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WSI News - WSI Spotlight

Chicago Proud
for Our Sox!

by George Bova

Chicago Winter

by George Bova

There is nothing like a Sox loss to bring all the stars in the Chicago sports media constellation back into their proper order. The championship Sox are gone, so those in this city who earn their living talking and writing about Chicago sports go straight back to what made the City of Chicago such a bastion of loser teams -- home to loser fans believing the banalities and clichés made by sports mediots trying to make mediocrity acceptable -- lest their Chicago readers/viewers/listeners become angry and stop being readers/viewers/listeners sucking up the pap tthe Chicago sports media is serving.

You want to know where Chicago's losing begins? Look no further than what passes for sports coverage in the Chicago media the past three weeks since the champion White Sox died. It's both scary and all too predictable. The perpetrators -- many of whom are reading this -- will pass it all off as "just doing their job." If only it were true. Only in a town that embraces mediocrity like Chicago's fans too often do, would anyone be stupid enough to believe the excuses of these self-proclaimed victims.

Let's get something straight. Chicago ain't no sissy town. The city was home to rough and tumble characters long before alderman Hinky Dink Kenna proclaimed it for the entire world to know over 70 years ago. Nothing has changed since then. At least nothing has changed about the rough and tumble characters who inhabit this place. Take one guess who they are? The fans the Chicago sports media loves to hate.

Sox Fans. We're the ones who get angry when our team loses. We're the ones the Chicago sports media hate for getting angry when our team loses.

Sox Fans. We're the ones who don't accept mediocrity. We're the ones who laugh at and joke about those around us who willingly embrace mediocrity. We're the ones the Chicago sports media hate for not willingly sharing the city with "lovable loser" numbskulls.

Sox Fans. We're the ones who hold the Chicago sports media in contempt for hating our attitude, if not also our team and our cause. We're the ones the Chicago sports media hate for being contrarians and making their lives difficult.

And why are the lives of the Chicago sports media so difficult? Simply because to their way of thinking, Chicago IS a sissy town. If he were still alive Hinky Dink would have no problem recognizing it -- if not proclaiming it for all the world to know.

What have the Protectors of the Sissy Town given us? Three solid weeks of breathless speculation over who will become the next future scapegoat for the Cubune, hired as the new manager of an organization terminally confused over the difference between victory and marketing acumen. Kid gloves treatment for the former marketing senior v.p. that now heads baseball operations for the Lovable Loser outfit. A free pass to the team president who orchestrated the mess and continued anonymity for the top brass in Tribune Tower who put him in charge while they continued pulling the strings behind the scene. And the guy who assembled the loser roster? Not a word about him or his abject failure to do his job... he's the only guy left in the organization that knows the phone numbers of the other GM's.

But there is more. In three weeks the Chicago sports mediots have provided virtually no coverage of the baseball playoffs except to denigrate the accomplishments of ex-Sox ballplayers still playing in the post-season, and second-guessing the organization that let them go. Where is their coverage of the glory of the victories? Where is their coverage of the joy expressed by the fans in places like Detroit and Oakland? Where are the stories written by columnists about the whole purpose to playing the games -- or even the entire sport of baseball itself -- to WIN? After one glorious season of baseball perfection, why must we in Chicago settle back into ignoring excellence and excusing mediocrity?

Instead we get silliness like the Tribune's Mark Gonzales claiming -- yet again -- that post-season innings pitched this year can only mean weakness if not disaster for these same pitchers next year. To hear Mark tell it, Detroit is doomed... next year. Well Mark, a loser like you is probably quite content to cover baseball in Chicago every April through September. Lord knows you never have a local assignment in October unless the Sox are making trouble for you, eh? Go cover the Cubs, you loser.

And what about the Bears? An undefeated NFL team and the Chicago sports media's latest ticket to ride is getting more coverage than ever before. And what is the coverage centering on? Naturally it's nothing but tired clichés comparing the 2006 Bears to their Super Bowl predecessors from 1985. Are the current Bears too anonymous for the Chicago sports media to hold up as heroes on their own? Or is the real problem the very same Chicago sports media that hasn't time to talk about today's Chicago winners, what with all the column inches and air time they devote to Chicago's perennial LOSERS... the same losers we've known for nearly a century now?

Chicago ain't no sissy town, but it sure is a town for a loser sports media. Chicago winters are cold enough without having to deal with the losers who would make the city safe for mediocrity.

We Sox Fans are happy to be contrarian to this sorry bunch of fools.

George Bova is editor and founder of White Sox Interactive. You can write George at

More features from George Bova here!

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Chicago Winter?

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