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Anything Can Happen!

by Sox Since '70

If it happens once, it can happen several times.
Someone will ask if I'm a baseball fan.  When I tell them i'm a Sox fan, the party (or parties) in question will look at me as if I have Bubonic Plague.
I can read their minds; "The Sox suck." To which I normally reply, "I wouldn't be caught dead in that Urinal Shrine on the North Side. You people just don't care.  Win or lose, you'll be there to drink the crappy beer, look at the 'pretty ladies' and pay homage to Harry".
Yeah, I'm an angry Sox fan.  Is there any other kind??  Going 88 years without a championship tends to make anyone short in the temperment department.  And any Sox fan knows that you could put 25 beanie babies on the field and the lemmings on the North Side will pledge blind devotion to a team once dubbed "the lovable losers".  Sox fans will tell you this much;  losing isn't lovable.Losing is discouraged on the South Side, not encouraged.
So the question becomes this: why am I a White Sox fan??  I'll do my best to give you some of my reasons.
I am a Sox fan because they are the ultimate underdog.  They will always be # 2  in a 2 team town.  The odds of them drawing 3 million plus fans is a dream at best.  Reinsdorf and his investors have angered one too many people, and the '94 strike hurt this team more than any other in baseball.  Bad PR moves by Rob Gallas don't help either.  The current PR man, Brooks Boyer, is a breath of fresh air to Sox fans.  Boyer knows how to adopt to change  .If something doesn't work, it may change.  With Gallas, if you didn't like it, tough." The Lovable Losers" draw tourists by the thousands.  You'll rarely hear someone from out of town say "hey, gotta go to Chicago and catch a Sox game".  Sox Park is not a tourist trap.  It's a place to go and enjoy 9 innings of baseball and pray the home team
comes out on top.  It's a place where kids can run the bases 6 or 7 times a year, and a place where cell phone users (during innings) are discouraged. And please,
don't start "the wave".  Most Sox fans I know hate "the wave".  They'd like to pay attention to what's happening on the field.
I am a Sox fan because the team, to me, epitomizes the blue collar  work ethic of Chicago.  Work hard, play hard, leave everything on the field, give it all
you've got and don't quit.  I can say that the Sox do all of these most of the time.  The only exception is quitting.  I've seen a few Sox teams quit on the fans.
They quickly learn that the boos will cascade down from the rafters once they're found out.  Baseball is a passion to most Sox fans (including myself).  We really do care whether you win or lose.  And not retaliating against punks like Torii Hunter is unacceptable.  When he bowled over Jamie Burke last July, knocking Burke unconscious, Sox fans knew the team had to take a stand.  A little retaliation was in order.  Nothing happened the next time that punk Hunter stepped in the batter's box.  I dare him to try that kind of crap with AJ Pierzynski.  Good luck staying conscious when you hit that brick wall.
Lastly, I am a Sox fan because they play their games at night.  My dad would come home from work in the early seventies and turn on channel 32 or 44 after dinner.  Yes Sox fans, there was life before "On TV", "SportsVision" and "Sportschannel".  The games always started after 8:00 .I went to sleep many a night listening to Harry Caray describe the action on the field. I even laughed at some of his painful jokes.  If the Sox were in Kansas City on a hot night, he might say "it's so hot out there, our third baseman's Melton".  My favorite, when he surmised an outfield of Carlos May, Walt Williams and a rookie in right field;
"We've got no thumb in left, 'no neck' in center and no clue in right".  If I was lucky, I'd wake up before the postgame show was over and Harry would tell me whether the Sox won or lost. Hint: there were more 'unhappy totals' then 'happy totals'.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.  I know I'm not alone.  My board name (Sox Since '70) tells it all.  The Sox have driven me crazy since 1970.I wouldn't want it any other way.  

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Go Sox!

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