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June, 2000.  Publicity for our first-place Sox remains second-class across Chicago's media.  WSI's Scott Armstrong explains what every Sox Fan knows in their heart!

The Evil Empire

by Scott Armstrong

Some people say Sox fans care more about whether the Cubs lose than whether the Sox win.   know that's not the case for me, but I do love to see the Cubs lose.  Whenever there's no Sox game on, I'm probably watching the Cubs game rooting for the other team.  I've met many Sox fans who do the same, but never a Cubs fan who watches Sox games rooting for the White Sox' opponent.  It's obvious that Sox fans hate the Cubs more than any Cubs fans hate the Sox.  And that's with good reason.  We have been labeled the "other" team in Chicago by the media, thanks to the evil empire that is the Chicago Tribune.  People across the country think of the White Sox as second to the Cubs.  The Cubs are the good guys, the Sox are the bad guys.  

Why do people think this?  Because the Tribune uses its many media outlets to brainwash Americans to fall in love with their baby bears.  Most people don't even know how bad he Cubs are.  Any given Cub fan old lady or Cub fan little kid or Cub fan soccer mom would probably say the Cubs are in first place if you asked them what place the Cubs are.  That's because the Tribune machine makes it so you can't tell how bad their product is doing when you see the replays on WGN or pick up their paper.  

The Tribune will never admit to a Cubs bias, and they never denied it either.  It's obvious to Sox fans that they are biased.  You have to be blind not to see it.  And just how does the Trib get their pro-Cubs anti-Sox message to people across the country?  Easy.  The Tribune owns 22 television stations and, with its cable and satellite coverage, reaches 75 percent of U.S. television households.  They also own the magazines Field & Stream and The Sporting News (though I doubt Field & Stream is very Cubs biased).  

The Tribune has merged with the L.A. Times and many other major papers across the country.  A Sox fan I talked to in Florida subscribes to a Tribune owned paper, and says there's even Cubs bias in that paper.  He said they ripped the Sox pretty good when they were down there playing the Devil Rays earlier this year. Besides owning WGN, they own WPIX in New York, four radio stations, Tribune Entertainment (TV programming), and the WB Television Network.  When the theme song from "Dawson's Creek" is slowed down and played backwards, you can hear Tom Skilling saying "Cubs rule, Sox drool!"  

More people will love the Cubbies and hate the Sox as the Tribune Empire spreads across America. Don't agree with me?  Think about it.  The Cubs are a product of the Tribune.  Is Coke going to want you to buy Pepsi?  Imagine if Coke started publishing a newspaper.  Do you think they'd say good things about Pepsi?  Hell no!  But Coke wouldn't have to write anything about Pepsi, while the Tribune has to write about the White Sox.  

That's why the Tribune hires boners like Paul Sullivan. He has a constant negative tone in his writing and focuses more on the Sox attendance rather than their winning.  When people ask him why he writes such negative things about the team he makes some lame excuse.  We Sox fans know why.  We are not idiots.  We know what's going on with the Trib.

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