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An open letter to Fox

by Sox Fan Doug Samuel

An open letter to the Programming Director of the FOX network:

Could you please put the World Series back on the air? I have checked my handy baseball schedule and consulted my TV Guide and they are both telling me that there should have been a World Series game on these past two nights. I turned on my local Fox affiliate, at 8:00 pm EST on both nights and yet I never saw a World Series game.  I even tried the Fox Family Channel thinking that maybe the entire Major League playoffs had been substituted for re-runs of Scooby-Doo, but all I found there were the same kids and a dog driving around in that green mystery machine.

I looked through all the stations on my television and the only thing I could find that would satisfy my hunger for baseball was that silly mini-series you have been airing the past two nights. I will give you credit though, made for TV movies usually are not able to hold my attention but I did watch the two parts that were aired on Wednesday and Thursday. This movie was very well done, all the way down to 55,000 screaming fans (must have taken a lot of extras to film that scene) in what is an exceptional mock-up of Yankee Stadium. Even the actors who were performing the roles of the actual players had an uncanny resemblance for the real members of the Diamondbacks and Yankees.

However, no matter how well the actors were able to carry off their roles and no matter how much the movie looked and felt like a real game, I knew it could not be real. Certainly there were details that made it surprisingly lifelike, all the way down to the commercials interspersed between the ‘half-innings.’ The only reason I knew it was a movie and not the real game was the ending. No offense to the writers you had working on this project, but they just don’t know baseball. If they knew baseball they would know that nobody really hits a homer in the bottom of the ninth with two outs.

“World Series at Yankee Stadium, two outs, bottom of the ninth, runner on second, down by two….” Yes of course every little boy dreams this scenario when he is standing in his backyard with a wiffleball bat in his hands, but come on, its not real, it does not happen in real life. Most certainly though, this can not happen in two consecutive nights in two consecutive games. What kind of idiots do you take your viewers for? Are we that caught up in the bad, bad real world of Anthrax and Osama that we need a double-dose of this cheese?

You know though, the idea itself would make for a decent, sappy, TV mini-series drama, at least if it is done the right way. But these same writers obviously forgot the lessons learned in literature class as well. Sure, they may have the cast of characters correct, but they have it all backwards, you see. In one corner we have the mighty and powerful warrior, battle-tested and armed with the best weaponry money can buy. In the other, we have the heroic young warrior armed with the naivete and innocence that comes from not yet having faced battle. But don’t you know you produced it backwards? The writers had the storyline moving so well, with the young warrior giving all his strength and courage and battering the old warrior within and inch of his life and defending all his offensive blows. If you looked at the old warrior you could see his frustration; you saw that maybe this time he had found a worthier adversary. Until right at the brink of death, this old warrior leaps to his feet and strikes a mortal wound right into heart of our young hero. Only the story does not stop there, instead of allowing this deathblow to seal the fate of the young warrior, we must watch in agony as the fight continues in a battle we all know the novice cannot win. Yet we are compelled to sit and watch anyway, as every last attempt by this dying young warrior to stave off his inevitable demise is defended with a remarkable maneuver by the crafty veteran of battle.

What precedent in the history of literature gives these writers license to cast this ending upon us? Did not David sling the stone at the mighty Philistine Goliath and slay him? We are lucky these writers were not responsible for that tale, as instead we would have seen Goliath raise a shield and the last instant to deflect the stone and then proceed to crush the young David with all his might. Would this be a happy story to tell our children?

What would be the lesson taken away from a story with such a gruesome and horrific ending? That it is good to be the old warrior or good to be Goliath? That one should never challenge for things they really want and dream for in life? That the same people always win and the rest of us should just sit idly by and accept it? Well, these are not lessons that I have learned and this is not something I will accept. I applaud you for showing this made-for-TV movie series at the late hours you have. I’m sure that good parents already had their children in bed long before the ending of these movies that stretched into the AM hours. We can take comfort from this fact, that another generations of youngsters did not have their hopes and dreams of seeing their favorite warrior finally win a battle, shaken and shattered by such a story of woe.

But please, just put the World Series back on the air, that is all I ask. Let me watch the Yankees and Diamondbacks play the real games 6 and 7 of this series and do not replace them with your novel genre of movie literature. Let me see what will really happen. Let me see the real ending to these two games. Because what you showed on TV the last two nights is just a story, let me get back to real life where things make sense and happenings are random. Usually we rely on stories to help us escape from reality to a better place where we can take respite from our everyday worries. In this case, please take away these stories so that I may go back to reality. Because it is only in reality where I can maintain hope that things will change and that someday these sad movies I watched on TV will just be a bad memory.


Doug Samuel

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