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Top Questions for
Jerry Reinsdorf

by George Bova

The Arizona Diamondbacks victory in the 2001 World Series is of special interest to Sox Fans.  Their owner, Jerry Colangelo, is a local product.  Raised in south suburban Chicago Heights and a graduate of Bloom Township High School, Colangelo's Diamondbacks have shown the rest of the baseball world what is possible when everybody in the organization is 100 percent focused on winning a world championship--starting with guy at the very top.  Arizona accomplished the feat in just their fourth season in the league.

By contrast, White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf just completed his 21st season without a ring.  The best team he ever fielded, the ill-fated 1994 squad, was sacrificed so the team chairman could pursue a labor victory rather than a baseball one.  As I recall, he lost that fight, too.  Typical.

The only thing separating Jerry Reinsdorf from the collection of losers and misfits running all the other sports franchises in Chicago is the incredible talent of one individual:  Michael Jordan.  Reinsdorf didn't draft Jordan; he inherited him when he and his partners bought the Bulls.  

Let's face it, Sox Fans.  Jerry Reinsdorf has never delivered the key ingredients to a winner.  He is the very definition of a loser--always searching for his next excuse.  Colangelo's quick success only underscores the point.

The fans are too cheap, the ballpark too empty, the location ill-suited, the price of talent too steep, blah, blah, blah.  We've heard it for years.  None of these  excuses stopped a four year old franchise from reaching for the ultimate prize, did it?

Oh yes, Reinsdorf is a uniquely Chicago sort of loser.  Believing his latest excuse only encourages him to offer another one--just like all his predecessors.  85 years of this nonsense...

This crap might work on the North Side, where legions of moronic fans count back-to-back seasons over .500 as a major accomplishment.  We Sox Fans aren't that dumb.

So given the events of the 2001 World Series, here is a dozen questions Sox Fans have for club chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

1.) How embarrassed is Reinsdorf to be revealed a fraud by Jerry Colangelo?

2.) What part of a championship-caliber roster will Reinsdorf skimp on to ensure  there is no championship for Sox Fans in 2002?

3.) How much longer can Reinsdorf string along his ever-shrinking base of fans?

4.) How much more of a rent concession would it take from the State of Illinois before Reinsdorf would agree to stop decreasing the number of ticket discounts to attract fans to the ballpark?

5.) How much longer will it be before the state's politicians simply shrug their shoulders with indifference when Reinsdorf attempts future extortion?

6.) How many more corporations will pay the freight for promoting increased attendance (like Pepsi's half-priced Tuesdays) while Reinsdorf's sits back raising ticket prices and parking fees?

7.) How many more businesses must decline offers to renew their season tickets before Reinsdorf realizes the employees and clients of these firms simply have no reason to give a damn about his team anymore?

8.) How much longer before Reinsdorf realizes the Sox marketing efforts are in need of a complete overhaul--starting with the removal of Rob Gallas?

9.) How long after Reinsdorf fires Gallas will it take for the ex-senior vice-president of marketing and broadcasting to go public with stories detailing how Reinsdorf tied his hands?

10.) How much longer before Jerry Reinsdorf finally sells this team?

11.) How long after Reinsdorf is gone before stories are leaked to the media by front office staffers revealing the truth about life inside the departed chairman's gulag?

12.) Can this franchise possibly survive Reinsdorf's incompetence and mismanagement?

George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive.  You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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Top Questions for Jerry Reinsdorf?
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