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Gratuitous slap at Sox by McGrath, Rogers

filed by George Bova

October 7, 2007

The White Sox are not participating in this year's baseball playoffs, but that doesn't mean they aren't in Chicago's playoff coverage news anyway. You can always count on general silliness from that other newspaper's sports columnist, so WSI has always held the Chicago Tribune to a higher standard as the only local rag even attempting to achieve a credible level of journalistic integrity. So what's the problem with sports editor Dan McGrath and his baseball columnist Phil Rogers? What does the playoff implosion of Chicago's other baseball team have to do with our Sox? You'll have to ask them.

It was in the front page feature story of Friday's Tribune that Dan McGrath chose to lash out at the Sox for no other reason than because the Arizona Diamondbacks won another baseball game. To be sure his point wasn't missed, Phil Rogers repeated the smack down of the Sox in the sports section, too. The Sox don't have Chris Young and obviously any story about the failures of the Chicago Cubs can't help but include a swipe at the Sox, too.

Here's what neither McGrath or Rogers bothered to mention in their wall-to-wall coverage for the benefit of Cub-dumb, forever to remain dumb reading the crap these two incompetent boobs write at their newspaper.

Chris Young is nothing special. After spending most of 2006 in the minors, Young got promoted to the everyday centerfield position with the Diamondbacks in 2007. He batted .237, hit 32 home runs, and struck out a Sosa-like 141 times. But he beat the Cubs with a dinger last Thursday, and for that sin both McGrath and Rogers decided he's the missing piece to what the White Sox lack for another world championship. You know, the only world championship Chicago has collected in 90 years?

And how did Chris Young wind up with the Diamondbacks' minor league affiliate back in December, 2005? It was the Javier Vazquez trade, the very one that has resulted in 26 victories for the Sox the last two seasons behind their new #4 pitcher replacing the ancient veteran Orlando Hernandez. Let's not forget it was Phil Rogers who called it "despicable" that Sox GM Kenny Williams traded away Brandon McCarthy for just 8 career victories, a "proven workhorse" in Rogers' demented view.

What does that make Vazquez, Phil? A heroic mountain of a man, holding the Earth on his shoulders? What a boob...

And if McGrath and Rogers are stupid enough to suggest the Sox should never have traded this minor leaguer to Arizona back in December, 2005, wouldn't it be expected that these same two journalistic bozos explain precisely who was supposed to play centerfield for the Sox in 2006? The Sox kept Brian Anderson precisely because DH Jim Thome was already here (part of the Aaron Rowand trade) and Chris Young wasn't ready to break into even the 2006 Diamondback's everyday line up, a team that lost 86 games. He got 70 major league at-bats that entire season!

Of course enlightening their readers was the last thing on the minds of either McGrath or Rogers. It was strictly meant as a gratuitous slap at the Sox, totally unnecessary for any reason but to help Cub-dumb feel their franchise isn't the biggest bunch of losers in 99 years of professional sports... now inevitably destined to be an even hundred years in just 12 months.

If McGrath and Rogers want to embrace these losers -- the stumbling ballplayers on the field, the bumbling front office executives who put them on the field, and the insufferable fools who show up regardless of how bad their team plays, if only because they want to believe losing is lovable -- do every Sox Fan a favor and leave the White Sox out of it.

Losing isn't lovable in the City of Chicago. Stop knocking Chicago's winners just to help Chicago's losers feel better about their self-chosen plight.


Here's a special call out to Tribune editor-in-chief Ann Marie Lipinski and her staff for their coverage of this season's Chicago baseball playoffs. When the Sox opened at home in the 2005 playoffs, Lipinski's crew chose to kick-off their playoff coverage running a front-page feature story on "U.S. Insular Field" where they blew the lid on the smell of marijuana smoke from inside some of the public housing nearby. Read about it here.

This year we at WSI were waiting for a similar front-page follow-up about the fan who was murdered outside Wrigley Field shortly after an afternoon ballgame. Or a follow up on the police investigation about the rapes occurring around Wrigleyville. Or a special interest feature about public urination outside Wrigley Field or about petty narcotics charges in the neighborhood... or at least an update on those nets that the Cubs installed underneath their crumbling upper deck to protect 20,000 fans seated where chunks of concrete might drop 40 feet or more. Those nets have been through three Chicago winters and surely must present some awfully inviting nesting materials for amorous Wrigleyville pigeons. So how about it, Ann Marie?

No such coverage.

If John Kass doesn't like it, he ought to speak up at the next editorial board meeting.

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