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Save Comiskey!

by Sox Fan Matt Michel

If you routinely visit the Parking Lot on the Message Board here at WSI, youíll undoubtedly notice that some of the big news concerning Comiskey Park and our Chicago White Sox is that the Chicago Fire want to make Comiskey their home.

I didinít think thereíd be any news worse this off-season than the threat of the work stoppageÖ But once again, Iíve been proven wrong.

First, let me say this.  Itís not that Iím so anti-soccer that I donít want the game to be played on this side of the pond.  I really couldnít care less where and when soccer is played, except when thereís a threat of it being played at Comiskey.  My objection to soccer at Comiskey is my incessant desire to see the Sox win a World Series.

As anyone whoís watched baseball at Comiskey over the last few seasons knows, Comiskey Park has a really damn good turf.  Realistically, it may be one of the best in all of baseball.  I rarely see a ball take a bad bounce. Hell, Iíll go out on a limb and say that the turf may be the best defender this team has.  I mean, if you think itís bad watching Carlos Lee and Ray Durham play the field now, just wait until they have to deal with bad bounces and divots the size of land mines.

 Of course, that will all change once you have twenty-two guys running around all over the field in cleats.  Has anyone ever seen the divots they have at Chicago Park Districtís public golf courses?  As if having a tight-wad owner and an incompetent general manager were bad enough, Iím sure free agents will be willing to sign with the Sox knowing that theyíll be dealing with the crappiest field in all the land.  Players whine because Anaheimís infield is too grainy.  Just wait until the ball starts bouncing around like a deranged pinball out there.

So what action needs to be taken?  Jerry Reinsdorf must not let this happen.  All along, Jerryís said that he wants to win a World Series.  Nowís the time to make your actions speak louder than your words.  If the Fire are allowed to play their games at Comiskey Park, heíll obviously be telling us Sox fans that winning isnít his primary concern.  Everyone else has been smart enough to turn the Fire away, but once again, the baseball gods have been cruel enough to stick us with King Jerry and his Royal Jesters to run our baseball team.

So what can Sox fans expect?  Will we have to deal with the Fire?  I hope not.  Fire fans, donít take it personal. Itís not you, itís us.  Really.  We want to win, and letting you run amuck on our field isnít the way to accomplish our goal.  Why donít you go try and **** up Wrigley Field?  At least that team doesnít have a chance to win anything.  And all those Cub fans will think itís cute.  As long as the beer is cold and the bikinis are full, they really couldnít care about the gameÖ

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Go Sox!


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