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Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

Sox Quest

by George Bova

Supporting a team with a rotation headed by Mark Buehrle and Jake Peavy can't be all bad, right?

That's what being a Sox Fan is all about -- dreaming about winning.  Others will prattle on and on about anything and everything besides how much their team sucks.  Sox Fans won't.

If there is one certain attribute that defines all of us, it has to be our complete disgust at losing.  Losing is for the other guys.  Making jokes about losing is for the other guys.  Believing silly fairytales that inevitably fall into the category of  "this is the year" is for the other guys.  Blaming goats and scapegoats is for the other guys, too.

But Sox Fans, let's be magnanimous about this situation, shall we?    If it wasn't for the other guys drawing all the city's fools to their outrageously silly viewpoint about baseball, the heights of wisdom that Sox Fandom has achieved would otherwise be impossible. 

The Cubs provide we Sox Fans the most-useful of services:  An idiot filter. 

It's our special plight -- and privilege -- to root for the only baseball team in town focused on winning.  The Sox have to focus on winning -- we wouldn't support them if they didn't.  (Yet one more glaring difference between us and the other guys.)

It's absurd that any group of fans focused solely upon winning should be cast in the shadow of a larger group of fans who sincerely believe an attendance trophy is handed out by the commissioner's office each October.  New Yorkers laugh at Chicagoans but only because of Cubs fans, not the Sox or Sox Fans.  The Sox and Sox Fans make sense to New Yorkers and most any other group of outside observers, too.  We want to win and get frustrated when we don't.  The "Second City" imagery is only invoked when mediocrity is embraced.  Sadly, too many Chicagoans willingly do just that.

  • Thief for a governor?  Better than the other guy, vote for him again.
  • Second wife of a former cop suddenly disappears, too?  Maybe there is something more to investigate after all...
  • Last-place Cubs sellout homestand?  Allowing more night games will finally make them competitive...

That's what Second City thinking is all about.  We Sox Fans aren't part of it, but the rest of the city most-definitely is.

Sure, there are other places where one team must play in the shadow of another.  New York is an obvious example.  Presently our old pal Jerry "the Tinkerer" Manuel is on the hot seat with the NY media to produce this spring managing the Mets or likely be shown the door early this summer.  (Or should that be Jerry "the Tinkererererer" for his obsessive-compulsive need to rearrange his line up, even when his team is winning?)

The Mets are overshadowed in New York but the comparison to the Sox ends there.  The Mets are in the shadow of the Yankees for good reason:  The Yankees have 27 world championships under their belt.  Even still the Mets and their fans are defiant; They challenge the Yankees at every turn and get plenty of local media coverage even if a fair portion of it merely highlights their ineptitude.  The Mets are underdogs and the NY media embraces them for it.

Not so, the Second City rabble in Chicago with the Sox.  The city's biggest sports media troll working for the city's #2 paper all but missed the entire 2005 world championship season in a utterly stupid campaign to vilify the Sox and Sox ownership and (more to the point) draw more attention to himself.  It took years for Chicago to finally run the guy out of town.  Meanwhile the rest of Chicago made snide remarks about Sox Fans for wanting the guy taken out sooner.  So is it any real surprise as New York celebrates the Yanks clinching their 27th world championship, Chicagoans amuse themselves about the Cubs' 101 years without one?  "Line up and buy your tickets today!"  Only in the Second City....

The outside world laughs behind our city's back but to the extent we choose not to participate, we can't be singled out.  That's part of being a Sox Fan, too. 

Ozzie Guillen is not a perfect manager but he is the perfect manager for instilling a Gives-A-Shit-About-Winning attitude inside a city where losing is a-okay with a majority of baseball fans... and he doesn't care how many four-letter words and broken-English sentences it takes to get his point across either.

Kenny Williams is not the perfect general manager but he is the perfect GM for never sitting still for a sub-par team performance inside a city where the biggest cheater, liar and glory hound was all but granted sainthood just ten years ago... and he doesn't care how many egos he needs to break to get his point across either.

And Jerry Reinsdorf is not the perfect owner but he is the perfect owner for giving his staff enough latitude to fix what needs to be fixed and pounce when the opportunities are there to be pounced upon... and he's the only owner since Charles Comiskey to give Chicago a baseball championship... and six NBA ones with Jordan's Bulls for good measure. 

There is nothing Second City about any of these individuals and there is nothing Second City about the team they manage-operate or we Sox Fans who support them.

Ours is a unique quest in Chicago baseball fandom.  We Sox Fans want championships.  We Sox Fans need victories.  We Sox Fans won't settle for less.  How much more evidence does the Second City and the outside world need before they get the point?

Our quest begins anew this April. 

Go Sox!


George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive.  You can write George at

Our Webmaster
1998 - present


More features from George Bova here!

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