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Harris Whines!

filed by George Bova

January 27,2005

With the signing of Japanese free agent Tadahito Iguchi, Sox Fandom relishes the notion of having two top-flight table setters to jumpstart the top of the Sox line up.  But wait!  All is not well inside the Sox clubhouse!  Drat, what now???

Willie Harris has competition for his everyday second base job and he isn't happy... sort of.  It's not clear what Willie is upset about except he is pouring his guts out publicly through a johnny-on-the-spot Sox beat reporter.

And who is it on the other end of the phone line listening to and taking notes about all of the disjointed whines of Willie Harris?  Why it's the same serpent who specializes in spotlighting the most foolhardy of ballplayers, offering up extra column-inches like a hangman offers up extra lengths of rope.  Glad to know he has found at least one other Sox ballplayer besides Frank Thomas too dumb not to know when to keep his mouth shut.  He is just a friendly beat reporter, right?  Yeah, sure...

Harris's litany of beefs reads like a stream of consciousness thoughts.  With Iguchi's salary, Willie states "they aren't going to pay him that type of money to sit," then contradicts himself saying "hopefully they don't just hand him anything."  Clear as mud this bit of sports journalism.

Willie claim he's a "grown man" and is "used to it" with the Sox looking to replace him, and defiantly declares "I'm not backing down from him."  Okay... so Sox Fans are left to square these assertions with others quoted: 

"I don't know how to take it."
"If they don't have plans for me, why not go ahead and get rid of me."
"I'm upset because it does say, 'They don't believe in you, Willie.'"

Hey Willie, here's some friendly advice.  Start believing in yourself if you want others to feel the same about you.

Sox Fans, what exactly does this report about Willie Harris tell us?  Not much, except the following.

1. Many ballplayers have very sensitive egos.

2. Many sportswriters exercise no discretion in dealing with these egos, the better to make a name for themselves.

3. Many ballplayers are very naive, if not downright foolish, dealing with many of these sportswriters.

Willie Harris has made lots of trouble for himself.  Unfortunately he now has more than just himself to blame.

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