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Les Grobstein, co-host of ESPN Radio 1000's Saturday morning sports talk show, joined the White Sox Interactive community of totally biased Sox Fans for our first Celebrity Chat on February 2. Here's the complete chat log where Les fielded all the totally biased Sox Fan questions!

Les Grobstein,
Saturday mornings
on ESPN Radio Chicago!

Now YOU can ask Les about his dogs, Otis and Moose!

FarWestChicago :  Whoa, a grand entrance :)

Grobber33 : Hi Voodoo are you with me?

voodoochile :  Hey, Les. Welcome to the chat. Now all we need is some other posters.

FarWestChicago :  I'll go post a message

Grobber33 :  Great, now we appear to be set. I sent you an email, just ignore it.

voodoochile :  Yeah, I'm here. Just so you know, I have 10 questions that came in via e-mail. If there is time we can go to a fee flow chat.

Grobber33 :  No problem. We can go as long as needed.

voodoochile :  I appreciate that.

Grobber33 :  Me too,this should be a blast!

Grobber33 :  Its been a fun weekend-that's for sure

voodoochile :  BTW, Don't close the WSI window it will boot you from the chat also.

Grobber33 :  Wont happen, I'm staying put.

voodoochile :  Cool. Did you get down to Soxfest?

Grobber33 :  Yes, on Friday and again yesterday.  They had record crowds which was great to see

voodoochile :  It's been an exciting off season for Sox fans

FarWestChicago :  I still can't believe we got the Fabulous Fatman.

Grobber33 :  Yes, and now it's time for Arizona--lets play some ball

FarWestChicago :  Hey dukeGrobber33 :  This Fatman is a lot better than the Fat Man they had two years ago.

FarWestChicago :  Oh that's for sure!!

voodoochile :  I am so ready. I hope the Twins keep talking trash. It is going to be a barn burner in the ALC

voodoochile :  The last fatman was just that (strictly a fat man). This one is a pitcher in his prime...

FarWestChicago :  We can't get slapped around by the Twinkies again. That hurts

Grobber33 :  I saw Doug Mank.(abbriv) said some stupid stuff.

voodoochile :  I can't spell it either...

voodoochile :  :D

Grobber33 :  Durham did that last year--then made the last out for Oak against the Twins in the ALDS

FarWestChicago :  Who can. I bet ma-gaga had to look it up and he's a Twinks fan

Grobber33 :  I'd still take him if I owned a team though

FarWestChicago :  Yeah, Durham sure ate his words on that one

Grobber33 :  The Twins don't have the Sox power, but they can sure pick up the ball

FarWestChicago :  That they can do. Sigh...

Grobber33 :  It will be a 2 team race in the AL Central--Cleve, Det and KC are all a joke-the Sox should fatten up on them the first 3 1/2 weeks.

Grobber33 :  At least they had better

FarWestChicago :  That's no lie. They need to get off to a good start.

Grobber33 :  May gets tougher with Sea,Oak,and Ana

FarWestChicago :  Now why isn't Vic in here. He's a Cubs fan :)

Grobber33 :  Cant answer for him

FarWestChicago :  One of our best posters, too

duke_of_dorwood :  WE have to win our division games, and that will set us up well against the West, right Grobber?

Grobber33 :  Well there are some darned good posters on this board

Grobber33 :  Yes the Sox must do well vs the AL Cent--the West is very strong again

FarWestChicago :  Yeah, we have some great members

duke_of_dorwood :  Was Grobber at Sox fest?

Grobber33 :  Yes on both Fri and Yesterday

duke_of_dorwood :  Nice crowds, nice looking wives too

Grobber33 :  Today I covered the Rush game for ESPN 1000

voodoochile :  Just got a PM from JM he says the sign in screen is loading a bit slowly.

duke_of_dorwood :  What was the Rush crowd?

Grobber33 :  And they got smoked by Orlando but had their first ever sellout

duke_of_dorwood :  Nice promoting by AM 1000

voodoochile :  NBC is going to do wonders for that league. Off season football, how cool is that?

Grobber33 :  No problem--just standing by Voodoo

FarWestChicago :  Hey, our local San Jose team are the champs

Grobber33 :  Yes NBC will help if Dick Ebersoll doesn't screw things up as always!

oodoochile :  LOL

voodoochile :  I thought it was Orlando...

FarWestChicago :  No, the Cats :)

Grobber33 :  Orlando with Jon Gruden's younger Brother Jay at QB beat the Rush today

Grobber33 :  Orlando had a WR named McGriff----and unlike another well known McGriff, this guy has good hands

FarWestChicago :  LMAO!!!

voodoochile :  I was wondering about that. I wonder how long until he gets a tryout with the Bucs?

voodoochile :  Kid can sling the rock.

Grobber33 :  If you mean Jay Gruden, he is an ASST Coach with the Bucs

Grobber33 :  And know is playing QB with Orl.  He also once was Orl's Head Coach.. Pretty wierd

voodoochile :  Now that is confusing

Grobber33 :  And he's no kid either,about 37 years old

Grobber33 :  Be back in a minute

FarWestChicago :  Not much younger than Chucky

FarWestChicago :  Hey George

voodoochile :  Hey George...

PaleHoseGeorge :  hiya

FarWestChicago :  Bloom's tearing it up, eh?

PaleHoseGeorge :  We're ranked, baby. 8-)

Grobber33 :  Back we are!

FarWestChicago :  Well, with 12,000 students you should be :)

duke_of_dorwood :  Hey Grobber, lots of Cub fans take the "L" to the game. While we have great L access to, do you think reduced parking prices would help attendance?

SGrobber33 :  I don't know about that.  Parking at "Comiskey" (I will still call it that) is pretty plentiful.  And you can take the red line to 35th as well.

Grobber33 :  Anything reduced price wise should help though

duke_of_dorwood :  Parking will probably be 15.00 this year.

Grobber33 :  Parking at Wrigley has been tough for ever unless you want to pay thru the nose big time

FarWestChicago :  That's a piece of change

duke_of_dorwood :  Its like buying another seat

Grobber33 :  If the Sox win like they did in 2000,they should draw better than they did that year and of course the Allstar Game should help the Season Ticket base.

FarWestChicago :  A's games are $10 bucks if I remember correctly. I try to forget because the Sox get pasted every time we go

duke_of_dorwood :  We don't use the asset we have of parking spaces well

duke_of_dorwood :  I think Brewer games are $10

duke_of_dorwood :  Pay 10.00 to park and see Royce Clayton

PaleHoseGeorge :  What helps attendance more? Lots of parking or lots of restaurants/bars???

Grobber33 :  There are certainly plenty of assets at 'Comiskey'. Bleacher seats are the best in the park, the lower bowl is terriffic, and the Sox have the best food available for Fans to buy of any Park in MLB

voodoochile :  It actually worked out well, because the Colon signing came fairly late in the off season, so they got to sell a bunch packages to ASG clients and then picked up some new and returning Sox fans due to the signing

duke_of_dorwood :  Restaurants & Bars for those with lots of cash to spend

Grobber33 :  Pay $10 in Milw to see Clayton and Todd Richie

duke_of_dorwood :  Grobber-ever been in the Bullpen Bar?

voodoochile :  No thanks...

FarWestChicago :  LOL!! They should pay the fans to come to games

Grobber33 :  The Bullpen Bar is great! It's too bad they didn't have it when the park opened in 1991,but the important thing is they have it now!

duke_of_dorwood :  I love the Bullpen Bar

PaleHoseGeorge :  How many millions have the Sox already spent renovating a 12 year old facility?

Grobber33 :  Why not,  it's fun and the suite holder/corporate types stay out and real Fans go in the Bullpen Bar

duke_of_dorwood :  PHG-25 million?

Grobber33 :  It is a shame the Sox sold the naming rights to correct mistakes made in 1989-90 when the Park was designed and built.  That money would be better spent on Players so they could go after the Yanks etc year after year!

PaleHoseGeorge :  That sounds low to me. I believe the bullpens alone were $20 million.

duke_of_dorwood :  That's only about 3 mil a year-how do they receive the naming rights $?

FarWestChicago :  I don't think Reinsy would admit to any mistakes :)

Grobber33 :  Just the fact that changes are being made is a silent admission of mistakes

PaleHoseGeorge :  Mrs. PHG says we should buy back the Old Comiskey bricks. But I think eBay sells them for $50 apiece now!!!

Grobber33 :  They had plenty of them for sale at Sox Fest

voodoochile [0/] Logout:_

Grobber33 :  They looked like Shaquille O'Neal freethrows

duke_of_dorwood :  LOL

FarWestChicago :  LOL!!!!

PaleHoseGeorge :  oh, yeah!

Grobber33 :  Welcome back after a 30 sec break Voodoo

voodoochile :  Thank You...

Grobber33 :  LTK when you want to start the format

Grobber33 :  I mean LMK

duke_of_dorwood :  What does Grobber think of the "Batters Eye" area?

PaleHoseGeorge :  What's your favorite piece of Sox memorabilia, Les?

Grobber33 :  Another nice imporvement.  many of the changes helped.

Grobber33 :  I have the second to last ball used in the final game at Old Comiskey Sep 30,1989 signed by CARLTON FISK

voodoochile :  I guess we can start anytime. I was waiting for a few more minutes to see if others were going to come join us. I think some people are having problems

Grobber33 :  The Last ball went to the HOF

PaleHoseGeorge :  Coooool.

voodoochile :  Yeah, that's sweet

Grobber33 :  It is quite cool,Pudge is one of my alltime favorties

PaleHoseGeorge :  You know Fay Vincent probably uses it for batting practice with his son or something. 8-)

Grobber33 :  Great guy as well!!!

Grobber33 :  I wonder if they still let Fay in!

Grobber33 :  It IS a shame that Fisk went in as a Red Sox--he was with the White Sox longer

Grobber33 :  It's that 6th game 1975 WS homer off the pole

voodoochile :  Thanks JR

PaleHoseGeorge :  There were a lot of p.o.'d Sox fans around WSI after that one.

duke_of_dorwood :  The way players leave here, no one may EVER go in as a White Sox player again

Grobber33 :  There should have been----I WAS POed too, but not at Pudge

PaleHoseGeorge :  Who, in your opinion, was more to blame for the troubles between Fisk and Reinsdorf?

Grobber33 :  Who will be the next White Sox Player in the HOF? Frank? I say he goes in, he's already done enough

duke_of_dorwood :  No one stays here long enough

Grobber33 :  The thing between JR and Pudge sounded much like the one with Jack McDowell-but Black Jack was at Sox Fest and seems to have forgiven and forgotten

voodoochile :  Sorry to interrupt, but I think we should probably start with some of these questions I received...

Grobber33 :  Go for it

PaleHoseGeorge :  okay, I'll shut up. 8-)

duke_of_dorwood :  I guess Black Jack was real late for an autograph session at SF

FarWestChicago :  That'll be a first! :D

HawkDJ2k2 :  yeah duke I was in that line

Grobber33 :  Ooops!

HawkDJ2k2 :  were you?

voodoochile :  Alright, here we go...

FarWestChicago :  Cut and paste voodoo :)

Grobber33 :  Not a bad idea to save time

voodoochile :  This first question is from Mark from Chicago (AKA Lipman on the board)

voodoochile :  Les you've been around the Chicago media for so long, have you noticed a real shift away from covering the Sox in favor of the other city teams?

HawkDJ2k2 :  oh my

Grobber33 :  I guess the Trib has taken the biggest hit on that, Actually, the team that wins usually gets the larger coverage,. I know in 1983,1990,1993 and 2000 the Sox got bigger coverage than the Cubs-AND THEY DESERVES IT.  But if both have down years, there are certain

Grobber33 :  complaints that are legit by Sox Fans with regard to coverage

voodoochile :  If so, how much of that is the fault of the current ownership / front office which seems to have a "confrontational" attitude against the media (i.e. they blame the media for their own troubles)

Grobber33 :  I doubt that has much to do with it.  Alot of the media (other than WGN and the Trib)do not care for Tribune Company.  Bill Veeck also used to complain about that-and it was a smart move on his part because then the Sox coverage picked up

voodoochile :  Next question from DaDawg from Chicago:

voodoochile :  Les on WSI message boards there has been a debate recently on the value of Sabermetrics. Currently it seems like teams who embrace the concept are doing better then the teams who don't. What in your opinion is the value of Sabermetrics?

Grobber33 :  My guess is it had NOTHING to do with the Angels winning the WS or the Yanks getting booted out in the first round!

Grobber33 :  LOL

FarWestChicago :  LOL

voodoochile :  TornLabrum asls: What was it like sitting between Larry Lujack and Steve Dahl that day when they got into it?

Grobber33 :  That was on Dec 3,1985 the day after the Bears lost to the Dolphins in Miami.  The two had been feuding big time, and Larry had told me that Morning he was going to start a new feature called "Wuref


Grobber33 :  The truth about Steve Dahl. I had no comment on that

Grobber33 :  Later that day I flew home from Mia and was on with Steve and Garry

Grobber33 :  Suddenly Larry came into the studio.  Steve asked him to leave and Larry said "NO I have to plug this new feature I am starting tomorrow

Grobber33 :  Steve asked him to leave again, then OC the Engineer was ordered to shut off Larry's (actually my) Mike

Grobber33 :  Larry then grabbed Steve's mike and said "that's OK Steve, I'll just use yours". Steve than said "OK we're outta here,"

Grobber33 :  "Let's let Mr. Insane continue in his Insane World." He and Garry left the Studio. Garry was on crutches with a broken leg.

Grobber33 :  Larry than sat down in Steve's seat and said " So Les,w e were talking Football right?" He finished the show, 10 minutes later about 20 Chi Police Officers showed up saying they got calls from listeners

Grobber33 :  Claiming that a riot broke out the WLS.

Grobber33 :  I assured tham that Steve and his staff had left. parSun Feb 2 20:57:06 2003:Grobber33 :  That n ight Lar and Steve talked on the phone and settled things,but Steve went right back to ripp[ing on Larry later the nexct day and so on.

voodoochile :  LOL

white_sox_bill :  lol

Grobber33 :  It was NOT staged--it was real--they did not like each other

duke_of_dorwood :  Great story.

Grobber33 :  Sorry about all the typos but I was trying get this done fast since my copy and paste isn't working

voodoochile :  Andrew (AKA Kermittheefrog) asks: Les, you’ve said the Sox defense is pitiful. Can you back this up?

Grobber33 :  Yes I can, and BTW I don't recall saying pitiful. The Sox defensively are not as good as Ana, Oak, Seat, NYY, Minn or Bost.  They may be better with/if Jiminez and Crede come thru, but face it--while Valentin is a great guy to have on the team, and a good clutch hitter

Grobber33 :  he does hurt the Sox at SS. I know many of his errors have NOT hurt the team, but some have. Up the middle is still a huge question mark. Maggs is a decent RF but no Vad Guerrero, Carlos Lee has gotten a bit better, but is still a weak link in LF

Grobber33 :  A. Rowand has to be healthy to help out in CF. Getting Alomar back was a good move.

voodoochile :  There has been a large defensive turnover in the last couple years. Aaron Rowand, D’Angelo Jimenez, Joe Crede and Miguel Olivo now occupy or will soon occupy key defensive positions.

Grobber33 :  I also like Josh Paul, and wish they would use him more often

voodoochile :  whoops, sorry. Here's the rest of the question...

voodoochile :  All of those guys have average to good defensive reputations. The rest of the defense squad was good enough to play on a 96 win team, so how will defense keep the Sox out of contention?

duke_of_dorwood :  So you think 3 catchers is wise?

Grobber33 :  You are right Voodoo.  These guys have to show they can do it over 162 gms.  Again, they are not yet PROVEN to be as strong at those positions as the other teams in the AL I mentioned.

Grobber33 :  Can they get better? sure they can--we'll see!

voodoochile :  Hey this is Brett from Buffalo Grove...

voodoochile :  What do you think if the most overrated and underrated positions in baseball at this time?

Grobber33 :  Red Pin Stripes,we hardly knew ye!

Grobber33 :  Set up guy is under rated--and closer can be over rated since a lot of saves are cheap and the closer is rarely brought in if he is not in a 'save' situation. That's garbage.  Closer's like Gossage, Sutter

HawkDJ2k2 :  go Buffalo Grove!

Grobber33 :  Fingers, and others often pitched 2-3 innings for a save.  No more!! Not today

Grobber33 :  My Son is a Buffalo Grove

voodoochile :  This next one is from Webmaster PaleHoseGeorge:

Grobber33 :  Grad

BearSox :  thats why you like josh paul eh?

voodoochile :  As the former "Voice of the UIC Flames," can you comment on the allegation (posted in the Parking Lot at WSI by webmaster George Bova) that there was a Chicago-style fix in the student referendum that chose the nickname "Flames" back in 1982?

Grobber33 :  No, he runs fast for a Catcher, has a good arm, and hit hits for an average---then gets sent down

Grobber33 :  A fix I think there was! The CLOUT actually won, but they didn't want to get in trouble with City Hall or the State Senators so they killed that.

Grobber33 :  Skyscrapers was in the running ahead,  thank heavens they killed that one!

voodoochile :  Today do you think, as student athletes at UIC clearly did back then, that "Flames" is a superior name to either "Skyscrapers" or "Clout," the two official names that appeared on the ballot?

Grobber33 :  I like the name a lot. When O started doing the games in 1982 when the Pavilion opened and they changed the School name, my job was to get people to quit calling it Circle Campus.  I think we succeeded.

Grobber33 :  No body call's it that anymore

voodoochile :  Follow-up question: Do you think George's suggestion for "Land Sharks" wouldn't have been a superior nickname, sort of like "The Fighting Banana Slugs" of the University of California-Santa Cruz?

voodoochile :  :D

Grobber33 :  That would have been awesome, but it would have been killed again

FarWestChicago :  LOL!!

voodoochile :  Nixsox asks:

voodoochile :  Even though Les is a Cub fan I've often heard him say that the most exciting Chicago baseball team he witnessed was the 1977 Hitmen year. I wanted to know what his favorite memory of that year was and any exciting stories he might be able to share with us

Grobber33 :  NU Students wanted to kill the name Wildcats during the Viet Nam War cause they thought a Wildcat was too violent.  They wanted the name Purple Haze.85% of the students voted for Purple Haze but the School told them to basically go jump in the Lake

voodoochile :  Man, that sucks!

Grobber33 :  1977 was amazing on the South Side.  The Cubs were also having a good year but the Sox stole their thunder.  The had an average starting rotation and weak Bullpen--which is what killed them (they finished 3rd to KC and Tex), but that was the year Nancy started

Grobber33 :  playing NA NA NA, KISS EM GOOD BYE by Steam, and Bill Veeck was in his glory all year

Grobber33 :  Attendance was up, they wore shorts three times for games (Carlos May was brutal in those!).

white_sox_bill :  Les, I grew up near Miss. river. One of the town is Fulton. The private school was Fulton Unity Christian Knights

voodoochile :  my5thbench writes:

:Grobber33 :  The team pounded the ball, Zisk,Gamble, Jim Spencer, Soderholm, Pat Kelly, Ralph Garr and more.  Alan Banniser was good in the lineup, but had something like 40 errors at SS

white_sox_bill :  Think of the acronym for that school!

Grobber33 :  One day in August, Veeck saw two of his security men trying to break up a beer fight in the upper deck,he hobbles out of the press box and grabbed one of the drunks around the neck (the guy was at

Grobber33 :  least 30 years younger than Bill--)and threw the guy to the ground. He then hobbled back to the press box, picked up a cigarette, and used the ashtray he had in his wooden leg.

Grobber33 :  That team was broken up due to free agency, and Bill didn't have the $$ to keep Zisk or Gamble

voodoochile :  my5thbench writes: Dear Les...thanks for all of the entertainment that you have afforded me over the years..........where do you think Daubach fits in the Sox 2003 plans? The move perplexes me, thanks for your input

Grobber33 :  He gives them depth. A good bench helps alot.  Plus Dauback is from DownState and being closer to home to give him a boost.  He is a streak hitter--he will get hot, then perhaps disappear a bit, but he has more ups ide than down

Grobber33 :  I like the addition of Daubach!

voodoochile :  White Sox Bill wants to know:

voodoochile :  Remember you from WLS in the 70's. Always liked you despite your taste in baseball teams...Anyway, my question is: If the Sox attendance woes continue, will JR either sell or move the Sox to another city? Will the AL approve of a move?

Grobber33 :  First,I dont think the Sox are going anywhere but the South Side of Chicago.Jerry could have moved to Tampa Bay in 1989,the new Stadium deal helped out by Gov Thompson

Grobber33 :  helped of course--but Jerry can see what a bust the Devil Rays are,and where is he going to go??? Plus they still have a contract with the Illinois Ports Athority--it would cost thru the nose for the Sox to get out of that

white_sox_bill :  doesn't the lease expire in 2008 or something?

voodoochile :  I think they just extended it.

BearSox :  it just got extended with the new naming rights

Grobber33 :  The AL could stop a move, becaue Baseball still has Anti Trust exemption.  Yes that lease expires then but I repeat, where are they going to go?? The answer is no where!

voodoochile :  Final e-mail question.

Grobber33 :  Bottom line is they ARE the CHICAGO White Sox, and are not going anywhere.

voodoochile :  Matt from Chicago (AKA Foulke You) wants to know:

white_sox_bill :  And they play in COMISKEY PARK

Grobber33 :  You're DARNED RIGHT THEY DO!

voodoochile :  Being a member of the Chicago media, do you think the local media has a "hands off" approach when it comes to covering Sammy Sosa as compared to Frank Thomas?

Grobber33 :  I'll call it CELLBLOCK 35 before I call it the new name

FarWestChicago :  LOL!!!

white_sox_bill :  LOL

voodoochile :  WSI seems to agree...

Grobber33 :  No I don't. In fact, Frank and Sammy are both good guys to deal with. I can only go b y how Frank has been with me, and he has ALWAYS been a Gentleman.

Grobber33 :  I think the media got on Sammy pretty good a few years ago when it looked like he may be traded. But he handled it and is still very easy to deal with.  These two BTW are good Friends off the field

Grobber33 :  Both are future HOFers---no matter what they do from here on out and they both will keep adding to what they have done in my opinion

voodoochile :  He included a long list of indiscretions by Sammy, including not attending the Cubs convention, being late for Spring Training and playing loud music. Do you have a comment?

Grobber33 :  Remember, when ever Frank has been HEALTHY--he has put up big numbers!!!

Grobber33 :  Who cares about the music? The Sox have music in their Clubhouse as well--when they win. he Cubs have none when they lose.  Frank has missed a Sox Fest or two--who cares?

Grobber33 :  They both take hits because they are under the spotlight the most!~

duke_of_dorwood :  Les, what's your favorite Chicago team you covered?

Grobber33 :  No body is perfect!

voodoochile :  Well, that's it from the preset stuff... guys, have at it...

Grobber33 :  The 1985 Bears are hard to top--and I was lucky to be at every game, pre-season, regular season and post season thru SB XX that year-Awesome team, great guys, personalities, never a dull moment.

PaleHoseGeorge :  What part of Old Comiskey Park do you miss? (if anything at all)

Grobber33 :  The Bulls 6 Title were also great and I was at every Playoff Game NJ played in for the Bulls,I will never forget that era!

duke_of_dorwood :  Which team was more dominant-the 85 Bears, or 72 Win season Bulls?

Grobber33 :  I miss the fact that we didn't have canned music like all parks have today--just Nancy.I miss the fact that is was not a corporate crowd--simply blue collar--real Fans. All parks including New Comiskey today

Grobber33 :  are geared for the Suite holders, and expensive season tick holders. I think THAT SUCKS!!!!!

voodoochile :  1985 was the first year I had season tickets for the Bears. Great stuff...

Grobber33 :  Same for my Sister who took over my season tickets in 1985.

Grobber33 :  Back to Old Comiskey--true there were some poor seats, but the food (just like today BTW) was always awesome--still is!

Grobber33 :  It was a great old time BALLPARK. Not a replica, but it was truly real!

BearSox :  Les, can you tell a little bit about the night a couple years back on the score when you had covered a night game at miller park and then rushed home to make your show and ended up finding exotic dancers in the studio?

Grobber33 :  That was J. Hood and Lawrence Holmes who were talking to two young ladies in studio--J. Hood was in for TDUB that night.  I was returning from a Bulls game in Milw and was a few minutes late

PaleHoseGeorge :  In your opinion, why didn't UIC hockey ever catch on in Chicago? I was one of only 3000 fans who ever seemed to show up at the Pavilion--and half that number were from the visiting school!

Grobber33 :  Traffic was bad due to an accident on I-94. I called in from my cell phone and they put the two girls on and they said they wanted to meet me. I got back to the Station about 12:15

white_sox_bill :  Gotta get to bed, thanks and good pm everyone!

voodoochile :  Night, Bill

BearSox :  one of my favorite les memories!

FarWestChicago :  LOL!!

Grobber33 :  The two stayed there and were VERY GOOD ACTORS! They pretended they were 'getting off' .

voodoochile :  You celebrities have ALL the luck

Grobber33 :  Nothing out of ordinary happened other than they took turns sitting on my lap for a photo while I was trying to read a commercial

Grobber33 :  It was a bit different to return from a Bulls-Bucks game to that!

Grobber33 :  Glad I was already divorced--I'd have REALLY caught HELL for that otherwise

BearSox :  :)

Grobber33 :  I had 4 1/2 great years there, but that's clearly in the past!

Grobber33 :  For those who want a better more readable version of the Story about Steve AND Larry,I will post it on my website home and here on this site if Voodoo wants to do it.

Grobber33 :  Hope that wasn't considered SPAM!

voodoochile :  That would be great.

Grobber33 :  Then it will be done.

Grobber33 :  Any furture questions about anything?

voodoochile :  Spam is more in the message boards anyway, and I think you get some privileges that other posters might not.

Grobber33 :  Well I'm just trying to show respect here--you guys deserve it!

voodoochile :  Les, I want to say thanks on behalf of daver (who couldn't be here) and all the rest of the people who run the site or participate in it.

duke_of_dorwood :  Thanks Les-appreciate that

FarWestChicago :  Hey, I already linked in the links section. Les is approved

FarWestChicago :  Thanks a lot, Les!!

voodoochile :  There you go. It's no longer spam...

Grobber33 :  I have had a blast everyone and I will tell other media types that if Voodoo or Daver ask them into this chat room to do it!!

FarWestChicago :  Great!! :)

duke_of_dorwood :  Enjoyed this a whole lot too

voodoochile :  That would be amazing. I know Daver has someone else lined up, but I don't know who...

PaleHoseGeorge :  Thanks for spending time with us Les!

voodoochile :  Back at you.

Grobber33 :  I hope I see a lot of you in Tucson next month for Cactus League Play!

duke_of_dorwood :  Hear you Sat AM-

voodoochile :  I wish...

HawkDJ2k2 :  ah...spring training

BearSox :  i'll be the're march 20th

Grobber33 :  One final thing,being a Cub Fan, I will tell you I still think the Sox have the better team as we speak--they only need to beat out the Twins.The Cubs right now are a bit better,but

Grobber33 :  they cant beat the Cards,Astros or even Reds as they now stand. We shall see--got to play them on the field!~

voodoochile :  Les, I think your bias is showing, but that's alright... Baseball season is coming and as bad as that normally is in Chicago, hope still spings eternal...

Grobber33 :  Bias? I just said the Sox are the better team!

voodoochile :  Whoops, I misread that...

voodoochile :  :(

FarWestChicago :  LOL, voodoo!!!

voodoochile :  So you'

Grobber33 :  Time shall tell--and 6 more games between the two that count--the Sox lead the all time regular season series by 2 games after last season's 3-3 split!

voodoochile :  So, you're not a Sox fan? ;)

Grobber33 :  WINK WINK!!

voodoochile :  Yeah, they also lead in series wins and of course "cough*1906*cough

Grobber33 :  Look,I grew up with Nelli Fox and Luis Apiricio as my two favorite players,and Looie is the best SS of alltime defensively

duke_of_dorwood :  Amen

voodoochile :  Won't get many arguments around here...

Grobber33 :  In 1906,the Cubs were called the Nationals, and Cubs was just an unofficial name untill 1907--and the Sox played in SOUTH SIDE PARK, the Cubs in WEST SIDE PARK.

Grobber33 :  Looie was better than Ozzie Smith, and I'll take him on defense over Nomar, eter or AROD! So there!!

voodoochile :  Where's the poster Nellie Fox when we need him...

Grobber33 :  First Sox game I saw was a 5-4 bottom of the 9th win over the Twins in 1961 on a game ending homer by-----NELLIE FOX!! First time I saw the scoreboard go off!

Grobber33 :  It came off Camillo Pasquell'

BearSox :  can i ask a bears question?

voodoochile :  Back then they actually came out of the scoreboard, didn't they? Do you remember this stuff, or are you looking it up?

Grobber33 :  BTW also,how wierd is it that Sox Fest was held NORTH of Madison Street and the Cubs Conventionwas held SOUTH of Madison street.Yes go with the Bear ?

Grobber33 :  I remember it

voodoochile :  I thought I had a good memory... ;)

BearSox :  i live in colorado now so i don't get to listen to your show anymore...what do the bears need to do this off season to get back to the playoffs in your opinion?

Grobber33 :  They have all kinds of problems. They should make Rosie Colvin a franchise player and keep him-though they wont. They need an upgrade at QB--they wont get it. They must stay healthy--that remains to be seen. The offensive line has to be patched

Grobber33 :  They also must play to win, and not play "not to lose".

Grobber33 :  AND THEY HAVE TO BEAT THOSE (*&&%### packers!

voodoochile :  Amen to that.

BearSox :  :) at this point who would you take with the 4th pick?

Grobber33 :  How cool it was to see GB go down in Lambeau in cold weather to Atlanta----Thanks Mike Vick!!!

voodoochile :  Not just get beat, they got smoked. Every Bears' fan's dream

duke_of_dorwood :  The Pack just signed Zak Kustok

Grobber33 :  They need line help on both sides of the ball--I'd go QB higher than the 2nd or 3rd round but they dont look they will. NICE to hear Packer Fans booing in Lambeau--sounded like'

Grobber33 :  Soldier Field North!!

voodoochile :  You think Columbo will make it back from his knee injury and become a solid starter?

Grobber33 :  I think the kid will be fine. It wasn't as bad as first thought, he has a great attitude. As Wanny used to say,, HE'LL BE FOINE'


duke_of_dorwood :  "He's a Tackle"

voodoochile :  Better Miami than us...

Grobber33 :  BTW who played in more post season games this season? Bears or Wanny's Fins??? Thought so!!

voodoochile :  Wanny could mess up an ice cream sundae...

Grobber33 :  My worst nightmare would be a GB-Mia Super bowl

Grobber33 :  Then I'd have to pull for Wanny!

voodoochile :  Root for the stadium to blow up that's what I'd do...

Grobber33 :  Actually he's not a bad guy, just couldn't beat GB while he was here--nor many other teams!

BearSox :  yeah my first game at soldier field was when he went for 2 against GB

voodoochile :  Yeah, I think Wanny is an alright guy, but he doesn't have the qualities you need in a head coach.

Grobber33 :  That was a fiasco!! Even if they had made it, Favre still had over a minute to get into field goal range--he's have done it easy!

Grobber33 :  That 1997 Bears team may have been the worst Bears team ever---the 1969 1-13 Bears would have crushed that team with Butkus, Buffone, Sayers, Gordon, OB, etc

Grobber33 :  No matter what Brian Robinson does from now on, we thank him for the blocked FG on Longwell at Lambeau in 1999!

Grobber33 :  Thanks BROB!

voodoochile :  The hand of Walter...

Grobber33 :  That too of course!

FarWestChicago :  Yep!

duke_of_dorwood :  I remember the Packer scoreboard flashing in the background assuming it would be good

voodoochile :  Felt like that was what led to 2001 in many ways...

SGrobber33 :  The foul mouth Packer Fans REALLY let loose after that--and that was mostly the 80 yr old women---the men were even worst

Grobber33 :  I mean worse!!

voodoochile :  Hey, they live in Green Bay - it's all they've got...

Grobber33 :  Well they have UWGB Basketball--and they are not bad! Although UIC spanked them yesterday

voodoochile :  GO FLAMES!!!

voodoochile :  Er... Go Cout...

voodoochile :  Clout that is...

Grobber33 :  Butler will still be the team to beat in the Horizon League

SGrobber33 :  But Jimmy has done a great job with the Program as Coach Hallberg also had done

PaleHoseGeorge :  Land Sharks, dammit. Land Sharks!!!

Grobber33 :  Land Sharks? Didn't Yao Ming play for them?

voodoochile :  Well, you're the boss PHG...

FarWestChicago :  LMAO!!!

:Grobber33 :  Oh,,,,,Shanghi Sharks!!

FarWestChicago :  Yeah, the Shenzen Land Sharks

PaleHoseGeorge :  Obviously the Chinese stole my idea. :smile:

FarWestChicago :  And SNL :)

Grobber33 :  OK everyone, I am going to get some other stuff done and pretend I am working (ha ha). Thanks again for the invite, and hope to do this again sometime.  I will be logged on often, and I'll post as well from time to time

voodoochile :  Those commies...

FarWestChicago :  OK, thanks again, Les!

oodoochile :  Later Les, thanks for doing this.

PaleHoseGeorge :  Thanks again for joining us for chat, Les!

duke_of_dorwood :  Look forward to it Les

oodoochile :  See you in the clubhouse in the future...

BearSox :  thanks for coming and thanks for getting him guys

Grobber33 :  Voodoo,I will email the Dahl-Lujack story to you in case you want to post it.  Take it easy!!

voodoochile :  It was daver. Too bad he couldn't be here.

FarWestChicago :  Bye Les

duke_of_dorwood :  Bye

:BearSox :  Go Sox!

voodoochile :  Thanks, Les... have a good one...

PaleHoseGeorge :  Gooooooo Soxxxxxxx !!!!!!

voodoochile :  Sweep the Cubs...

voodoochile :  :D

Grobber33 :  PHG you sound like Andy the Clown rest his soul!!

SPaleHoseGeorge :  I dress like him, too. *-)

voodoochile :  *woohoo*

Grobber33 :  He was TRULY a Sox Fan

BearSox :  him and ronnie woo woo would be a good match

Grobber33 :  Oh,that's too depressing to even think about!

FarWestChicago :  LOL!!!

voodoochile :  LMAO!

Grobber33 :  Andy might come back from the grave to get you on that one!

PaleHoseGeorge :  They're laughing with me, not at me, right?

Grobber33 :  You bet!!

Grobber33 :  I am at least!

voodoochile :  always...

Sun Feb 2 22:08:46 2003:Grobber33 [0/] Logout:_

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