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WSI News - WSI Spotlight

Sox Fan-tasy Island!
by Jason Cherpak

Totally Biased Fantasy Baseball!

by Jason Cherpak

It is estimated by KFFL.COM that 1/3 of all males between 18 and 35 have played fantasy sports of some kind.† Many play fantasy baseball.† This column (bi-weekly pending my available time) will focus on Fantasy Baseball Ė from the TOTALLY BIASED view of a Sox fan, but also from the view of a regular fantasy winner.† (I have 15 years experience playing fantasy baseball and have been in the top 3 for 10 of those 15 years, averaging 2 leagues per year and compiling 7 league championships.)

THE BIG TRADE Ė It never happened.† Our baseball focus for the past month has almost exclusively been on the Magglio Ordonez trade Ė and how it would impact the other teams/players involved.† If the Sox trade Magglio, what other dominos would fall.† Letís look from a fantasy perspective and see who the winners and losers are.


Magglio Owners
Maggs can be written in solid ink for 30HRs, a .310 average, about 100/100 and about 10 SBs at The Cell.† If he were in Fenway, you could only raise those numbers.† Fenway made hitters out of guys like Mueller and Varitek Ė imagine what it would do to Magglio.† You could have considered him a lock to go .325/40HR/125R/125RBI/10SB with that lineup.† Heíd have been hitting 4, behind Johnny Damon and A-Rod and ahead of David Ortiz.† He would have been a top 5 OF in almost ever fantasy draft.† You donít find many 5 tool fantasy players anymore.† (Sheffield, Beltran, A-Rod, Wells to name a few)† I would have missed him on the Sox, but I would have loved to see him in my fantasy lineup.† He has potential to now be a double-dipping loser.† Should the Sox move him on to the Dodgers, instead of Boston, he goes to one of the most pitcher friendly parks in baseball.† Suddenly he might be more a 25 HR guy than a 40 HR guy (@Fenway).† Heíd also have less protection in LA than he would in Chicago.† This would be a disaster for any Magglio owners.† Donít be afraid to draft Magglio with a second round pick if he stays in Chicago.† If he ends up in Boston somehow, he jumps to a mid/late first.† If he goes to LA, duck him unless he slides to the third round.

Alex Rodriguez

I already talked about the Fenway effect on hitters. (305-310 to the Monster in LF and about 308 to Peskyís Pole in RF).† I have already talked about the protection Alex would have had in Boston.† More impacting his fantasy numbers next year will be a home crowd that will not be so sympathetic to a guy who was trying to take less money to leave the state of Texas.† Texans can be merciless.† I think Alex is going to feel some of that up close and personal this year.† That said, he is a great offensive talent.† He is still a 5 tool player who will end up .300, 40, 125, 125 and 15.† For a SS, thatís not too bad.† He should still be a top 3 pick in every league.


Nomar Garciaparra

We have all seen Nomarís home/road splits.† In 2003 he hit .359, 18, 73, 68 and 11 @ Fenway.† When away from the comforts of the Monster, he hit .243, 10, 47 and 37.† This is amazing.† Look at the home/road splits of teammates (Manny .321/18/67/48 @ Home vs .320/19/50/56) and none of them are close to Nomar.† Nomar now looks like he is staying in Boston for at least one more year.† The fans love him.† They will rally behind him in his contract year.† This could be a HUGE breakout year for Garciaparra.† I have no trouble predicting .290/30/90/90 if he stays healthy.† Historically he has never played over 145 games, but he seems fully recovered from his 2001 wrist injury.† Contract years tend to have powerful impact on star players also.† If he is available at the end of the first round, you may want to snatch him up.

No Impact

Manny Ramirez

Manny can flat out hit.† He can hit in Fenway, he hit at Jacobs Field.† He hit at the old dump in Cleveland in his rookie year.† His home/road splits are nominal even in Fenway.† There is not a baseball stadium out there where Manny would not average .320/35/100/110.† He doesnít steal you bases, but for your early third round pick you donít need 40 SBs.


Odalis Perez

Perez is still likely to get traded somewhere.† At this point in time, the Sox are a likely candidate.† It may be a Konerko deal or it may be a bigger deal.† From a fantasy perspective, Perez would likely be a big loser if he leaves Dodger Stadium.† In 2003 Perez looked like an all-star in his 10 starts at Chavez Ravine.† (69.1IP/60Ks/6W/2.73ERA/1.00 WHIP)† However, in his 20 starts on the road, he looked more like a guy on the way to the waiver wire.† (116/81/6/5.59/1.45)† Fortunately for Perez, The Cell is also a decent pitchers park.† But it would be crazy to expect him to perform in Chicago as he did in LA.† If he stays in LA, he can be a bad #2 starter or a good #3 guy.† If he comes to the Sox, Iíd look as a #3 or #4 starter.

Next Issue:† All-Time White Sox Fantasy Team!

Although he grew up in the North Suburbs, Jason Cherpak has spent all 32 years of his life wishing for a White Sox World Series. Having been rewarded with nothing more than three division championships, a total of three playoff wins, one Bears Super Bowl, and a lot of heartbreak, he began to focus his efforts on Fantasy Baseball in 1987 - where Jerry Reinsdorf no longer has a say in if Jason can support a winner. He now lives in the West Loop with his wife Susie and his their two puppies, Gizmo and Charlie.

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