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WSI News Index - Dave Schmitt
Thank you, White Sox
It's a championship not to be believed, but truth is often stranger than fiction! WSI's Dave Schmitt is one more Sox Fan truly impressed by what this team achieved and not too proud to eat his share of crow, too -- no ketchup.
Props for Don Cooper!
Assembling a pitching staff as talented and deep as the Sox' has earned deserved props for GM Kenny Williams. WSI's Dave Schmitt notes the pitching coach deserves a bit of credit, too.
Sizing up these Sox
The wheels are coming off another Sox season! WSI's Dave Schmitt recounts where we were before, where we are now, and (shivers!) where we might be heading next!
Don't Panic
The Sox season begins and the inevitable Sox Fan fretting has begun! WSI's Dave Schmitt had a dim view of the new Sox manager when he was hired last fall, but isn't willing to cast any stones just yet. Besides, he has fish to clean.
Payroll, Turkeys, and Deer
The Thanksgiving holiday arrives and a Sox Fans' thoughts turn to turkey, deer hunting, and naturally team payroll constraints, too! Sometimes it's tough to be a Sox Fan, but WSI's Dave Schmitt is just the man for the job!
Fiery Ozzie
What can we expect from Ozzie the manager that was missing from Ozzie the player? WSI's Dave Schmitt wonders about management's motives and a whole lot more 'cause hunting season is almost here!
Managers du jour
Manuel is gone, but his replacement is not yet named, and hunting season is here! WSI's Dave Schmitt weighs in on the issues all Sox Fans are passionate for -- and one or two uniquely his own!
2003 Sox Prospects Wrap-up
2003 is over, so who are the best and brightest hopes for Sox Fans to look towards in 2004? WSI's Randy Brace and Dave Schmitt offer this exclusive analysis for totally biased Sox Fans!
Giving up on Jerry
The Jerry Manuel who led the Sox to a division crown in 2000 bears no resemblance to today's confused and hyperactive manager of a team long on talent but short on on-field success. WSI's Dave Schmitt has seen enough.
Contenders or Pretenders?
The most critical stretch of the 2003 season is here and WSI Dave Schmitt figures we Sox Fans will learn a lot about our team in the weeks ahead--and his boat needs fixin' too.
All Star Breaks!
The season is half over, but has it already ended for the Sox? WSI's Dave Schmitt tries to make sense of the nonsense that has become the 2003 Sox season--and a few other related subjects.
Opening Act!
A less than fast start has some Sox Fans concerned, but WSI's Dave Schmitt is focusing his attention on the wider perspective of this spring's action--including the opening of wild turkey season!
Nuthin' for Xmas.
What do Sox Fans get for Christmas? Hey, that's not a lump of coal--it's Sandy Alomar! WSI's Dave Schmitt has more in his stocking to share with Sox Fans!
Speaking of the Big Hurt
What value does Frank Thomas bring the Sox? How smart was the diminished skills clause? WSI's Dave Schmitt shares his views on these and other subjects!
World Series, No Sox.
For the 85th consecutive time, somebody else's team is being crowned baseball world champion. WSI's Dave Schmitt reflects on another season and Sox misadventures since then.
Play the Kids!
A crop of kids make their mark for the Sox at the big league level, but October baseball remains unattainable for Sox Fans. Can WSI's Dave Schmitt find a silver lining? No more labor strike talk, of course!
Fire Sale Foul up!
Is there any other team besides the Sox that could screw up dumping salary? We're still stuck with four guys fighting for playing time on the left side of the infield! Plus more MLB follies from Commissioner Bud recounted by WSI's Dave Schmitt!
The Season Ends
The 2002 season goes down the drain for Sox Fans, but there is good news! The Sox have found a scapegoat! WSI's Dave Schmitt wonders what more genius moves the Sox brass has in store for us.
The Sox season has been a major disappointment, MLB can't run an all-star game, and bass fishing may be the only merciful relief for Sox Fans! WSI's Dave Schmitt has low expectations for the future--except bass fishing.
Baffling Manuel
Can anyone make sense of recent moves by manager Jerry Manuel? WSI's Dave Schmitt used to be disgusted, but now he's just annoyed!

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