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Don't Stop Believin'!

by Colin Terrill

So the onset of depressions is creeping into my soul, and there is only one reason for this. The 2007 Chicago White Sox season has ended. Maybe thatís a good thing seeing how badly the White Sox have been playing, but still Iím a die-hard as I assume all of us are here and we follow our team to the end. This season started off with some promise when the bullpen was solid and the offense was decent, but it all fell apart. I will try to sum up the good parts of the season in this top five (in no meaningful order)

1- Markís No Hitter: Mark did what no White Sox was able to do in over 15 years. It was a great thing to be able to see (not live though).
2- Bobby's 41 straight outs: More than 1 Ĺ games of perfect baseball. Enough said.
3-Josh Fields- Gave us hope for the future, even if Crede can come back
4- Resigning Dye and Mark: This was a must. Keeping two of the cornerstones of the team sure isnít going to hurt our chances next season.
5(00)- Thome hitting number 500 (and still going): This man is pure awesome and with any luck he will hit 600 in a White Sox Uniform

I would now go into the negatives of the season, but there are soooo many that I couldnít think of just a top 5, as the bullpen would account for all spots and then some. But Iím also trying to go into the off-season on a somewhat positive note.

I wish that baseball season could never end (yes even this one).  It doesnít matter if your team sucks, its just the feeling when baseball is around. I can sit down and watch any game at anytime (except Cubs games) because that is how much I love this sport. I believe that it is as close to a perfect sport as you can get. And now every time late September rolls around, whether the Sox are good or bad, I get sad because I know I have to wait until February to see these guys back in action. It will be a crazy off season for the Sox that is for sure. There are going to be the same familiar faces, but there will be a few new ones that hopefully will get us back to the promise land in 2008. For this is the time that I say good-bye to my second love in life and start getting ready for the Winter Meetings.

Now letís just hope that the Bears get their act together and that the Bulls and Hawks play well to make this a less depressing winter.

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Go Sox!

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