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WSI News Index - Dan Helpingstine
Sox & the A-word
A journey through recent Sox history with Dan Helpingstine. If this is the golden age of Sox baseball, why isn't more there? Could true success be more of a long-term goal, not built overnight?
Franchise in Crisis
The Cubs choke and Sox Fans are gleeful for dodging the bullet. But did the Sox franchise dodge the bullet, too? WSI's Dan Helpingstine is happy with the outcome of the NLCS but is less comfortable about what it means for our team going forward.
No More Next Years
The season is all but over, but WSI's Dan Helpingstine is not looking forward to anything but getting this franchise over the top and into the winner's circle. Is next year our year? Please stop already!
Light at the End of the Tunnel
As the 2003 season concludes, WSI's Dan Helpingstine thinks he sees light at the end of the tunnel for Sox Fans and the Sox franchise. Let's hope it's not an oncoming train!
Turning it Around
The Sox haven't built much credibility the last several years, but they've made ground lately. WSI's Dan Helpingstine likes what he sees so far. Is there more to come?
Cubdom Exposed!
The Sox win another City championship and the Lovable Losers are revealed again as the losers they are! Can the Sox be as lovable? WSI's Dan Helpingstine says there is plenty to love--but we'll never accept mediocrity. After all, we're not stupid.
Sox Media Trouble?
The Sox stumble and once again Chicago-based Sox Fans are ready to throw up over the lack of local coverage for the hometown team. WSI's Dan Helpingstine offers some insight into why it won't change anytime soon.
What? Me Worry?
The Sox take 2 of 3 from Kansas City and maybe the sky isn't falling after all! WSI's Dan Helpingstine offers some perspective on lousy Chicago sports history that still haunts fans of a certain age.
A Comiskey Speaks!
The Old Roman, Sox founder Charles Comiskey, is the great uncle to Maureen Comiskey. She speaks out about Chicago's media coverage of the recently announced name change for the Sox home at 35th & Shields. WSI's Dan Helpingstine reports this unique perspective on the issue for totally biased Sox Fans!
Sox Credibility!
Nine years after the strike and seven years since the White Flag trade, the credibility of the Sox franchise is on the line. WSI's Dan Helpingstine sees a golden opportunity following the acquisition of Bartolo Colon. Will the Sox take the final steps necessary to finally reach "point C?"
Sox at the Crossroads
The 2000 championship season drifts further into the past and the Sox approach 2003 needing to choose what direction to follow next. WSI's Dan Helpingstine wonders what the future holds for Sox Fans, and when this team will finally get over the hump, in the standings and the box office.
Nancy Faust speaks!
For thirty-two seasons, she has been the one constant for Sox Fans at Comiskey Park. Now organist Nancy Faust shares her view with WSI's Dan Helpingstine in this EXCLUSIVE interview!
Five Years after White Flag
It was July 31, 1997 that the Sox tossed in the towel with an eye towards building a champion team for the future. Five years later, WSI's Dan Helpingstine asks where is this franchise heading now?
Fans strike back?
A boycott of major league baseball has been called for July 11. Though the Sox are out of town, WSI's Dan Helpingstine takes a closer look at the force behind the movement. Here's betting there are plenty of empty seats at Comerica Park for the Sox/Tigers game--as usual.
Comiskey another rip-off?
As the Sox sink from contention, the team's GM whines they can't afford the current payroll, and the entire sport teeters on yet another work stoppage, let's remember the promises made when public money went towards building the new ballparks like Reinsdorf's New Comiskey. WSI's Dan Helpingstine recounts the ugly details.
Stop the Vacillating!
As the Sox slump reaches two months in length, indecision by Jerry Manuel and the Sox front office has worsened. WSI's Dan Helpingstine wishes the Sox would get serious!
Sox Delusions?
Is the key to happiness pretending your team is championship caliber? WSI's Dan Helpingstine shudders at the thought!
Strike Three
WSI's Dan Helpingstine recounts the sorry history of baseball's labor trouble and its ill effects on our Sox. Is the looming trouble of 2002 to be yet another example?
Hope springs eternal!
How much wear and tear on the bullpen will the poor outings by the Sox starting rotation have on the '02 Sox? WSI's Dan Helpingstine offers a historical perspective, courtesy former Sox GM Roland Hemond!
Shades of 2000
The 2002 season seems more and more to parallel the glorious 2000 Sox campaign. However, WSI's Dan Helpingstine also sees parallels to 1994, too. Not good!

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