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Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

Winter, Sox & Green Fields

by George Bova

A meteorologist would tell you winter doesn't begin until December 21.  Chicagoans know better.  Winter hit hard shortly after Thanksgiving and really hasn't let up in the weeks since.  Snowfall totals and wind chill factors have approached levels normally reserved for mid-January and the Christmas presents aren't even opened yet.

Winter weather is tough for Chicago's baseball fans.  Hot stove league news has been scarce and the opening of spring training camps only a distant date on the calendar.  Holiday traditions?  When a city as far north as Boise can host a college football bowl game played in front of freezing fans watching two teams playing on a field of plastic grass painted blue, recently cleared of snow still piled up on the sidelines -- or a city like Detroit can pretend to be a holiday destination of choice to host a college bowl game, too -- you know it's time to change the channel.

Speaking of ridiculous, a certain loser outfit from Chicago is busy building a hockey rink on top of their baseball diamond so that two NHL teams can stage a hockey game for rabid fans of hockey north of the border and amuse the millions of bored Americans south of the border who otherwise can't find anything entertaining to watch amongst all the New Years Day programming.  Yes, Wrigley Field will host a victorious NHL "winter classic" team before it hosts a victorious MLB championship team.  Just when you think the mindless stupidity of that outfit can't get any lower, they prove you wrong...

Special warning to all you maroons planning to get on TV with your "W" flags at the game... the great unwashed watching at home might easily mistaken you as supporting the "Wings" rather than the "Hawks."  Let me introduce you to your intellectual equals...

It was just a few years ago when the local soccer team, the Chicago Fire, needed a temporary home while awaiting renovations to be completed at Soldier Field.  The Sox were early favorites for being imposed upon as the primary tenants of the state-operated New Comiskey Park.  Those plans fell through because Sox ownership -- unlike their counterparts on the north side of town -- weren't interested in cheap publicity stunts, especially when the playing surface of the Sox' home ballpark was being placed at risk.  Furthermore the overwhelming majority of Sox Fans supported the Sox' decision to invoke their rights as the primary tenants of the ballpark and veto the Fire's plans for tearing up the Sox' turf -- regardless of the added publicity.

It's a small distinction but illustrates a world of difference between what drives an organization focused on winning championships and another focused on raking in as much cash as possible from the teaming masses willing to suspend disbelief long enough to watch a hockey game inside a "historic" edifice that is historic precisely how nobody can really say.  Mere age?

Hap Bruno Field in Chicago Heights has hosted losing ballclubs as long as Wrigley... and far more winners, too.  Why not stage a hockey game there, too?

Baseball isn't played on a blue plastic field.  In a perfect world it wouldn't be played on plastic at all.

The perfect green pitch of a baseball diamond is not compatible with any kind of football, least of all the second-rate soccer variety currently played in the MLS.

And no historic baseball shrine would ever host a hockey game except to prove what we Sox Fans have always known about ourselves and what separates us from our Lovable Loser cousins:  The results on the field are all what really matters.

There won't be any action at Sox Park for another three full months.  This is as it should be.  When the Sox arrive, baseball season in Chicago will arrive with them.  And not a moment sooner.

Truly baseball's winter solstice is now upon us, but even now the first signs of baseball's return will soon be upon us.  Know even now the days are now getting longer though the temperatures outside continue to drop.  The sun's warmth inevitably will overtake the cold and the thaw will come in due course.  Pristine green fields will be back, at least on the South Side.

Baseball is good enough to wait for, especially winning baseball. 

Only Chicago's Sox Fans hold their team accountable for it.  Only Sox Fans deserve it.

Enjoy your holidays, Sox Fans!


George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive.  You can write George at

Our Webmaster
1998 - present


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Winter, Sox & Green Fields?

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