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WHITESOXINTERACTIVE.COM. Totally Biased Coverage of the Chicago White Sox!

Not too embarrassing!
2002 Season Disaster!
A season of frustration as covered by WSI.

2002 Sox games to remember...but mostly forget.

April 1... Heart attack opening night victory!  Sox Fans can only hope their nerves can handle 161 more victories like this one. Sox beat Seattle 6-5!
April 3... Ninth Inning Disaster!  Keith Foulke blows a three run lead in the ninth inning, and the Sox fall hard in Seattle, 7-6.
April 21... Blistering Victory!  The Sox send twelve men to the plate in the first inning, score eight runs, but need three more in the seventh to put away Detroit, 12-8 the final.
April 24... Sox in Overdrive!  Our first-place White Sox leave no doubt who is the best team in the division, pounding Cleveland 9-2!
April 27... Walks and Dingers.  An incredibly lame effort by our Sox, filled with walks and dingers for Oakland's softball team. 16-1 was the final.
May 10... What was that?  19-0 Angels. As bad as the score sounds, the game itself was worse. Even Julio Ramirez hit a dinger. See, told you!
May 22... Garland-mania!  Jon Garland was the best young pitcher in Chicago baseball Wednesday night, pitching a one-hitter into the ninth. His 2-0 victory over first-place Boston by our first-place White Sox will be completely overshadowed by Chicago's horse**** media.
May 29... "O" sleeps, Buehrle loses win #9  The Sox get swept by the Yankees 6-3 as the bullpen blows the game for the second consecutive night. Late-inning comeback? Forget it.

Mark Buehrle fell just short of 20 wins.

Jon Garland showed improvement.

Todd Ritchie was an unmitigated disaster.

June 1... Eight Unearned Runs!  A 3-0 Sox lead evaporates in a fifth inning featuring eight unearned runs! Sox lose to Cleveland 8-4.
June 7... Lee kills ninth inning rally  Carlos Lee can't lay down a bunt and can't avoid being picked off, killing a ninth inning rally and pushing the Sox beneath .500, 4-3 losers to Montreal.
June 15... Embarrassing Themselves  The White Sox show nothing in a game even the laid-back manager admits is big. An embarrassing 7-3 defeat to the Flubs. This team quits.
June 19... Ninth Inning Blowup!  The Tinkerer messes around again and the Sox fall short again, too. Sox blow a two-run lead and lose in the ninth, 4-3 to the Phillies.
June 26... Ritchie loses #10  Todd Ritchie does exactly what's needed to lose. The Sox score five runs, so Ritchie gives up six. Twins win 6-5.
June 28...The Cubs sure do suck!  An eight-run deficit is no problem for our Sox to overcome against the Lovable Losers. Sox beat the Flubbies 13-9!
July 2... Teeing off on the Tigers!  Six Sox dingers keyed by non all-star Magglio Ordonez's grand slam lead to an easy 17-9 victory over Detroit. Even Todd Ritchie got a win!
July 13 (Gm. 1)... This team sucks.  Errors, lousy hitting, and the usual problems of poor fundamentals. The losing stretches back 22 years. The Sox suck, a 5-3 loss to Detroit is just the latest example.
July 13 (Gm. 2)... Even more sucking.  The Sox get swept in Detroit and the team has never looked more pathetic.
July 20... Night of the Living Dead Sox  How long can the Sox remain zombies? Five hours wasn't enough to break the spell in this one. Sox lose 4-3 to Baltimore in 14 innings.
July 23... Ungodly shot by Thomas!  A record 495-foot dinger by Frank Thomas sets a New Comiskey record, and reliever Bob Howry stops Minnesota's comeback cold. Sox win 8-7!
July 30... Spank the Twinkies!  Kyle "Big Top" Lohse looks goofier than usual, outdueled by Mark Buehrle in a complete-game shutout victory for our Sox, 3-0 the final.
August 7... Showing heart--finally!  The Sox win their first ninth inning walk-off victory, 7-6 over Anaheim, and Royce "Clutch" Clayton was the hero! Who wudda thunk it?
August 13... "Hands" slams Texas!  Led by Jose Valentin's grand slam, the Sox raise hell in Texas, 12-3 the final!
August 19...Humiliated and don't care.  Gary Glover gives up four homeruns the first two innings, including three to the first four hitters. The Sox humiliated, 7-3 to the Twins.
August 27... Crede Slams Jays!  Joe Crede hits two homers including a walk-off grand slam to lead the Sox to a comeback 8-4 victory over Toronto in ten innings!
Sept. 2... Six in a Row!  Jon Garland strikes out seven and Joe Borchard gets his first-ever homerun as the Sox beat Toronto 5-3!
Sept. 8... 4-run Ninth = Victory!  Frank Thomas hits a three-run dinger with 2 out and 2 strikes in the ninth to tie the game and launch the Sox to a thrilling 7-6 victory over Cleveland!
Sept. 12... Garland shines!  Jon Garland pitches a one-hitter before Jerry Manuel comes and gets him! Sox win 5-1 to take the series over Kansas City.
Sept. 19... Punks Invade Sox Game!  The Sox lost 2-1 to Kansas City, but attention is diverted as two ****less morons run on the field and attack KC's coach.
Sept. 22... Sweep the Twinks!  Mark Buehrle wins #19 and the Sox sweep the Twins with another convincing 8-2 victory!

2002 Season Features

OUR 2002 White Sox!  As Sox Fans look anxiously forward to another Sox championship campaign, WSI's George Bova reminds all of us why we support this team and what makes our allegiance worthwhile. A call to arms for all Sox Fans!

Paul Konerko was an all-star.

Frank struggled, and Manuel tinkered.  Neither talked much.

The Elusive Point C  Over eleven years after the Sox front office embarked, in earnest, for the elusive South Side baseball championship, the ship still has not arrived at the elusive "Point C". WSI's Hal Vickery recounts the history and concludes it's the fans' fault. Now where have we heard that before?

Win the Pennant!  The Toast of Argentina (and life-long Sox Fan) returns with advice for winning the pennant in 2002! Who is the latest Hollywood starlet linked to Senor Sock? Don't miss it!

MOR(e) ON Sox Attendance!  The Sox complete their first successful series at home, and the Chicago media wastes no time covering the REAL story, their compulsive infatuation with empty seats at Comiskey. WSI's Dan Helpingstine offers the most insightful column on the subject Sox Fans will find anywhere.

Konerko vs. Cameron  The Sox traded one for the other back in 1998. Now critics suggest it was a lousy move. WSI's Andrew Ritchie runs the numbers and doesn't like the results. The debate rages on!

Beating the Tribe's drum!  Six of seven wins over Cleveland is good enough for most Sox Fans, and WSI's Dave Schmitt is no exception. Plus Kenny's moves and sticking up for Comiskey, too. One more Sox Fan's opinion!

Comiskey another rip-off?  As the Sox sink from contention, the team's GM whines they can't afford the current payroll, and the entire sport teeters on yet another work stoppage, let's remember the promises made when public money went towards building the new ballparks like Reinsdorf's New Comiskey. WSI's Dan Helpingstine recounts the ugly details.

Open Letter to Reinsdorf  Since nobody inside the Sox organization seems capable of opening their mouth, WSI's Hal Vickery sends this open letter on behalf of his fellow Sox Fans to the Sox chairman!

Who is to Blame?  The latest bit of lousy baseball by our Sox has WSI's Dave Schmitt wondering who best wears the goat horns. Plenty of candidates!

Sox Crossroads?  Strange pitchers spell trouble for our Sox hitters. WSI's Mark Liptak points out, the inter-league games will be filled with hurlers we've never seen before. Is this a crossroads for the Sox?

Maggs was brilliant.  Durham was traded.

Too few of these.

Kenny must go!  Has the "Lenny" administration outstayed its welcome? WSI's Hal Vickery says, "Please leave quietly."

White Flag Remembered  As Jerry Reinsdorf's minions disassemble the 2002 squad for another "rebuilding" project, here's the Sox news as it was reported exactly five years ago. There is a hole in my White Sox--and nobody has fixed it yet! WSI's Mark Liptak reminds Sox Fans of promises made and broken--as events this past week now fully reveal.

Kenny running down his players?  Published reports suggest Sox GM Kenny Williams (aka Dr. Chaos) has been tearing down his own ballplayers while negotiating to trade them. WSI's Hal Vickery wonders aloud what some of these conversations must have sounded like!

No Deal for Sox Fans  While the new labor deal has Twins fans celebrating a trip to the playoffs, Sox Fans can't find much of anything for us except more heartache. WSI's Mark Liptak recaps the sad totals.

Sox losing to A-ball?  The fall in Sox attendance nearly matches the rise in minor league attendance around Chicago. There are now four A-ball teams that call Chicago's suburbs home. Has the failure of Reinsdorf's Sox on the playing field and in the marketing department opened the door to these small-time promoters?

Play the Kids!  A crop of kids make their mark for the Sox at the big league level, but October baseball remains unattainable for Sox Fans. Can WSI's Dave Schmitt find a silver lining? No more labor strike talk, of course!

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Exclusive Minor League Coverage!

Totally Biased Series Update!

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