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Shortstop Battle!

O.k. Sox fans, itís spring training time, which means I have to practice arguing with all the Royce Clayton supporters out there, and you know who you are, the ones that try and tell me that Royce is a better choice than Jose Valentin† at SS. The ones that make their argument that Royce is a far superior defensive SS than Jose , based on a single stat , errors , without taking into consideration things like hustle , desire , playing hard every day , day in and day out , and being a team ballplayer. I have yet to see any of those qualities in Royce Clayton. I have yet to see him even attempt a play out of reach to try and get a pitcher out of a jam, or try and work a count to get an extra batter up in an inning, or even try to leg out a weak ground ball for an infield hit. All I see is a self centered ballplayer that is more interested in collecting a paycheck than being a team player,a guy that is more concerned about his fielding percentage by making the routine play, than his impact on the team by attempting the improbable play. His defenders will bring up his fielding percentage to back up their argument, but letís face it, it is a weak argument, when you have a decent fielding percentage, but canít bat your weight for more than half the season, what is your impact on the team? I may be a simple redneck, but it donít take one of dem dere NASA scientists to figure out who is the better SS, donít try and feed me a skunk and call it caribou, I can recognize a skunk when I see one. When it comes right down to it, I still donít understand why anyone would want to defend a player that spent half a season trying to get above the Mendoza line, that has been featured in the press as a rotten clubhouse presence, and in general cares nothing about anything that does not concern him on a personal level. I think he spoke volumes about his true colors last year by not bothering to get out of the dugout for a tribute to the victims of the 9-11 attack. There is a word for people like him, but this is a family website, decorum prohibits its use here.†

Biddle might pitch after all?

I would like to take a moment to offer a retraction, in part, to Scot Gregor from the Daily Herald, This is not a full blown retraction though, Scot did report that Rocky Biddle would not be with the team for the beginning of the season, but I still cannot offer a full retraction based on the fact that he speculated on Rocky being out for the season, though it was revealed that he will miss the first month for sure, and hopes to join the team in mid May. I will not let Scot off the hook for speculating on a playerís injury though, in my opinion that is poor reporting, get your facts straight before you take it to press. I could put myself in the outdoors section of the paper every week by speculating that I was going to catch the largest muskie ever seen, but it doesnít mean a whole lot when it never happens.†

Advice for the Sox skipper

Jerry Manuel put himself in the spotlight before spring training started by saying there would be open competition for a number of positions, then shot himself in the foot for announcing his opening day starters three days into training camp. This is not a slam on Jerry, but an offer of advice, donít try to play Sox fans like the fools that do not listen to everything that is said and done about their team, Sox fans listen, and they care. Leave the posturing and futile other directed comments to Don Baylor. His fans expect it. I think Jerry would have better served himself if he had just kept his mouth shut about the line-up, or made the patented ďweíll see who deserves it coming out of Spring TrainingĒ comment that know one believes anyway, instead of making a reply that only makes him look silly. Chicago already has a manager that spends a good portion of his time looking silly, there is no need to add another one.†

A tip of the hunter's orange cap to a baseball legend

Ernie Harwell is retiring at the end of the season, which will be his 43rd season as the Detroit Tigers broadcaster. What a slacker, he is only 84 years old, he has got to have another three or four years left in him. On the serious side MLB is losing a true original in Harwell, a guy that I will always associate as the voice of baseball , I can remember back to fishing trips to Michigan when I was 8 years old and listening to him do Tigers broadcasts. He represents the lost art of baseball broadcasting, tell us what is going on and keep the fluff to yourself, because we donít want to hear it, a lesson that I would like to see Ed Farmer learn. Harwell will always be remembered as a true baseball broadcaster, a professional that delivered a solid call without bogging it down in personal references and plugs for the favorite eatery of the month, he let the game at hand be the main attraction, not the man calling it. It is a shame that the game will probably never have another guy in the booth that is not a pitchman for the sponsors above being the voice of the game, but I think those days are gone forever.

Ah, baseball is back!!!

†In local news, the Sox beat themselves 10-0 in an intrasquad game, which is basically not news, but it does give the fans and the media something to talk about. Hard to believe how long the winter is, even though this was the shortest off-season in MLB history, when an intrasquad game can get you excited for baseball again. Notable from todayís game was Jon Garland beaning Frank Thomas on the body armor he wears on his left elbow, Frank recovered to hit a two run basehit. The Dodgers have renewed their interest in acquiring Bob Howry, for an unnamed return, so hopefully Howry is heading for the bright lights of L.A. sooner than later. Maybe a one pitch pitcher that doesnít have overwhelming zip on his fastball can fare better in the National League, but in my opinion he has worn out his welcome here. Iím sure all the hitters in the American League Central will miss him though, he has managed to make a lot of them look good in late innings the last couple of seasons. Just ask the Minnesota Twins.†

Till next week.†

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DAVER

Dave Schmitt is a life-long resident of the Joliet area, with the exception of two years spent being the only Sox fan in the hell hole known as Baytown Texas, where the trucks are large and the alligators are hungry.† Plumber by trade, hunter by choice, and fisherman 'cause you canít hunt year round.† Married With Children, and four dogs that are confirmed Sox fans.† The kids have less sense.† You can send email to Daver at

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