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WSI News Index - George Bova
The Missing Praise For Baines
Harold Baines has been a favorite of Sox Fans far longer than the internet has been around, but nobody was getting any more recognition than Harold amongst Sox Fans from even the earliest days here at White Sox Interactive! WSI's George Bova notes how much has changed about the Sox since Baines wore the uniform. Given everything that once hampered his popularity, are the honors now given him even more than fully earned?
Sox Fans for All Seasons
The all-star break means over half the season has already been played but nearly half is still left to be played, too! As WSI's George Bova notes, there is simply too much ahead of this team for the past to count for much and simply too much has already happened to doubt their ability to tackle the future either. It takes a special sort of perseverance to be a Sox Fan at such a time, not unlike the perseverance to be a Sox Fan in the dead of winter. Only the strong Sox Fans will be there at the end!
Sox Sounds Better!
The Sox are winning but still face tough challenges as the division race tightens! It's shaping up as a terrific summer and while the play on the field has been great, another unexpected bonus has made this season especially enjoyable for WSI's George Bova. Sox baseball hasn't sounded this good in a long time!
June Bugs
There is lots of noise around Chicago this month surrounding a certain first-place team. WSI's George Bova checks the calendar, surfs past the noise, notes how the dumbest of the dumb have exposed themselves, and keeps busy supporting our first-place White Sox. Good enough for now!
Unflappable Ozzie Flap!
The Sox are in first-place but nothing short of a flap over something manager Ozzie Guillen says could hope to get them the lead in the Chicago sports mediots' coverage! The club is definitely with Ozzie and that's all that counts as both WSI's George Bova and sage baseball mind Earl Weaver agree!
Wide Open!
It's a wide-open division and more than that, its a division title for the Chicago White Sox to lose! The Sox have months of baseball ahead of them to play but they've done everything needed (so far) to make a successful run to the post-season. WSI's George Bova notes it's always better to be lucky than good. So far the 2008 Sox have been both!
Where Credit is Due: '08 Sox
Mediocrity is served up in over-sized portions to Chicago sports fans, but one team's fan base perseveres like none other in what is too generously called America's Second City. Sox Fans go forward in 2008, stronger for the experience of where they've been and confident about the future, too... like any other champion. A call to arms from WSI's George Bova!
State of the Sox: 2008
SoxFest is over, pitchers and catchers report soon and the games begin to count in just ten weeks! It's time to begin an earnest evaluation of how the White Sox franchise is shaping up to compete in 2008. WSI's George Bova shares a uniquely biased viewpoint for totally biased Sox Fans!
Uribe went and hurt me, baby!
If Kenny Williams has a big plan for this winter, let's hope what he still has left to reveal of his plan is more impressive than what we've been treated to so far. Juan Uribe is back but WSI's George Bova wants to know why did you have to be so cruel?
A unique and truly important anniversary in Chicago baseball history passed this week. WSI's George Bova has seen enough losing baseball in this city to know how unique and important this anniversary ought to be to every Chicagoan, but especially those who embrace winning! Two million Chicagoans lining the streets agree!
Here's to the '08 Sox!
It is too easy to mistaken everything that happened the last six months as a complete mess for Sox Fans to forget. The foundation for the '08 Sox roster was started months ago and Kenny Williams is building from strength! WSI's George Bova takes one last look in the rearview mirror and sees plenty to make Sox Fans ready to tackle 2008 as a golden opportunity and make Chicago proud again!
Thome the Individual
One happy day in the disappointing 2007 Sox season gives plenty of Sox Fans a moment to appreciate individual accomplishment. WSI's George Bova notes Jim Thome's spectacular walk-off 500th homerun isn't the first major accomplishment by an individual on this Sox team. Makes you proud to be a Sox Fan!
Making Sense of a Mess
The 2007 Sox are in free-fall and the season is all but over, but it's never too late to assign blame and point fingers! While others secretly enjoy wallowing in another season of Sox defeat, WSI's George Bova wonders what can be salvaged from the wreckage of a Sox team that we haven't seen for more than two months now.
Media Trolling!
Most Sox Fans know too well the biggest pair of local sports media trolls, but it now appears this duet has become a trio! WSI's George Bova says it's a damned shame that this is the state of the Chicago sports media.
Peeling the Sox Fan Onion
The Sox today are a big success across Chicago but only because the fans of winning baseball turn out from all over. WSI's George Bova notes that no time is quite as good as this week to consider how this franchise has come of age. However, what could hold the Sox back if "true" fans are still to be judged as they were in the not too recent past? Chicago is a city for winners!
Ozzie's New Sox!
With the first month of the season now in the books, the 2007 Sox find themselves in the middle of a huge dogfight for the Central Division title! Whether Sox Fans are pleased with the progress or merely pissed off, WSI's George Bova can't help but note why these "New" Sox should never be confused with the "Old" Sox that we supported for 88 losing years.
South Side Tourism!
A lot of the discussion surrounding the young Sox season says more about the people doing the talking than it says about the Sox. WSI's George Bova finds three topics nearly any Sox Fan can agree upon in this young season -- and South Side tourism is one of them!
Winning -- it starts now!
The start of the 2007 Sox season is like no other point in Sox history in 89 years on the South Side! Sox Fans are united in the cause of recapturing the championship crown, but as WSI's George Bova notes, there is a sinister and insidious force to be watched for and avoided. Godspeed to these new Sox!
Shoeless, Weaver & Rose: No Groveling in Baseball!
Sox Fan Nelson Algren had no trouble spotting injustice and hypocrisy over 50 years ago, and Bill James is not a Sox Fan and still can't find it. WSI's George Bova wonders if all those hating Pete Rose today, Sox Fans and non-Sox Fans alike, would ever want the sort of hall of fame Bill James would give them?
Good Enough Line up?
Speculative rumors about Sox roster moves never go out of season. The seemingly endless speculation over the possible return of Aaron Rowand has heated up again. While others might busy themselves over Rowand's return pretending to have insights to share, WSI's George Bova can't help but note the basic truth to what the 2007 White Sox really need... and it isn't necessarily pitching!

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