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June, 2000.  The Sox are about to meet the Cubs and White Sox Interactive offers Sox Fans this battle cry!

Now More Than Ever, Losing Ain't Cute!

by George Bova

"We're not failing.  We just haven't seen the results of trades, farm sytem..."

- Cubs President, Andy McPhail, six years into his tenure.

In a nutshell, Sox fans, here you have it.  Here in this one little quote from the Cubs president, is precisely why you will never change allegiance and root for his losers.  It's rare to get so much candor from a corporate tool like Andy McPhail, but last Thursday's Tribune article was an epiphany for Chicago's baseball fans.  The Tribune Company is in complete denial about their baseball club's problems; Andy McPhail's simply provides the human face to the corporate delusion.  The Cubs suck and will continue to suck for years to come.  Sox fans would torch the ballpark if a comment as delusional as McPhail's was ever uttered from the Sox front office.  Believe me, our team has problems of its own, but hiding from reality isn't one of them.  

Any Cubs fan who read this nonsense and wasn't incensed deserves the fate Andy and Tribune deals them.  For those of you with a brain in your head, welcome to REAL Chicago baseball.  What better time to switch sides than this weekend's crosstown series.  Losing Ain't Cute on the south side.  We'll never make excuses for it.

The rest of America must wonder what all the fuss is about.  Both Chicago teams have been losers for most of the twentieth century.  The battle lines were drawn in 1901 when the Sox achieved major league status in the fledgling American League.  The front line trenches haven't moved since 1916, when the eight mile distance between ballparks was created by the Cubs move into the Federal League's abandoned Weeghman Park, later known as Wrigley Field.  Yes, the Kaiser would be proud of the stalemate that has gripped Chicago's baseball fans since the time of the Great War; he wishes the German army could have held on that long!  

Believe me when I say only one side has soldiers manning the front lines anymore.  The other side long ago gave up on winning and decided to throw a party instead.  The watershed year for them was 1969.  Never has a collection of losers been more glorified than that overrated team of Cubs who folded down the stretch to finish a pathetic eight games behind the New York Mets.  Cubs fans have embraced losing as a twisted virtue ever since.  

Not surprisingly, Wrigley's vaunted bleacher bums have played a key role in cultivating this cult of losing.  The bogus tradition of throwing back home run balls isn't anything but glorifying the fact their team just took a step towards losing another ballgame.  In typical Cubbie fashion, they would have us believe losing is cute.  These people are possessed by a dark spirit, their ballpark nothing but a den for the devil's work.  The evil of Cubs fandom turns normal human beings into delusional children, the current high priest personified by Andy McPhail.

The ugly truth for Sox fans is the dark angel has been winning the battle of late.  Sure, the Sox kicked the Cubs but good at Wrigley last June.  The Glorious Sweep was, as predicted, the high-point of our entire season.  While we cherish the memory, we Sox fans take no comfort in beating the Cubs and embarrassing their rabble of fans.  What we want is a baseball championship of the world.  We've waited 83 years for the big banana, and we've endured more losing than anyone trying to achieve it.  Meanwhile our crosstown neighbors ignore the reality and gleefully toss back the opposition's homerun balls thinking the rest of us are amused.  Some of us simply shake our heads in pity.

The crosstown series is with us again and so it's time to show the rest of America that Chicago's baseball fans are alive and well, celebrating the play of our Sox rather than throwing a drunken Mardi Gras in and around Wrigley.  Perhaps our numbers will swell a bit more as the less delusional Cubs fans are shaken awake by the nonsense Andy McPhail has spouted.  If you think McPhail is full of it, you've got a bit of Sox fan in you.  Take the brave step and join with those who hate every bit of losing, but soldier on to see it through to death or ultimate glory.  To you new Sox fans, we say, "Welcome!"

Just make sure you understand, we DON'T throw back homerun balls.  For Sox fans, winning is what it's all about!


George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive.

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