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WSI News Index - George Bova
Our Guy Ozzie
It's never dull being a Sox Fan and Ozzie Guillen helps make it so! Besides being the winningest championship manager in 89 years of Chicago baseball, WSI's George Bova wants to know what else makes this guy an unappreciated gem?
Tribune Mediocrity
Bias has nothing to do with the sloppy reporting and sloppy editing that now permeates the Chicago Tribune's White Sox coverage. WSI's George Bova asks Sox Fans to review the Tribune's latest mess that serves only to confuse readers, and decide for themselves whether it's mediocrity or just plain incompetence behind the lousy job by Dan McGrath's staff.
Now Pitching for the Sox!
There are lots of ways for Sox Fans to get sidetracked in their thinking over what will or won't make the 2007 White Sox champions. What to make of what our own gut tells us and what those with "expert" knowledge share with us? But as WSI's George Bova notes, trust your thinking to incompetent boobs and you'll get exactly what you deserve!
January Championships
The start of the 2007 season is nearly four months away but the Chicago sports media has already crowned their champs! What a disappointment the '07 Sox have been both on the fairways and causeways of Florida and other warm locations, and does it even make sense to bother with Opening Day? WSI's George Bova has heard these same sports mediots often enough to know the future is bright if the city's sports mediots think it's bleak.
A New Era for Sox Fandom
The Sox were champs but now they're not. Does the old way of supporting the team -- or writing about the team -- make any sense given the recent championship past? WSI's George Bova has no trouble understanding the difference, but is there any hope for those who speak of "a polished workhorse" with a 7-9 lifetime record?
Thanks from Billy Pierce
Just last autumn, Sox Fans celebrated like never before in their lifetime! Now one year later, perhaps the ultimate bit of Sox memorabilia from this precise championship moment in time, sends a gift and receives thanks from a Sox legend representing a very good cause. Billy Pierce says, "Thanks, WSI" and so does WSI's George Bova!
Chicago Winter
The Sox season is over and Chicago is again without a championship ballclub, but WSI's George Bova is all too happy to be a contrarian Chicago sports fan given what the losers in the local sports media are serving up these days. It's a cold winter sharing the city with these numbskulls!
What a Run.
Back in 1918 everyone in Chicago thought they would live to see the next Chicago championship ballclub. 88 years later and we've reached a similar point in Chicago today. WSI's George Bova notes that those who can't appreciate the significance of the 2005 team's accomplishments, or those who spent the past year miserable about the Sox, only reveal themselves as fools. Chicago is proud of the Sox and the living, breathing legacy they've given us!
The Season Not Played
Nearly one-third of the season is over and there are plenty of baseball adages that ought to bring comfort -- and fear! -- to the hearts of Sox Fans. WSI's George Bova wonders how much comfort a division title won with a 20 game margin brought Sox Fans back in 1983 and likes the alternative the Detroit Tigers might represent in 2006. Come on Detroit, bring it!
A Championship Spring
A terrific Sox winter now gives way to a terrific Sox spring! Controversies or not, no Sox Fan can mistake the difference between what we're accustomed to and what we're living through now. WSI's George Bova says enjoy every minute of it!
A Night in Minneapolis
While Chicago's Sox Fans attend a true championship party, the same old stuff Ron Gardenhire always spreads around the barnyard was smelling up an otherwise elegant and noble evening in Minne-no-place. WSI's George Bova advises Sox Fans to get ready!
Brave New World of Sox Fandom
Everything is different now that the White Sox are world champions, so what are Sox Fans to do? WSI's George Bova is just one more confused Sox Fan but we have all year to figure it out!
A Championship for the Ages!
The significance of this Sox championship will not be lost on Sox Fans or Chicago's fans who care about winning. But as WSI's George Bova notes, the significance also won't be lost on baseball's insiders who have seen the future of the game and have found it in what the 2005 Chicago White Sox already are! After 88 Years and Waiting, WE WON!!!
A World Series for Chicago
The national media has suddenly discovered what a passionate bunch Chicago's Sox Fans truly are. What they don't realize is just how passionate Sox Fans have been even when everyone around us was focused on everything but winning baseball. 46 years of baseball futility in Chicago is over and, as WSI's George Bova notes, it is the city's Sox Fans alone who carry the torch forward 88 years in quest of the world championship we live and die for!
Diminished Skills & the '00 MVP
Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi admit to using steroids and everyone knows this is only the tip of the iceberg to this scandal! WSI's George Bova can't wait for justice to be meted out to those who threaten the sport of baseball in a fashion eerily reminiscent of the 1919 Black Sox, acquitted of committing a crime but banned from the game anyway. It's time to make things right for Frank Thomas!
CRAZY for the Sox!
How to build the Sox into a championship team has Sox Fans debating like never before! WSI's George Bova notes how different and yet how similar these two opposing camps truly are, the Rational Crazies and the Irrational Sensibles, Sox Fans either way!
Good Enough, Sox Fans?
The 2005 Sox look to improve on the 2004 team's 83 wins. As a new roster is put together this winter, what exactly is "good enough" for Sox Fans? WSI's George Bova notes what a slippery slope we Sox Fans face answering this question!
Curse of Ineptitude
Are Sox Fans catching a break from the national media because Boston's "curse" has presumably been broken? WSI's George Bova notes the national and local media might give Sox Fans a bit of attention but it is only because they understand so little about Sox Fans.
Sox Fans and the Cubune
The obstinate editor of the Chicago Cubune decides she isn't done holding her breath and stomping her feet! Chicago's summer soap opera rolls on and WSI's George Bova is one amused Sox Fan! Watch out for falling concrete!
Concrete & Credibility fall at Cubune!
Another embarrassing denial of facts by both a Cubune reporter and his editor leaves Chicago and Chicagoans contemplating the new depths of denial the Cubune's organizational bias will sink to. WSI's editor George Bova wonders if Cubune editor Ann Marie Lipinski is embarrassing Chicago any longer or just herself.

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