent of a sports agent anti-Christ, Scott Dumb-ass (I mean Boras). Ordonez figured he'd get the ultimate deal from Boras. Maybe the Yankmees would be dumb enough to invest. Never mind the fact that you went out of the country to have a procedure performed on your defective knee. Never mind that you and Dumb-ass would show no x -rays to anyone. Never mind that viewing a personal workout was out of the question. The only bidders were the Tigers, and Boras bit. Now, Ordonez is angry because a myriad of injuries has caught up to him since the operation. He can't play the field, let alone swing a bat. So, he figures his only recourse is to start a war of words with the man who insisted Ordonez come up to the big leagues in 1997.
Like Ozzie said, "He (bleeped) with the wrong guy".

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