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WSI News Index - Hal Vickery
A Baseball Museum for Chicago
For well over 100 years Chicago has been the center of the baseball universe beyond the Alleghenies. For most of the not-so recent history, it's been a sorry history of lousy teams sprinkled with great stars, but new history has now been written! As WSI's Hal Vickery reports, the city's baseball history is about to come alive as never before if the dreams of Dr. David Fletcher ever come true. He's working on it now!
Media Comedy!
You can nearly always count on the local media to make life interesting -- if not filled with laughter -- when talking about our Chicago White Sox. WSI's Hal Vickery notes that just because the latest Ozzie controversy is nearly over, doesn't mean the media hasn't already got their sights set on the next one: spelled "A-J".
Baseball -- Even without Spring!
If the Sox are in camp, then spring must be here, right? Well maybe the weather in Chicago isn't cooperating but WSI's Hal Vickery knows that it's the sound of bat on ball that signals the season is finally changing!
No Comment!
Mark Buehrle wears a Cardinals cap last fall, Kenny Williams explains why he never talked to reporters about his rejected contract offer to Buerhle last summer, and all WSI's Hal Vickery can say about any of this is wouldn't "No Comment" have worked a whole lot better?
WSI-Fest at U.S. Cellular Field!
It's a totally biased festival like no other on the Sox calendar at U.S. Cellular Field! Put an utterly petty face with a completely unobjective user name at the EXCLUSIVE gathering of White Sox Interactive's most totally biased, utterly petty, and completely unobjective Sox Fans! WSI's Hal Vickery has the details!
SoxFest Report
The first-ever SoxFest at the Palmer House Hilton wasn't so bad after all! Sox Fans as a whole are a skeptical bunch but WSI's Hal Vickery was there from end to end for SoxFest and found the change in venue had a few areas for improvement, but not a bad way to heat up the ol' hot stove!
Pre-Fest Frets!
SoxFest is nearly here, but it's never too early to draw up your plan, prepare your logistics, and if your a Sox Fan, start fretting about everything likely to go wrong! WSI's Hal Vickery is a veteran of many past SoxFests, but this one has him just a bit nervous!
Stupid is as stupid does
When is spending money the equivalent to winning? When is mediocre talent confused with championship talent? When is doing anything at all confused with doing anything constructive? When is stupidity served in epic quantity? WSI's Hal Vickery knows the answer!
Windy City Sox Fans!
There is more to them than just the world famous Pencil Pull! Any attendee of SoxFest knows about the Windy City Sox Fans, but WSI's Hal Vickery shares a few other details about the group and the good work they've done on behalf of Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities.
Freddy Fallout!
The Sox trade one of the starters from the 2005 championship team and suddenly the sky is falling... or at least the deep thinkers at the Chicago Tribune think so. Maybe the more easily panicked Sox Fans would agree with them, but WSI's Hal Vickery isn't one of them.
Sox > Hoops or Football
What makes supporting the Sox, or more generally being a baseball fan, so much more important than following basketball or even football? It's the dead of winter but WSI's Hal Vickery is one more totally biased Sox Fan who has no regrets about the time spent talking hot stove league -- even when the stove is cold!
Pitching Nightmare
While other teams are busy selling hope to suckers, WSI's Hal Vickery has a scary thought about what might happen to the strength of our Sox: Pitching! Is this a dream team or merely a nightmare waiting to happen?
Last Thoughts on Cotts
The Sox bullpen had plenty of problems in 2006 but now one of them is gone. Neal Cotts might find renewed success elsewhere but he is somebody else's problem to solve now. WSI's Hal Vickery isn't sad about this turn of events along with many other totally biased Sox Fans, too.
A Different Winter
How much is ever enough? When it comes to baseball championships, too much is just right! WSI's Hal Vickery notes the different sort of winter this one figures to be after the different sort of summer that just concluded.
Cubune Follies
What started last spring as an attempt to consolidate authority inside Cubune Tower has now been fumbled causing Wall Street to openly speculate about the break up of the entire Cubune empire -- including the previously "untouchable" Lovable Losers! Might the White Sox finally be placed on a fair playing field in their hometown media? WSI's Hal Vickery dares to dream the dream!
A New Season?
When you're a totally biased Sox Fan, there are ever only two seasons in the year: one for winning and one for everything else. So why is WSI's Hal Vickery sending holiday greetings? The Sox will be back... but not quite yet!
Picking a Winner
The Sox aren't participating in this year's World Series and like other Sox Fans, WSI's Hal Vickery is trying to figure out where his rooting interest should lie. One thing which every Sox Fan can never disagree: always pick a WINNER!
Under the Radar Again
The Sox aren't champions anymore so guess which Chicago team is nearly invisible all over again? WSI's Hal Vickery has heard it all this month, and sadly, it sounds all too familiar. Flying under the radar, however, definitely worked out well for the Sox last time!
Rooting Interest this October
Who to root for? There are still plenty of ex-Sox playing on teams still alive this October. Magglio or Frank? One of them will be playing in the Fall Classic this month, but WSI's Hal Vickery has little trouble deciding which one deserves his support!
Red-headed Stepchild
The Sox championship quest for 2006 has officially ended but the woulda, coulda, shouldas started long ago! Everyone knows what's right and wrong with the Sox and what is the "proper" way to deal with their past success and current failure... and several of them are writing WSI's Hal Vickery!

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