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Save the Twins!

by Sox Fan Matt Michel

Well, well, wellÖ

It looks like Uncle Bud and his Band of Owners are at it again.  Now that latest talk to make baseball more interesting is to kill two franchises.  Is it a good idea?  Well, letís put it this way:  They could have thought of something worse.  I mean, itís the owners for crying out loud.  Still, something in this whole ďcontraction threatĒ is worrying me.

Specifically, why kill the Twins?

Now, I know all about the rich tradition of the Twins and such.  And thatís not why Iím joining STT (Save the Twins).  My problem lies in the fact that a rivalry with the Twins may just be what this franchise needs to awaken its disillusioned fan base.

Before you go and tell me what a moron I am, consider the options.  Doesnít having a rival make following a sports team so much more enjoyable?  Isnít this what every team needs?  I mean, we have some Sox fans who hate the Yankees, and others who have the Cubs, and then thereís that new crowd of ĎToon haters.  Now, nothing is wrong with this, but what Sox fans need is a common enemy, and even more important, a common enemy who hates us back.

Letís consider the current possible rivals.  Most obvious is the Cleveland Indians.  However, as we saw in 2000, the Indians and their fans donít take the Sox seriously.  Yeah, they got burned (and it felt great), but we are the only ones who are holding up our end of the rivalry here.  And, of course, just when we started to get good enough to challenge the ĎToons, they start a massive rebuilding program.  Sure, it would nice, but it just looks like a rivalry with Cleveland isnít going to happen.

And then thereís the Cubs.  Sure, they are our geographical rival, but in reality, our six games with the Cubs mean as much as the games with Pittsburgh or Houston in the standings.  Itís just too hard to make a team a hated rival when you only play them six times per year, tops.  Sure itís fun to watch them lose, but I doubt that the fans of the Sox can really rally around Cub-hating year-round.  That, and whatever the Cubs do has so little bearing on us, the Cubs will only be six-game rivals at best.

Or how about the Yankees?  They have inflicted more pain on Sox fans through the years than anyone, yet, they just donít have what it takes to be our rivals.  They play in the American League East, meaning thanks to Unky Budís new unbalanced schedule, we donít play them more than nine games per season.

 That just leaves the jokers in our division.  The Royals?  Please.  They have to be good.  In other words, donít hold your breath.  The Tigers?  Now, Iíll admit that it is fun hating the Tigers, and yes, there is a chance, but again, both teams have to be good.  The Tigers are nothing more than cheap-shot throwing wannabes.

That leaves the Babes of the North Woods; the Minnesota Twins.  All the elements are there.  Geographically, weíre not in each otherís backyard, but Iíd make the drive to Minneapolis for a weekend set with Minnesota.  The Twins are young and talented.  They are getting good just as soon as we are.  Sure, we wonít win every game, as we so gracefully proved in 2001, but that just makes the games we win more sweet.  I can definitely see some good American League pennant chases between the Twins and Sox.  I can definitely see some Mark Buehrle and Brad Radke showdowns.  Itís almost too perfectÖ

Except that the goofs running the game probably think the Twins are baseballís biggest poison.  Hello?  Has anyone heard of the Devil Rays?

Sox fans, a rival like Minnesota is what this team, franchise, and fan base needs.  We need a rival that we are in direct competition with.  I mean,. As fun as it is to watch the Cubs or Yankees lose, it doesnít change the fact that we arenít going anywhere.  Wouldnít it be nice to root against a team knowing that their loss helps our Sox, too?  Please, baseball gods, keep the Twins.  Not for their sake (Who cares about the people in Minneapolis and St. Paul?) For our sake, the Sox fans, who can suffer more in a month than some fans will suffer in a year.  What we need is a good, old-fashioned rival.  We just have to find a way to not get them terminated.  Yeah, everything is in line.

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Go Sox!


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